QBs on the “Barrage”

Asked the QBs about the lively pads drill this morning, and specifically about Coach Zorn’s zeal for it.

  • Colt Brennan: “We’d done something like that in college, but this was kind of a barrage.  I’ve never had six bags thrown at me at one time.”

    Was Coach feeling sinister? “Ah, Coach Zorn just always wants to keep it loose and fun.  They’re soft bags, and we’ve got these big pads and everything.”

  • Todd Collins: “Pretty physical drill for the quarterbacks, don’t you think?  The rule was no headshots, but we had a few right up in the facemasks.”

    Was Coach feeling sinister? “He was.  He was holding that pad up like he was going to put it in someone’s head.  He had this little snicker about him….”

  • Jason Campbell: “That’s a fun drill, you know?  I got a chance to play rush end, so I tried to take full advantage of it.”

    Was Coach feeling sinister? “Oh, he was trying to knock us out.  He really wanted to put the rock in you.”

(Posted at 11:15.)


10 Responses

  1. Hey, like the way the blog is evolving. Tough to incorporate fan feedback while staying true to the vision.

    LOVED the video of Zorn and his drill. It sounded like Zorn yelled at one of the QBs “No! Don’t duck your head!” That’s great stuff. Maybe you can keep an eye out for these tidbits that I think are super-interesting but now “newsy.” Who was Zorn yelling at? Did the QB manage to do better his next turn in the drill? Did some QBs handle it better than others? It looked like Jason Campbell was unflappable during his turn.

  2. What about Devine?

  3. Are there any other cool drills you could share?

  4. Cool drill. Thanks for the video!

  5. Pretty cool drill. Now if we can just get Jansen farting on Campbell while he’s throwing (rumor has it they’re pretty wicked), Campbell should be ready for the season!

  6. Love coach Zorn. We haven’t had a coach with so much personality since George Allen.

    Allen – oddball
    Pardee – cardboard
    Gibbs – worried
    Petibon – should’ve gotten a 2nd year!
    Turner – detached and unsure
    Marty – professor of boring
    Ball coach – aloof but a good quote
    Gibbs v.2 – even more worried
    Zorn – makes George Allen seem grounded

  7. Love the post, Gnome, although I have to comment on your last line. Zorn’s an oddball, no doubt, but I’m not sure he has it in him to make “I’m going to attempt to judo chop these blocks with my hand, and if I can do it, we’ll beat the Cowboys” Allen seem grounded…

  8. “Marty – professor of boring” HAR!

    I’ll never forget the look on Marty’s face when he was lecturing Jeff George. First regular season game and Marty discovers that his #1 QB is incapable of playing the position. Priceless!

  9. Great stuff. Keep ’em coming

  10. I am glad Jason Taylor has left. The line of cra he said about his always having been a Dolphin was junk…………didn’t he say something similar about being super excited to be a Redskin when he got signed?

    And when will Bill Parcels figure out that veteran leadership on a team only goes so far………….can anyone say nepotism??? The Dolphins still suck!!!!

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