Guys to Watch on Sunday: Byron Westbrook

We’re all excited to see the big-name guys as soon as possible, but I wouldn’t expect too much time for Jason Campbell, Jason Taylor, Clinton Portis, or Santana Moss this weekend. So I tried to get at least a minute or two in with a bunch of the guys who likely WILL be on the field.

Byron Westbrook, younger brother of Eagles RB Brian, is competing to make the team at the crowded cornerback position. He spent last year on the practice squad, and is optimistic that he can catch on somewhere this year, even if it isn’t DC.

How has camp been so far?

Last year, definitely a learning curve for me. This year, I’ve come out with a lot of confidence. I know I can play with these guys from the practice squad last year, so I practiced with them all year, learned all the different techniques and formations.

Now this year I want to make sure I can put all the stuff I learned in meeting rooms out on the practice field. I feel pretty good so far.

You ready for Sunday’s game?

The game brings more acceleration to training camp, and it’s an opportunity ot put my film on national tv, so my coaches here can see me, and if the situation here isn’t good, other coaches in the NFL can see me. And they know, Westbrook’s out there, he can make these plays, make these tackles, and like that.

But my first hope is that I can make the Redskins, ‘cause I’m a hometown guy and I don’t want to go nowhere.

Will we see much of you Sunday?

Probably be out there hopefully the whole game, on defense, special teams, wherever they need me, I’ll be out there.

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