Possible Bad News

After beating a defender but missing the catch (on a well-thrown long ball), rookie WR Devin Thomas went down on the sideline, apparently with some sort of leg injury, and was ultimately taken off on a cart.  That much is sure.

This next part is COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED at this point, but I wasn’t far from the injury when it happened and the chatter about the injury did not sound promising at all.  AT all.  Again, this is an unconfirmed rumor based on things I overheard.

Don’t necessarily get used to the newsier stuff, but this seemed important to post.


19 Responses

  1. uh oh

  2. yikes!

  3. I’m going to get used to the newsier stuff!

  4. oh no!!

  5. This is not what we need. this will slow the development down.

  6. That’s not good news but it is part of the game. We just hope it’s nothing bad and Devin will be back soon

  7. maybe we will get chad johnson

  8. Malcolm Kelly is gona be the man! Getting the 2 top WR in the draft was a great move

  9. i was just kidding about my last comment. Hope he’s ok

  10. karl von schilling?

  11. “Don’t necessarily get used to the newsier stuff”

    Why the hell not?

  12. Gotta agree w/ The Maj on this: You’re at Redskins Park for a reason, right? When news happens, why not report it here? And follow up on it by talking to players, coaches, janitors, who ever around the Park. Use the access, man. Abuse it, even.

  13. Chris and Maj are right. But Chris, it could be you covering this stuff.

  14. Just throwing in with Maj and Chris and Tanner; I want to get used to the newsier stuff.

  15. coach zorn said it’s just a pulled hamstring and he should be back soon.

    said it brought back memories from day one of camp with daniels and buzbee carted off, but said it’s not the same and it’s just a pulled hammy.

    good news.

    go to the other guys blog for the update at the bottom of the page, off the main redskins.com site

  16. Yeah, Tanner, but I already had a better job.

  17. Out a “few weeks” per Vinny on Redskins.com

  18. Whoa. Hey everybody! It’s a party in here! Where’s Jamie? Where’s JLC? Littles? StetSports.com?

  19. Why must Vinny favor the Redskins official site over the Redskins official blog?!

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