Tuesday, July 29: Announcing the RedskinsPope 66 Photo Contest

Redskins fan Mike Rudy sent in an email suggesting a training camp photo competition, in which readers could send in their photos of players from camp and the players would vote for the best of them, as a way of wrapping up the open-to-the-fans section of camp. Ordinarily, I’d have dismissed this as a fairly transparent way of Mike getting us to post some of his photos, but I was transfixed by one of the filenames he had assigned, and it compelled me to go ahead with his idea.

The files are named in what appears to be quick-reference shorthand to the action of the photo plus a number, so this has the filename of ROCKTD-170, likely because it shows Rock Cartwright scoring a TD (and was photo number 170).

This is TOLERRUNAFTER-33, because it shows Burl Toler running, presumably after he has made a catch.

None of those is that one that inspired me, though. This is the photo whose filename convinced me that the contest was a good idea:

I give you the photo that Mike has named REDSKINSPOPE-66. I think we can all agree that that’s pretty inspirational.

So here are the details of the RedskinsPope-66 Photo Contest: you have, let’s say, one week to email me your best training camp photos. (Amusing filenames optional but encouraged.)

Depending on how many images I receive, I’ll either take them all to a panel of players for judging, or I’ll cull out the top ones and bring them to the players for final judging. Winner gets the distinct honor of having their photos judged the best by the players, and maybe some other sort of small prize if I can dig something up around Redskins Park.

So get emailing.


5 Responses

  1. Just a thought, but could you post the pictures on the web for the fans to see? I live in Denver and work in LA, so getting to training camp is impossible. I live for the blogs, the news, and the pictures. Having a fans angle on the pictures would be a nice change from the official photographers – the official ones are great photos, but the fans can usually catch things that the pros miss.


  2. Glad you liked the idea-now lets see how the fans and players respond. I was considering “Pope Zorn” as a image title but you never know who might get offended.

    I’ll send some more this week-I take it there’s no limit?

    Cheers, MR

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  4. […] Call for Photo Contest Posted on August 4, 2008 by Matt Terl Tomorrow I’ll be narrowing our entrants down to finalists, and then having the players judge their favorites. So this is your last chance […]

  5. […] Photographer Mike Rudy calls this photo “TheWord,” a reference to his own designation of Coach Zorn as RedskinsPope, which is what spawned this entire contest. […]

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