Shooting An Interview

After practice finishes, Marc hustles up to the outdoor set for TV to shoot an interview with Chris Samuels. It’s the two-seater, open at the back to the practice fields, with Larry Michael and Samuels. Marc does literally hundreds of these, and has it down pretty much to a science.

Interviewing Chris Samuels after practice.

Interviewing Chris Samuels after practice.

“As a cameraman, there’s a lot of things to focus on: it’s gotta be framed right, gotta be lit right, the audio’s got to be good, and the color’s got to be good. That’s what’s going through my head, is making sure that everything’s right. Of course, you run into things all the time, but you need to think on the run a lot.”

One of those think-on-the-run moments comes up almost immediately. While Larry and Chris talk, the rest of the coaches and players walk by. As Samuels, talking about practice, says, “I did pretty good, I thought,” someone walking by shouts, “Of course you feel good, you ain’t done [anything] yet!”

Two minutes later, Antwaan Randle El chimes in with his contributions, talking to Samuels about his birthday yesterday. Afterwards, Marc says, “The first time, in my head, I’m wondering if I should go over there and shoot it. With Randle El, I went to it, because it helps get the point across what’s going on.”

But they never stop shooting. The interview ends, and Marc is off to the next thing, which in this case is a cluster of reporters gathered around Chris Cooley (who had a group of children from a hospital here today).

This is what happens when you\'re the last guy into the press cluster.

This is what happens when you're the last guy into the press cluster.

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4 Responses

  1. Marc does all the work. While Larry get all the credit. Hail to you mark!

  2. Did Larry eat Chris Samuel’s cake off the ground, Yesterday? Marc, if you have pictures please post them.

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