On the Field at Morning Practice

Cooler weather today, the front edge of the rain that just started up, led to an energetic morning practice. A few observations:

  1. No dramatic gimmicks or photogenic accessories, but some lively QB drills today. Highlight was an evasion drill in which the QBs had to roll out of the grasp of a rusher — played alternately by Coach Zorn or offensive assistant coach Chris Meidt — and complete a pass to a receiver. The part of receiver was played more than adequately by director of player development John “JJ” Jefferson, who has a bit of experience in that sort of thing.
  2. On a muffed punt during return drills, someone from the kicking team grabbed the ball and took off for the end zone. This is the moment during a televised game where the announcers chuckle knowingly and say “Ha ha! You can’t advance that!” and the guy on the barstool next to you says “What’s he DOING?!?” So it was a relief to hear special teams coach Danny Smith — one of the most energetic human beings I have ever met — shout “MUFF ONLY RECOVER! DON’T LOSE IT TRYING TO SCOOP IT!”
  3. Impressive (and good) to see DT Anthony Montgomery running and exercising only three days away from surgery on his hand. Be nice to see him get back quickly.
  4. Jason Campbell had what looked to me like a great practice, mostly against the second team D. With the exception of one overthrow to a wide-open Horace Gant on a busted play, Campbell was placing the ball well, with long TD passes to Santana Moss, Todd Yoder, and Antwaan Randle-El, among others that I couldn’t see.
  5. The word “trainer” — whenever a player goes down, it’s the first thing the other players yell, for obvious reasons — now makes me cringe. Someone (I believe rookie TE Jason Goode) went down briefly after a play while I was looking the other way, and hearing “trainer!” from the field behind me was just a highway to instant depression.
  6. The first team defense looked good, although mostly against the second-and-third string offenses. Marcus Washington practices with lunatic intensity, and the pass rush is looking lively as well. They collapsed a few straight plays on second-year QB Derek Devine.

3 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say good job so far on reporting and keeping us (the Fan) in the loop. Also, just a suggestion, but could you write more about the rookies and how they are adapting to the NFL game.

    Thanks and great job


  2. wat about durant brooks???? hows he doin

  3. There’s a good thought Matt, some time with the rookies. Maybe you can get them to tell you stuff they wouldn’t tell the “media” people.

    Your doin’ great Matt

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