NFL to Stream Sunday Night Games, Early Response Mixed

News broke today that the NFL and NBC are going to be streaming Sunday Night Football games for free over the internet. Online reaction to this so far has been somewhat mixed — from confusion amongst the commenters at NFL Fanhouse to mild frustration at Awful Announcing to growing skepticism from MJD at Yahoo.

I certainly understand some of the concerns, but looking at the bullet-pointed list of added features gives me some actual hope.

  • Alternative Camera Angles: Fans can choose from multiple extra camera angles, including cable cam and “star cam” (camera following a star player).
  • Picture-In-Picture Technology: Fans can watch multiple video streams at the same time.
  • In-Game Highlights: If they missed anything earlier in the game, fans can access highlights on-demand.
  • Live Stats: Up-to-the minute game data along with player and team statistics.
  • Live Interactivity: Fans can interact with NBC’s Football Night in America cast and NFL Network talent via a live blog.

Okay, so I don’t much care about the “Live Interactivity” — my version of interactivity with many of the commentators during live sporting events is turning down the volume, and I’m fine with that. And “Live Stats” are nice but not all that important in this context; if I’m watching the game on my PC, it means I have my PC nearby, and could check for stats on any of a million sites.

But I’ve been begging for control over camera angles forever, as well as the ability to choose what highlights I see when. A lot is going to come down to how well these options are presented and how effective they are, but if I really could choose to watch, say, the offensive line for a few plays instead of whatever storyline the network is choosing to highlight, I’d be a happy, happy viewer.


6 Responses

  1. Even if faulty to work out the kinks- this is a sign of great things to come!!!

  2. what they are not saying, I bet, is that the stream cannot be in real time. so there will be some unhappy people in the same vein as those who try to listen to radio and watch TV, only to be frustrated by the satellite/HD delay.

  3. True, but consider the thousands of Skins fans who are overseas or in other timezones… what a blessing this streaming will be!

  4. wow Football on the NET…I can follow my Fav player,Check stats,and more!!!! They should do this with ALL Nfl games…..Please

  5. If u interested in watching all the NFL games live, just check out Zaptiger
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  6. I guess the kinks have been worked out. I’m here at work (don’t ask me why) and I’m enjoying looking at the video stream of tonight’s game. I especially enjoy looking from all the different angels.

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