Nice to be Wrong

Devin Thomas just walked out to the practice field with a wrap around his hamstring. It’s supposed to be a couple of weeks. I like being wrong on this one.


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  1. If you can, grab a word or two with him about how he plans on speeding up the recovery process and getting back into the swing of things once the doctor says a-ok. Thanks!

  2. how is rookie cb J.T Tryon doing against our vet wr’s in man to man?

  3. So much for getting rid of the hamstring problems that plagued the team last year…

  4. “Nice to be Wrong”

    Then you, my friend, are going to be very happy during your tenure as a $nyder shill.

  5. Thank goodness! Good news.

  6. That’s ok – I’d rather hear an early guess (as long as you identify it a guess, which you did) from a man that’s right on the spot. I think we’re more likely than not to get good info in the long run. Keep it coming.

  7. Great to hear! Thanks for posting!

  8. @ Matt Terl…

    I am really impressed at how you have turned things around on this blog. I will admit I was definitely doubting your ability after 3 straight days of crashing and burning (I mostly came to the site repeatedly just to read the posts by others cuz I think they’re hilarious).

    The recipe for success as many others have mentioned in the past is keep getting great angles of TRAINING CAMP stories (about players, coaches, etc);

    Then AFTER you report on mostly these kinds of things, you can throw in some pictures of cool cars, helmets, whatever the hell you want to keep things fresh and “different”. That’ll keep fan interest (and your blog traffic) at a maximum.

    Again keep up the good work broski…

    ~”70% of this earth is covered by water…..the rest is covered by SMOOT”

  9. I’m trying to understand why so many childish dumbbells are posting on this blog and making a point of ripping the author. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Personally I’m enjoying it so far and have found it far more interesting than I expected when I heard it was team sponsored. If I want detailed news of training camp, I’ve got plenty of sources for that. I like getting the behind the scenes stuff we don’t get elsewhere.

  10. Some of the comments regarding this blog are almost surreal …

    I am being 100% honest when I thought they were a gag, or I was missing some inside joke. I mean the suggestions, the badgering, the negative tones …

    If you don’t like the blog:

    1. LEAVE


    Keep up the good work Matt. I feel what you are trying to do and its cool. If I want up the minute stuff I just check out Extreme or Gary’s blog.

  11. 1-15. Take it to the bank.

  12. VERY good news!! Thanks!

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