Friday, August 1: Getting Ready For the Hall of Fame Game

Everyone around Redskins Park seems excited for this weekend’s trip to Canton, not just because two team legends are being enshrined in the Hall, and not even just because it’s the team’s first chance to see some action against an opponent wearing a different helmet. People also seem excited because it’s the first major shift in the grueling routine that has been training camp so far.

I hesitated to call the routine grueling; this is my first training camp, and I’ve largely just been impressed by how much and how hard every one here — players, coaches, and staff alike — have been working. I assumed it was like this all the time, or at least every training camp.

Apparently, though, this has been a legitimately intense one — “My son Nick told me he hadn’t seen me for two days,” said Larry Michael, Executive Producer of Media for the team. In fact, the camp has been tough enough that it seems to have partially inspired ex-Redskin Ross Tucker’s recent anti-two-a-day column on So that makes me simultaneously more impressed, especially with the players, and a little more comfortable with the idea that not everyone around here sustains this manic level of intensity every day of every month of every football season.

Since we’re gearing up for the Hall of Fame trip and the first preseason game, I’m going to spend time today trying to talk to some of the guys — younger guys, mostly — who are likely to see more serious playing time on Sunday. That’ll be the focus of much of the posting after this morning’s practice, which I’m heading to now.


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  1. Hello,
    This is not related to your blog but what do you think about all us redskin fans convincing Joe Gibbs and Daniel Snyder to try and get Brett Favre; he is familar with the west coast offense(This is the offense that he has been under for many years) that head coach Jim Zorn is implementing and we would have a really good shot at representing the NFC in the Superbowl with Brett Favre at quarterback!!!!!!
    Go Skins!!!!!!!!
    Clifford Neil

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