Local Redskins on the New Hall of Famers

Hall of Fame info packets being assembled.

Hall of Fame info packets being assembled.

There’s a few guys on the current roster who list D.C. or one of its suburbs as their hometown. After practice today, I tried to track them down and see what they remembered about the guys who are being inducted.

(There are two interesting conclusions you might draw from their memories. One is that one reason it took so long for Monk to get in to the Hall is because he doesn’t have a signature catch that everyone remembers. The other is that NFL Films memorializing one of your signature moments does great things for you, as only one of these guys was more than a year old when Darrell Green ran down Tony Dorsett from behind.)

Shawn Springs, thirteenth-year CB from Silver Spring, MD

I remember those guys because I used to come to the games with my dad, who played for the Cowboys. One thing I remember is Darrell Green running down Tony Dorsett – that’s like a classic moment. I mean, that’s impressive to be able to do that because NO ONE catches Tony Dorsett. He’s like lightning, and Darrell ran him down.

As far as Darrell Green, I remember I was in eighth grade, Darrell Green was out there. High school, Darrell Green was out there. I’m in college, Darrell Green is still out there. I’m in the NFL and I’m like, damn! It’s 20 years!

It’s one of the few people you actually grow up and he’s on the same team, so when you think of the Redskins, you think of Darrell Green. He’s one of the few people in the modern era who was on the same team. You know, Deion was on, like, FIVE teams.

One guy, on one team, for twenty years … that doesn’t happen anymore, not since free agency.

Byron Westbrook, second-year CB from Washington, D.C.

I was a Redskins fan, yeah. Especially when they were winning, but I was a fan. I actually went to college with Art Monk’s son James Monk at Salisbury. You always remember the Darrell Green play when he ran down Tony Dorsett. Art Monk making great catches … I was definitely a Redskins fan coming from my aunt and uncle. They used to give Redskins toyboxes and everything like that. Really, growing up in this area you’ve got to be a Redskins fan or else.

Kevin Huntley, fourth-year DE from Washington, D.C.

Oh YES, I remember – Art Monk came up with the big catches, Gary Clark was the big play touchdown guy, Darrell was always the guy who checked Michael Irvin, Jerry Rice, those guys. Yeah, of course I remember all those guys. You can’t grow up in DC without being a Redskins fan. Anything else would be uncivilized.

Marcus Mason, second-year RB from Potomac, MD

Oh, I definitely remember Darrell Green. I got a chance to see him play. VERY fast. I remember him chasing somebody down over a HUGE distance … Tony Dorsett, I think.


4 Responses

  1. Too bad these guys don’t remember Monk a bit better. No one can argue with Darrell’s production and flat-out long-term brilliance at his position, but Monk was a stud in his own right. But anyone who grew up watching the Skins, as I did, should remember how great Monk was for so long, whether it was as the posession receiver who would keep drives alive on third downs (it’s been a long time since the Skins had a reciever who could consistently do that) or as the occasional receiver of long touchdown bombs, Arthur Monk was one of the best guys on the field each week.

    Starting to feel old when the players on the team don’t even remember my fondest memories of the team…

  2. I never had the pleasure of meeting Darrell but I did meet Art. He struck me as a class act, very down to earth and not an egotistical blowhard like Irvin. He should have made the hall years before Irvin who I think should never be in it this soon. I used to see and drink with a lot of the team in Fairfax but Art was never seen in a bar, as far as I know. He did his job and went home to his family. I can finally congratulate him for making the HOF, he sure deserved it.

  3. For me, Art Monk’s signature moment…the one I will always remember (I was a kid and saw it live) was when he broke the career catch record…I believe in 1992, with his 820th career catch, Monk became the NFL’s then-all-time leader in receptions over Largent:

    It was pretty cool seeing the game stopped and his team picking him up on their shoulders.

  4. The great thing about Green’s tackle of Tony Dorsett on the far sideline was that this may have been the one time Tony was actually tackled near a sideline…any sideline! If you watched Tony play, you *know* he spent his career running out of bounds to avoid hits..and if he had seen Green running him down… he would have done what he always did, and skittered out of bounds like the over-rated back he always was…………

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