Guys To Watch on Sunday: Chad Rinehart

We’re all excited to see the big-name guys as soon as possible, but I wouldn’t expect too much time for Jason Campbell, Jason Taylor, Clinton Portis, or Santana Moss this weekend. So I tried to get at least a minute or two in with a bunch of the guys who likely WILL be on the field.

Third-round draft pick Chad Rinehart has had a strong camp so far, inasmuch as I have any ability to tell when offensive linemen are practicing well. I’ve seen him make a number of good blocks, and he seems to have good instincts about him. It’s not easy to follow linemen during televised games, but Rinehart should receive some playing time, so keep your eyes out.

How are you feeling as we approach the first preseason game?

Defnitely dragging a little bit. But at the same time, just trying to go out every day, stay focused and improved. I really can’t control any of the other factors other than my own game.

Are you looking forward to Sunday?

Definitely looking forward to getting in the game, getting some practice. It’s been pretty much the same thing every day. This’ll be a little change up, and hopefully I can see how I compare to other NFL Players.

Is the extra preseason game a good thing?

Definitely for me, being a rookie, any extra games and any more reps I can get is going to help me out. Obviously I’m one of the least experienced guys on the team, so it’ll be nice to have one more game, that little extra experience

How has training camp life matched up to your expectations?

It’s definitely just kinda like Groundhog Day every day, all you can think about is football and sleep. It’s basically all you have every day. So every day is kind of the same, but every day you have to go out and improve.

I hear you were a track athlete in high school.

I just did shot and disc.

So my image of you as a sprinter is just totally wrong?

I ran the Weightman 4 by 1, but that was about it.

Are you familiar with any of the Redskins being inducted this weekend?

I mean, I followed their careers. The Redskins didn’t get THAT much exposure in the Midwest when I was growing up, but I know a little about them.


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