Things I Saw At Morning Practice

As always, Gary is posting detailed updates. These are just a few things I saw, hence the post title. And the first thing I saw was fans. Lots of them.

Word is that tomorrow’s fan appreciation day is a complete zoo. After seeing how much energy there was today, I’m both excited and a little frightened of that.

Other things:

Gary mentions it, but the Jason Taylor backfield stop on Marcus Mason was really impressive, especially for a guy who isn’t reputed to be a run-stuffer. It was made all the more so by the fact that the crowd — many of whom are watching #55 ahead of anyone else, apparently — went completely nuts, easily the loudest cheer of the day.

The second loudest cheer was actually a boo, and for something that was tough for me to see from the opposite side of the field. Mike Sellers caught an apparent touchdown during a drill, but drew a flag from one of the visiting NFL officiating crew. The crowd, predictably, was not pleased, and the ref threw another flag, drawing still more complaints.

I caught up with the official after practice, and he told me that the first flag was for taunting. I asked what the second flag was about, and he said it was for the same foul. I tried to get him to admit that he was flagging the crowd for booing him, but he just laughed and jogged away. I asked Sellers about it, but he just offered a “No comment.” I’m pretty sure he was joking. At least, I think he was.

Andre Carter was fired up, moving guys in and out as the formations changed and generally yelling enthusiastically.

Some really lively contact and tackling today, a marked change from the past few days. “It’s par for the course for most camps,” said G Pete Kendall. “You try to limit your live reps, but you do gotta get some.”

The competition for the deep WR spots — which, honestly, will be probably be decided by which guys can help on special teams (and if there’s any roster room at all) — remained interesting. Horace Gant caught a nice long ball, Anthony Mix looks quicker than he was reputed to, and Billy McMullen managed to make a number of fingertip catches in traffic.


10 Responses

  1. Make sure you corner Peter King!

  2. Its nice to hear Jason is doing well with the new team. Its nice to hear that the fans appricate him.. Dolphin fans never did that. The crowd booing was relaly funny. Great post.. i loved the stuff about the WR spots.. thanks!

  3. I’m on here EVERYDAY. Gotta check up on my Skins daily. Eager to see how we look in preseason and so forth. Glad Jason Taylor is blending in with the guys. Just chatting with fellow fans there is a lot of optimism (hey we’re the Redskins fans we’re always optimistic. Love the blogs. Big Mike Sellars is always someone I’ve watched (even though we don’t hang out So happy Mike has revived his career and has become a great force. I think Jason Campbell is going to have a really good year. Prayers out to Devin and Malcolm on speedy recoveries. Love the blogs!! Keep em coming.

    Diehard Skins fan (32 year Virginia resident)

    Ahmad “P Soup” Johnson
    Reston Youth Football Coach

  4. Hope everyone recovers, and no one else gets hurt! Pray for quick recoveries for them!

  5. I’m so glad that the fans are embracing Jason Taylor. He will be another part of our driving force D. Big Mike is a trip…LOL I really hope during the regular season we can keep the hamstring injuries down to a minimum.

  6. How different is the tone of practice with and without fans in attendance? I’ve always imagined things are more serious when they’re not performing in front of a crowd and without the distraction the guys are even more focused on individual battles. Sort of the difference between band practice and playing a live gig.

    Also had a question from a few days back but I don’t think it posted. In the list of non-retired but untouchable number was 65. Dave Butz is by far my favorite player of all time – old school football tough guy. I’m surprised his number is retired though. Is there a rationale behind it – maybe because Dan Snyder was born in 65?

  7. Great Job Matt! Your working the field talking to the official after practice. Then asked Sellers about it. That’s inside reporting. I know I was hard on you the first few days. I just want to let you know I’m man enough to give you criticism and give you praise. Great Job Matt! Keep up the Good Work!!!!

  8. I was at the morning practice today. Sellers caught a pass in the flats for a touchdown on the right side of the field. He then tossed the ball into the ass of another the defensive player that was covering him as he was walking back to the huddle. Sellers was just messing around so the fans booed when the ref threw the flag.
    I thought that Billy McMullen #16 had a really good practice
    QBs looked okay… a lot of short routes

  9. Great day at the camp, I was one of many who got up early to get out to the park. First time I did this and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to next year. Keep up the good blogging Matt. JT is looking good, I can’t wait for some real game time and crushing the opposing QB.

  10. Fold ’em,

    I gave Pat Boland (see comment above) a ride to Friday’s practice. We enjoyed crab sandwiches and gatorades as we watched from our seated position; it was a glorious morning. From about 20 yds away had a great view of Sellers taunting an unknown defender. You have to love that kind of spirit on the practice field during two-a-days. Guys like Sellers and Marcus Washington bring it every time they come out. However, Mr. Boland is a bit off in terms of who impressed at the wide reciever position. Anthony Mix looks like a guy that could help out on special teams and in the red zone with his big frame and last years experience- I would be dissappointed to see any reciever besides Thrash, Thomas, Kelly, Randle El, or Moss make it over Mix. And Kelly looked flat out solid; his catch right on the sideline that is mentioned in the blog was caught about a foot off the ground. Kelly could be the best player the Skins drafted this year.

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