Quick Devin Thomas Update

Post-practice chatter has it as a hamstring, and possibly not as bad as my intial impressions.  We’ll see — I certainly hope so.


12 Responses

  1. good

  2. Err … who’s Harris?

  3. Am I missing something here? Who is Harris?

  4. Sorry, fixed. Doing too many things at once. Thanks, all.

  5. im guessing harris was a typo?

  6. oh ok great. just making sure i didn’t miss anything.

  7. Are we getting a new teammate that we don’t know about yet and you do, Matt? LOL

  8. You SUCK as a blogger. This is the best $nyder’s money can buy?

  9. this blog sucks, stop reporting stuff before you know, its a pulled hamstring, its a painful injury, but not a torn ACL!

  10. Joe,

    Stop being a jerk, you all whine to him to report what he sees and hears and then jump on his back for doing so. All he was doing was relaying what he heard, maybe he heard it was a torn hamstring, now that would major, no? Seriously, bashing him just to bash him is pretty tired and while I agree that he’s got a ways to go, give it some time, let him get acclimated, meet the players and gain their trust. Then I’d expect newsier and more interesting things, but I’d expect that to take at least a couple of weeks!

  11. D. Johns and Joe….

    Find someone else to read if you don’t like it. He’s already said what this blog would be about…

  12. Why r u all fighting its just a small hamstring injury thats not that serious and Matt is a great blogger that keeps me and other people on track…and Joe David is right you ARE being a jerk…its no problem about the typo Matt…your doing great.

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