Derek Devine: Icing Guru

I was talking to a player during one of Coach Zorn’s podium appearances on Thursday, so I missed the actual quote. But out of the corner of my ear (so to speak), I was pretty sure I heard him mention an “ice guru” or similar. So I jotted down a note to follow up on it and listened to Zorn’s full comments over on TV. Here’s what he actually said:

That’s just what we do. Training camp’s long, these guys warm up twice a day. It’s really preventative. I’d like to see ice on the shoulder, the elbow, all of that. Derek Devine, he’s kind of the arm guru when it comes to icing things down so he kinda helps those guys out and teaches them what to do when it comes to icing their shoulders.

Well, I thought, that’s terrific stuff. Second-year QB comes in, teaches the whole team something new, sounds exciting.

So I asked Devine about it.

What’s with the icing thing? Coach Zorn said you’re the guru of icing…

(He looks mildly surprised.) You just ice it to take care of your arm, you know? Just something you do to prevent injury and stuff like that.

Are you better at it than other people?

It’s just something that I’ve been doing for awhile, I’ve been talking to Todd [Collins] about it, Todd’s started doing it. It’s just something … I don’t know how you’re better at icing. It’s just something you do or you don’t. I mean, everybody’s always iced.

Not exactly the shocking guru-level revelation I had been hoping for, but what the heck. He says he got Todd Collins started doing it, so next I cornered Collins.

So what’s with Derek Devine being the “icing guru”? (Yes, that quote is absolutely incorrect. By this point, even I had gotten confused by the whole thing.)

(In mild disbelief or confusion.) Icing guru?

Yeah. Coach Zorn the other day said, with icing guys’ arms….

Oh, oh, okay. One time, my shoulder was kind of sore, so Double-D came up with the phrase like, “Oh, man, you don’t ice? I ice, like, every day – it makes my junk feel brand new.”

But you weren’t icing before?

Never had to. I’ve had real good luck with my arm and everything.

Ah, okay. I just assumed that, you know, baseball players…

Right, right. They really pack it down there, and I’ve been packing it down. I think ice is one of nature’s natural healing things. It definitely works.

Okay. So IS Derek an icing guru?

I guess we have to regard him as the icing guru now, sure. But I’ll tell you this: he gets some RPMs on that ball, so I guess the icing is helping.

4 Responses

  1. Wow! Way to get the investigative reporting done! Have a good Monday Practice!

  2. It seems strange that the trainers don’t have an official policy, or at least recommendations, for when players should ice, how long, etc., rather than letting each guy try to figure out what’s best.

  3. “Oh, man, you don’t ice? I ice, like, every day – it makes my junk feel brand new.”


    Double D sounds like quite the articulate quote machine. Now go on my wayward son and seek more truths!

  4. Double D aka D. Devine is a beast at QB… everybody is talking about Brennan but he is weak compared to Devine – I think it must be the ice or just his natural ability to throw the pill all over the field!!! Keep up the reporting on Devine… because as we all know in life it takes a little Devine Intervention for something special to happen!

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