Behind the Camera at Redskins Park: Marc Dress

At morning practice today, and possibly for a bit afterward, I’ll be following Marc Dress, Director of Production for TV, trying to see the practice through his eyes. What that job title means from a practical standpoint is that Marc shoots lots and lots of footage of the Redskins, enough to fill five shows in-season, plus supply footage to the NFL Network.

Marc started out of college as an intern at Home Team Sports — the local cable sports precursor to Comcast SportsNet — where “I did anything and everything. I freelanced outside of HTS, did everything to learn and get ahead, to learn every aspect of the TV business, because I wanted to be on-air.”

The on-air thing never materialized, but he found an ability and an affinity for behind the camera work, and when HTS was bought by Comcast, Marc came onboard there. He’s covered countless teams, college and pro, and was brought to the Redskins by Larry Michael, with whom he worked during the HTS days.

As I said yesterday, Marc and the TV crew work incredibly hard, so I’m expecting to have to jog to keep up with them, and they’re in much better shape than I am. Not having to carry as much heavy equipment might help equalize things, though. We shall see.

Click here for part 2 with Marc.

2 Responses

  1. have been pulling for the redskins since 1950, so is great to get all the info.

  2. […] So far, as I meet people at Redskins park, I’ve focused on the guys who equip the players and the guys who film the players. Today, I was able to spend some time with one of the guys who helps to get the players here in the […]

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