Still Appreciating the Fans

One thing that I’ve honestly been impressed with since starting here is just how much time the players spend taking care of the fans — signing things, talking to people, stuff like that. Just today, among a bunch of other people, I noticed Chris Cooley hosting a boy from the Redskins Charitable Foundation and Make-a-Wish foundation (as well as one of the entrants into his beard competition).

Rookie TE Jason Goode, out of Maryland, spent more than 25 minutes steadily working his way down the line of fans, signing as many autographs as he could.

Jason Goode signs for fans.

Jason Goode signs for fans.

“I remember a time when I was watching practice stuff on TV,” Goode says. “I wasn’t fortunate enough to come out here, see great guys like Santana and James Thrash and Randle El and all the other guys. So for the fans who come out here, I’m gonna show love as much as I can just to get back.”

And Santana Moss, after listening to fans beg, plead, cajole, and (frankly) whine at him for fifteen minutes while he soaked, came back out and signed for quite awhile. When you hear the audio in this video, imagine it going for a huge chunk of time beforehand also. I think I would go insane, but the players really do a good job with the whole thing.


3 Responses

  1. Many of the Redskins players have been very nice, taking time to sign autographs for the fans which is very appreciated by us. Thank you to all who took some time to sign and appreciate the fans as we appreciate your efforts on and off the field. I especially want to thank Santana Moss and Marcus Washington who were very nice, even with all the screaming fans.

  2. The players, the staff were all very good to us. We appreciate them letting ” us fans” have our day. Hey but the skins fans are the best so its no surprise 28,000 showed up. A great warm up for the Fed Ex experience.

  3. This was my first Fan Appreciation Day and I was estatic. The vibe was even better than I had expected. I thought that it was so gracious that the guys took time to sign as many autographs as they could. I was also very glad that I got the one that I came for, Ladell Betts. I have been a huge fan of his since he came to the Redskins and always will be.

    Thanks again guys for making it a wonderful day. See you at the games.

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