Another Zorn Toy

One of the ongoing storylines of this training camp has been Coach Zorn’s crazy toys and drills, from dodging balls to being battered by pads. (And we’re still waiting for the appearance of the legendary slip-n-slide.)

Equipment manager Brad Berlin had mentioned a specially modified passing target to me, and that came out today.

It’s not all that different a drill from the traditional passing target — the QBs take the snap and roll out, and the coach calls out either a color or a position to hit, “Red!” or “Left!” or whatever — but Zorn did customize the target to suit his own specs.

Here’s an incredibly brief video of the drill — the angle I was at was terrible, and this was all the usable stuff. (Pay special attention to the audio for a SPECIAL BLOG GUEST APPEARANCE from Larry Michael. I was standing near the TV guys, following Marc Dress, so Larry’s description of the scene is audible in the video.)

All the QBs looked fairly sharp at it — Todd Collins seems to have shaken off yesterday’s slight malaise — but it was Derek Devine, the Ice Guru himself, who seemed to hit the most passes in the correct targets while I was watching.

“Getting there,” he said, “A day at a time.”

Is it any different than other target drills? “It gives you different targets to choose from. But it’s just about being able to put the movements and the motions that we do in the game and stay accurate.”

Did he enjoy doing well? “Yeah, now I’m just trying to transfer that to the game.”

5 Responses

  1. Coach Zorn seems to be inventive…. that ought to keep veterans on their toes in practice. Nothing worse than the same drills in practice every day…. Boring… and the guys simply start to go through the motions.

    Enjoy the blog keep up the good work.

  2. Nice job Matt, Keep up the good work, You are really helping me kill time at this boring job the past week. Keep up the posts

  3. Agreed!

  4. Very fun stuff from Zorn, after seeing him at practice, he seems like the kind of coach I could play for. Serious stuff but also does a fine job of keeping things light and fun.

  5. He had a reputation for doing things differently in Seattle, like bringing in John Olerud to help teach the QBs to slide better. He’s a lefty, after all. Here’s an article from last year about his coaching:

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