Morning Free Time With Marc Dress

The first thing TV director of production Marc Dress says to me when I catch up with him this morning is “You picked a good day to follow me, because I’m not miking anyone up today so I have a little more spare time than usual.”

More spare time is not usually a recipe for good blogging material, so I’m actually pretty relieved when one of their departmental interns has to call in sick with a fever. Not that it would’ve mattered all that much. As I’ve previously mentioned, these guys are crazy busy.

“Redskins Broadcast network, during the season, we do five shows. Redskins Late Night, Redskins Gameday, Redskins Players Club, Redskins Weekly, and Redskins Nation. Redskins Nation is a daily show that runs year-round; the rest of them run during the season.”

And that’s not all. “Another one of my jobs,” Dress add, “is that I feed content to NFL Network. Any Redskins stuff you see on NFL Network comes from me.”

It’s an impressive operation. “Yeah, especially considering how many people we have. And to still win Emmys? That’s big.”

Usually, Marc’s day would start with miking up a player’s pads in the locker room, then getting set up and waiting for him to come out. “The key to that is I have to listen, follow the player on-camera, and make sure I get some clean plays – plays with good action, nothing objectionable, no signals, no cursing, stuff like that.”

But, to my previously mentioned distress, that’s not happening today. Instead, Marc uses his so-called “free time” to get a head start on setting up the podium that will be used for after-practice press conferences. (Always one from Coach Zorn and usually at least one player.)

The view from the podium as Marc Dress gets things set up.

The view from the podium as Marc Dress gets things set up.

(There’s still cake on the stage from yesterday’s Chris Samuels birthday festivities, as well as some on the mike. When Coach Zorn takes the stage for his press conference, the first thing he will observe is that it smells like cake, and I will feel, briefly, very perceptive.)

This takes a few minutes, and is usually something that Marc has to squeeze in while practice finishes up. After that, we meet up with Larry Michael, Executive Producer of Media and general on-air all-around guy, and head out to the field for practice. So much for Marc’s free time.

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