Wednesday, July 30: Some Excerpts from an Art Monk Conference Call

The NFL held a conference call with Art Monk yesterday. I didn’t manage to get a question in, but here are a few of the more notable Qs and As from what may be the longest conversation I have ever seen with the notoriously quiet soon-to-be-Hall-of-Famer.

Q. Is it a special meaning to have waited so long for this?

ART MONK: You know, what I really think about it, I think I’m sort of glad it took longer. I can appreciate it more. You know, these past seven, eight years, there’s been so much, it just set people in an uproar in this community, you know, Why not? What’s the problem? How come you’re not in? Really, when I think back, just sit down and think about it, I’m glad it didn’t happen right away, otherwise I would never have gone through all of these years just kind of really getting more of an appreciation for it.

Q. You’re a couple days away now. What are your emotions right now? What are you feeling?

ART MONK: It’s almost like before I got married, I was fine until a couple days before the actual wedding. Not that I was getting cold feet, but I just woke up one day and I was terrified, not in the sense of being scared, but just the reality of what was about to happen.

You know, past five months or six months, however long it’s been, I’ve been fine. Talk about it and everything. But now that we’re just a few days away, I’m not scared. But it’s just kind of a reality of, okay, this thing is real this is for real, you know, it’s really happening.

So there are butterflies, being nervous, that sort of thing. But I think once I get there, hopefully I’ll calm down a little bit and that will go away.

Q. You were always a guy of few words. You’re always very well spoken. How is your speech going? Have you found that easy to write, difficult to write?

ART MONK: Not easy. But not difficult either. I mean, basically you’re just writing about your experience, maybe what you think about the Hall of Fame, about receiving this honor, identifying people who have helped you along the way.

You know, maybe making a statement about how you feel, what you stand for, those kinds of things. So just a matter of kind of pulling all those thoughts together and putting them in a form that kind of makes sense to everybody.


8 Responses

  1. Hooray for Art! How awesome that he and Darell get to go in at the same time. Both are excellent examples of what professional athletes should strive to be. I saw Darell’s last game, which was against Dallas (Skins won 20-14), at the end of the game Darell took about 45 mins and walked around the stadium and shook hands with all who could make their way down to the front row seats. What a guy.

  2. this week cannot go fast enough!

  3. Who will present Monk and Green? I haven’t seen that anywhere.

  4. Both will be presented by their kids, Monk by son James Jr. and Green by son Jared.

  5. Is Gibbs going to be there??

  6. Unlike Michael Irvin last year, I look for a class acceptance speech from Art Monk. I was completely uninspired by Irvin’s. Coming from someone else it would have been fine, but Michael thinks he can shed a few tears and we’ll forget the trainwreck of a life he has led.

  7. Art Monk – PLAYMAKER. As revealing as the stats are, it’s difficult to put a number to the guy who always makes the play in the pinch. Art was that man for many key years for the Redskins. Clutch player. Fast and skilled enough to get open – short, medium, or deep – always made the catch, a real threat running the ball after the catch. Best when needed most. Less flashy than some wide receivers; exactly the guy the Redskins needed to go all the way and dominate the league as they did for those key years. Way to go, Art!

  8. I am probably Art Monk’s greatest fan. Met him one time in Greensboro and could not even talk to him as I was so in awe of the great person he is. My all-time favorite Redskin and I’ve been a Redskin fan over 45 yrs. He is such a class act. If only our youth would model their life after his example, the world would be a much better place. Greatest comes by being humble and Art Monk is the greatest.

    I love Darrell Green as well. He is also a class act.

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