Thursday, July 31: Your Questions for Marc Dress

Another day of two-a-days as the team gears up for the Hall of Fame Game.

Here are your questions for TV executive producer Marc Dress, and his answers.

What do you shoot on? What do you edit on?

I’m shooting on DVC Pro tapes, and I edit on Final Cut Pro.

What’s your favorite moment you’ve seen behind the camera with the team? The funniest?

The Santana Moss game in Dallas three years ago on Monday night. No question.

The two touchdowns came right to me as I’m shooting. You’re trying to shoot the best shot, you’re trying to get every play as best you can, and you’re always trying to get that perfect shot where the ball goes up, you zoom into it, and you come back out to the catch. That happened twice, to win the game, and he ran right to me. The shot you’ve probably seen all over the place is mine, because he comes right into my camera.

One of my funniest moments is also at that Cowboys game. It was the second game of the season, we were a brand new department, Santana caught those touchdowns. Biggest game in recent Redskins history. So I go out on the field, and I’m walking backwards interviewing Clinton, and there’s a guy holding the mike walking with us, and Clinton’s just shouting, full of emotion. And I get tripped up and I literally fell flat on my back. I popped right back up and got the shot, but Clinton and the mike guy are just staring at me like, “What the hell?”

What’s one of the major differences between working here and working for the local sports media? Does every NFL team have this kind of media production crew?

We have a different kind of relationship with the players than the rest of the media. They see me every day, I see them everyday, they’re comfortable with us.

Not everybody has an “us” – not every team produces five freakin’shows and runs an entire website AND feeds NFL Network. It’s a good operation.

How does this year’s team look from your perspective?

Best group of guys that I’ve worked with. I’ve covered a lot of teams over the years, and there’s such a good nucleus here. The guys are great. There are no primadonnas, really. They all have their own personalities, like Clinton’s really eclectic, a different kind of dude, but he’s cool, he’s a good guy. They’re all good guys. There’s no attitude like on some other teams.

What’s the hardest you’ve ever been hit while performing your job?

Maybe when Mike Sellers hit me in the groin during a 2007 press conference. That might have been the hardest. But football-wise, I’ve never been hit except I got hit in the leg by Santana Moss in the Green Bay game on a pass he missed and slid out of bounds.

That was the hardest I’ve been hit in football, but I’ve actually been stepped on by Michael Jordan in basketball and John Gilchrist for Maryland basketball.

Who’s the funniest person on the team? Who’s the most charismatic person on the team that the fans might not necessarily expect?

Funniest person on the team is probably Casey Rabach.

Antwaan [Randle El] is very charismatic, but you’d expect that from watching him. Mike Sellers is a very charismatic person, but you wouldn’t necessarily expect it from seeing his interviews – he can be pretty short and to the point, and a lot of people portray him as menacing, but he’s very charismatic.


4 Responses

  1. Next time be sure to ask Dress what happens when Jon Jansen and Casey Rabach get a hold of his camera …

  2. its mic not mike

  3. Okay need to explain the Sellers hitting him in the groin during a press conference. He just walk up and knee Marc? Ouch.

  4. I’ve mentioned him before. “Big Mike” is definitely one of my favorite Skins I’ve met and hung out with over the years. Larry Centers was another. I can tell Mike has humbled himself considerably. One thing about Mike…he has always been about his boys…his friends…his family…never liked to talk about “the game” when we would chill. Guess if it’s your career you need breaks away from it, physically and mentally. If you know him personally you know what I mean. Huge man. Intimidating, but just someone you’d love to be around. Big change from now then when he first came to Washington what…9 years ago? He was cool as hell back then…just not as…mature. lol

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