Quick Thoughts on the Last Practice With Fans

Perhaps “quick” isn’t the right word, as the Chris Samuels birthday stuff took precedence (and time), but here are a few things that caught my eye on a day that was full of formations and team drills that we’re not allowed to photograph.

  • 5’9″ RB Marcus Mason making a surprisingly solid block on 6’3″ LB Marcus Washington. Probably wouldn’t have been effective at game speed, but it looked impressive enough in practice.
  • Jason Campbell hitting rookie WR Horace Gant in stride with a long pass. Gant is the only player on the team from St. Olaf, brought in by offensive Assistant Coach Chris Meidt, who coached at the school.
  • Rookie TE Fred Davis going up tall over the middle to catch a slightly high pass. This was genuinely impressive, and drew a nice cheer from the crowd.
  • The first thing I’ve seen that likely would’ve led to that “catch and carry” discussion we’re all waiting for: Santana Moss snagging a pass in the back of the end zone for a TD in practice. Had there been an opposing CB on the play, though … the new rule would’ve been put to the test, I suspect.

The weather today was weird, muggy and hot without being overly sunny. And the crowd started out their last day strangely lethargic, but really picked up as practice moved along and finished the day with a round of applause for the team, and, it seemed, the training camp experience as a whole.


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