In the Editing Room with Marc Dress

Finishing up my day yesterday with Marc Dress, we wind up in the editing room where Dress compiles his footage. He’s staring fixedly at a monitor.

Marc in the editing room.

Marc in the editing room.

“This is an editing station,” he says, seeing that I have no clue. “That,” he says, pointing to a much bigger machine across the way, “is a bigger editing station. These are servers.”

The bigger editing station.

The bigger editing station.

“All that stuff that I shot comes back here, and becomes elements in the show. So they’re all on these tapes.” There are a lot of tapes. The whole room, in fact, is sensory overload, planning charts and monitors and tapes.

Monitor showing Santana Moss.  Also, tapes.

Monitor showing Santana Moss. Also, tapes.

“This deck comes here and feeds that,” he says, pointing from one piece of equipment to the next, “for Comcast. They air the show. We shoot the stuff, put it here, they put the pieces together. The rest of our shows, we edit. But this one, they put together.”

It’s not much to watch, but it becomes clear that Marc’s job extends well past when he puts the camera down and leaves (ie, sprints off of) the field. “It’s all about giving the viewers an inside look at the team, telling the stories of these guys.”

I’ll be catching up with Marc later today to ask him some of the questions I’ve gotten from you guys. If any of you still have things to ask, send ’em on over.

Back to part 4 with Marc.

3 Responses

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  2. I LOVE MARC DRESS… he’s so dreamy!

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