See Blogger Talk. Talk, Blogger, Talk.

One of the interesting things about this job — and there are a lot of interesting things about this job, so it’s difficult to rank them in any real order — has been watching the TV guys do their work. They’re always producing this or mic’ing that guy up or shooting the other thing … in an incredibly busy work environment, these guys are really busy.

So I thought it might interesting to follow cameraman Marc around during tomorrow’s practice. Get a sense of what he’s looks for, what he watches, and what he does. Cover practice, and cover him covering practice, so to speak. We got that set up (so feel free to email me if you have any questions you want me to put to him), but then he and Larry Michael grabbed me to put me on for a few minutes of this evening’s “Nightly News” segment on TV.

I am not used to being behind a microphone (which I suspect will be completely obvious if you choose to watch) so this whole procedure was bit startling.

The view from behind the microphone.

The view from behind the microphone.

Anyhow, if you want to see me mumble about how clever I think Coach Zorn is or completely fail to know off the top of my head when some of the team’s injured guys are coming back, click on over there later this afternoon and check it out.

2 Responses

  1. YOU DID GOOD!!!

  2. I bet it’s always awkward for someone who’s a writer to pop up on TV…at least it wasn’t LIVE! Cool stuff though. It’s good to see the face of our inside guy.

    Keep it up Matt, I’m living my dream of sneaking around Redskins park through you!

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