Behind The Camera, Now At Morning Practice

Watching practice with Director of Production Marc Dress certainly starts out entertaining. It seems like one out of every three guys who goes by pokes at him, taps him, messes with him. “The guys are just funny. Anything with Rabach, Jansen, Yoder, Sellers — those guys are hysterical. I’ll be shooting, and they’ll come up and give me a shot to the ribs or wherever, pinch me, and I’ve gotta just be a rock, just concentrate to not lose my shot.”

What Marc Dress sees all morning.

What Marc Dress sees all morning.

From there, it’s all about generating content for the show, in this case today’s episode of Redskins Nation. Much of it is carefully planned out, parts of it are left open to be filled with up-to-the-moment information. Yet again I find myself nudged into appearing in the episode, although (thankfully) mostly as off-camera voiceover this time.

“I try to show behind the scenes as much as I can,” Marc says. “Find something that’s going on, things that are happening. If a guy’s just kinda standing still, unless Larry [Michael]’s talking about him, I move on to something else.”

An awful lot comes down to Marc’s communication with Larry. Much of what they do is taped in one continuous shot, usually of unpredictable people doing semi-predictable things, and watching them work, it’s remarkable how well they synchronize. “I sort of know what he’s thinking,” Marc says of Larry. “We’re like an old married couple.”

“But there’s still a lot of passion in the relationship,” Larry says. I shot some video of the two of them recording a segment at practice, so you can judge for yourselves.

After shooting two segments, Larry leaves to go work on something in the office. Marc says, “Normally, I’d be doing miked up until 9:30, 9:45. As soon as I’m done with miked up, I go do that press conference stuff that I did already, so I’ve got a breather. My first one in ten days, actually.”

So, of course, he uses that breather to shoot B-roll footage.

On to part 4 with Marc.
Back to part 2 with Marc.


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