Cooleyfest 2008

In addition to his own excellent blog, and hot on the heels of Sports Bogger Dan Steinberg’s terrific clandestine off-the-premises interview with Chris Cooley and his mom, another long and entertaining Cooley interview is up on

NFL Total Access with Rich Eisen and Chris Cooley.

NFL Total Access with Rich Eisen and Chris Cooley.

What’s even more notable about this one is that it’s preceded by Cooley’s Fantasy Files commercial, the latest in the series that features NFL players doing improbable thing. I stopped him just a minute ago to ask him about the commercial “We did it a little over a month ago. We had a good time,” he says.

(The rest of his comment mentions the clever part of the commercial, so if you want to go into it cold, go watch it before clicking through.)

“I was actually punching through sheetrock. We did seven or eight takes punching through the sheetrock, and my arm was all cut up all up and down my forearm. By the end, I was like, this is the last one, guys.”

It’s all Cooley, all the time, out there on the internets.


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  1. yup. I came here looking for Colt and found COOL-ey. He’s a gas!

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