Back to the Equipment Room: Brad on Jersey Colors, etc.

Finally managed to ask Brad Berlin the other questions about equipment that had come in since I first spoke to him.

Any word on alternative uniforms this year?

Nope. None. The ones last year were special for the 75th anniversary, but we don’t have anything lined up this year.

Not even a third color jersey?

Nope. Burgundy and white.

Along those lines, Gibbs seemed to prefer the white jersey with the burgundy pants. Some players have claimed to prefer the burgundy jerseys with white pants. Any idea how things will go this year?

We’ll be wearing the white jerseys with the burgundy pants at home until, I think, the Pittsburgh game. After that, burgundy with white pants. Coach Zorn thinks it will help with the heat. For away games, we’re at the mercy of the home team — like Dallas always wears white at home, so we always wear the burgundy in Dallas.

How much ice do you go through for a game?

1,000 pounds per game.

Someone thought it looked like LaRon Landry and Pete Kendall were wearing old pads. Do–

(Shaking his head.) No, they’re all new pads. There are some that are unique looking, and some that are gray or white that might have looked old, but they’re all new, all maintained and updated for each game.

Do players get to choose whatever cage or face mask they want?

Yes. Most of them are position-specific, but they can have whatever they want. There’s like 51 models available and I’ve got 45 of them.

What about visors? What’s the visor policy?

By league rule you can only wear clear. You have to have medical clearance, and it has to come from the NFL office’s doctor to approve dark. League-wide, there’s only 7 or 8 guys who can wear dark, and if you wear one and you’re not approved, you get fined for it.

Is it different during preseason?

Yeah, Stuart Schweigert has one, but for the game I’ll have to take it off.


19 Responses

  1. Thats really cool stuff.

    Are they going to wear white jerseys with white pants at all this year?

  2. Did the NFL just recently make that rule about the dark visors because i thought i saw Clinton Portis wearing one 1 or 2 years ago?

  3. I don’t think the visor rule is all that new, but then again visors aren’t exactly old hat either. I seem to remember seeing a piece on the visor issue a couple of years ago, it was being done because Tomlinson wears a tinted visor and there had been some kind of an issue when he was trying to get medical clearance to wear it.

  4. Why would one need medical clearance for a dark visor? And I saw that Tomlinson piece, about how he benefits because the defense cant se where he’s looking. I also remember portis wearing dark. Why wouldnt more players wear dark?

  5. White jersey/Burgundy pants is what our home uniform should ALWAYS be. We’re one of only three or four teams (Cowboys, Dolphins) that wear white jerseys at home on a regular basis, and we should maintain that. We should definitely sport the white when Dallas is in town; they hate wearing the dark blue jerseys.

    I am not a fan of the white jerseys/white pants. Too high school. NFL jerseys should be a different color from the pants, to break it up. It looks better.

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  7. I think we need to wear an all burgandy uniform. We did the all white so now we should try it the other way around.

  8. To answer a few of you guys’ questions; the dark visors may be polarized and can prevent the sun’s glare from affecting players who have sensitive eyes. I have that issue myself. It can cause migraines like the ones T.D. had when he sat out during the super bowl in Denver. I also wish we could wear burgundy tops and burgundy bottoms. Other teams try different combinations, why do we feel the need to be so conservative there. I understand how white jerseys would help on hotter days though.

  9. Another reason for no dark visors is in case of injury. In an event of a severe injury, say neck/spine, medical personnel need to see a players eyes, which can not be done with a clear visor

  10. The Skins 6th home game is against the Cowpokes, so does that mean they will be wearing burgundy against them?? I love the fact that they’re mixing it up a bit now…it gets boring seeing them in white jerseys for 14 out of 16 games every year.

  11. Burgundy jerseys are the right jerseys for home games, not white ones. I get tired of turning on the tv and not being able to distinguish if the skins are away or home. We have burgundy jerseys for a reason, to wear for home games. Hell even the dolphins and cowboys will dust off their colored jerseys at home for a game or 2. why look like the visiting team all the time?

  12. So we’re going to let the Cowpukes wear THEIR home white jerseys when they come into OUR house? Blasphemy …

    At least I know what signs to make up for the first few home games …

  13. the team color jersey should be worn at home…. white jersey should be worn away…. its like that in all other sports…. and i would like to see the all burgundy unys this year…. i would also like to see us go to gold pants with the normal color burgundy, not like deep dark from 6 years ago for the 70th anniversary

  14. They have to wear clear visor option due to injury issues. A lot of times if someone has a consussion, neck, head injury, etc. the medical staff needs to examine the particular athletes eyes in order to help diagnose what the specific injury might be. L.T. or Portis might have gotten by doctors because they either have little or no history of injury or their eyes require such tinted visors…I know a lot of RB’s would prefer to wear visors due to hands or fingers slipping through and poking their eyes, but the preference of having tinted may just come down to sun or reflective light being a problem.


  15. It’s time for a new tradition, Burgundy jerseys should always have been our regular home jersey. Same with Dallas, I don’t believe in superstitions or “jinxes”. Even the Cowboys will wear a version of their blue jersey at home and they’ve won when wearing it. Thank you coach Zorn. BTW if we beat Dallas if they wear white in our stadium, we proved white or blue…it doesn’t matter we’re better than them.

  16. Saints will never wear their black jerseys at home again as long as sean payton is coach. He is stuck on that superstitous drovel about white at home from his days in Dallas.

  17. I wouldnt mind seeing an all burgundy combination but definitely once a year at most. And the reason the Skins always wore white at home was because of Gibbs. The Cowboys have done it since ’60, the Dolphins just during the summer, and the Skins did it because Joe was an old school fan and preferred to always wear white.

  18. Also bring back some gold pants would be an awesome idea, I wouldnt mind seeing those again for half the games that we actually use the burgundy jerseys. Wearing white at home isn’t all bad though, imagine going to every home game and seeing burgundy vs. white. At least when the Skins wear white at home we get to see a different color jersey for the visiting team

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