An Interesting but Probably Pointless Observation

Paul Woody has an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today about Jim Zorn’s complicated playcalling nomenclature. It’s a good article, detailed and as informative about signals as these things ever get, given the average NFL head coach’s penchant for Engima-level secrecy. But that’s not what interested me.

We take you now to the huddle of the Washington Redskins’ offense.

Quarterback Jason Campbell has listened to the play that has been sent in by head coach Jim Zorn, “2 Jet X Dagger Y Shallow Cross.”

If you watch an insanely obsessive amount of the NFL Network, that might sound familiar to you. Remember that Matt Hasselbeck commercial, where he talks about the insane level of detail in his playcalling signals? You can see it on the Seahawks media player, if you scroll all the way down to “NFL Commercial – Matt Hasselbeck on the Playbook: The second of two new NFL commercials featuring Matt Hasselbeck” on the right-hand side.

That freakin\' commercial.

That freakin' commercial.

When Coach Holmgren calls into my helmet on his speaker, he’ll say Zebra 2 Jet X Dagger Y Shallow Cross.

Like I say, it’s something of a pointless observation. But the article goes a long way toward clarifying a commercial that has sort of irritated me for about a year now, so that’s nice.


4 Responses

  1. Freaking hilarious Matt…I hate that commercial so much. And the worst part about it is I really like Hasselback, but oh my god…overkill.

    Seeing “Zebra 2 Jet X Dagger Y Shallow Cross”.written out cracks me up!!!

  2. When you get to Canton can you take some videos of the Hall of Fame for those of us who have never been there?

  3. It may or may not be pointless, but these two jokers didn’t even get the “pointless point”!

    Read it again!

  4. hahaha, I hate that commercial too. He looks like he’s trying to show off or something. It’s retarded, but I think this actually shows a little bit about Zorn and the new offense. It sounds to me like Zorn is very closely setting up his offense the same way that Holmgren has. You probably wouldn’t get the same play in the same order without the rest of the offense being very similar.

    Of course, it could just be that Woody doesn’t know ****, which is pretty much how I felt about him when I lived in Richmond and read the RTD daily. More than likely it’s the latter and he just copies the commercial after seeing it on TV again.

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