Day 5 – Zebras in the Park

Looks like there’ll be some officiating at this morning’s practice.

The lobby at Redskins Park this morning.

The lobby at Redskins Park this morning.

I’m heading out there now, so I only have a minute.  I’m catching up with Coach Smith around lunch today, as he got away from me yesterday.  I have the additional questions for Brad Berlin to follow up on, and a few other things brewing.

Also, please note: profanity in comments is not acceptable, and will lead to your posts not being published.  See the ever-evolving commenting policy on the right-hand side for more details.

And don’t forget to check out Gary Fitzgerald’s Training Camp Updates for the most immediate and detailed reports from the practice session.  I’ll have the link for you as soon as it goes live.


33 Responses

  1. Sorry Matty but most of your blog is not acceptable!
    Matt Swallows!!

  2. oh my god, just SHUT UP already with the stupid criticisms

  3. Severn you back to protect you little girl friend. Your so loyal. I bet you 2 are going to test out the redskins showers today. Who is fetching the soap.

  4. Do you know which officiating crew this is? Like the name of the referee.

  5. Who are these people that requested to see soo much of the training rooms? Go out and Blog on the camp!

  6. O wow. How fun. You get up at 8:46 to bad mouth someone you have never met. What a life.

    Matt you do have followers out there, and we are reading!

    Hail to the Redskins!

  7. Karl for as much as you hate this blog you are the first to respond and constentely checking for responses… Why dont you get a job and do something. It is apparent you are a NO ONE who will never make it in life because I guarentee no lawyer, businessman, or doctor, etc would make dumbass posts like you… Get a life.

    Matt–Please get interviews today, lots of them–with any player you see. In your down time find the coolest car a Redskins player Drives and get pictures of the freaking RV that they hang out in. Thanks… (maybe even some pictures of the dining area so we can see the kind of food they are eating)

  8. Hey,
    I was wondering if anyone has asked you to check with the equipment manager about the pads? It looked like Laron and Kendall had old pads on. Do the guys have to buy them from the team? Do they get issued team color ones? How often do they get new pads? Every year? Are they required to wear team colored pads during the season by the NFL? Just a couple questions. thanks.

  9. At the risk of sounding like I’m defending this blog to the death — it definitely has its flaws — some of these comments are getting insanely old. I don’t understand why people visit blogs just to ridicule the writer… don’t you have better things to do with your time? You aren’t solving anything, so why bother?

    PS: If you don’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your,” the comments you post are immediately seen as those of someone with a fifth grade education. Just sayin’…

  10. I tried to give a voice of reason myself but Mr Matt only writes what he wants to write. One more time Please Mr Matt would you write about the Washington Redskins (players). What’s going on in practice. Please go outside to the field today! Must be I go to this blog everyday because I am a fan of the Washington Redskins. I just want to know about Football thats all it’s really not that hard to ask. Some of us can’t make it to camp

  11. If the haters didn’t make death threats, cuss, post porn, threaten to beat up matt, tell matt he sucks, etc, much of what they would be writing would have a shot at being funny and would be welcome. See Tweety Bridy Bird’s post, for example. If that were the only negative post, I think I would find it funny instead of negative. So maybe the haters are just trying to be funny and failing because they don’t know where the line is?

    Keep up the good work Matt!

  12. Karl, if you want to read about whats happening on the field read gary fitzgeralds report. Go to and click on Training camp report: Thursday.

  13. @Karl
    One of the fantastic things about it being Matt’s blog is Matt gets to write about what he wants. I don’t think your comments are going to change that. There are other people covering the field if you want to read about that.

    If you don’t like what you’re reading then complain to the FO. You’re not going to get Matt to change what he’s writing by posting stupid comments

  14. I love this blog! Great job!

  15. Thats a fake post (thats Matt). Nobody wants to know what color the pads are the only thing I am saying if he wants to write that then cool. He can find that info out anytime. But when it’s practice taking place we want to know his view of whats happening on the field.

  16. what is the point of this post?

  17. @Karl,
    We got your point. And it’s a real pleasure to see that you can speak like a human being, unlike in your first post of the day.

  18. @ESC
    shut up

  19. Thats true but Gary can only cover but so much. There is more then one football field. Thats all I’m saying. Gary can only do one thing at a time. Matt can do this other stuff Later in the day.

  20. Karl, on July 24th, 2008 at 9:19 am Said:
    I tried to give a voice of reason myself but Mr Matt only writes what he wants to write.

    And when Karl gets his own Redskins blog, Karl can write what Karl wants to write.

    That’s how content selection works. By all means, criticize that content selection, but at some point you really need to stop acting surprised that he isn’t documenting the things you want him to document. Matt has made it abundantly clear, both implicitly through the posts he has made thus far and explicitly directly to readers like you, what this blog is and is not going to be about.

    You don’t like the blog’s direction? Ok, we got that point ten threads ago, now shut up already.

    Having said all that, I simply disagree with you that Matt writes exclusively about what he wants to write about. He’s already taken questions from readers and written posts based entirely on requests from people like you (see here for an example:

    You aren’t saying anything new, you’re just trying (and failing, miserably) to repeat the same thing 10 different ways in an attempt to sound funny. It’s not working. “Matt Swallows!!” is neither funny nor witty nor clever. And it never will be. It won’t be later on today when you post it, again, for the 10th time. It won’t be tomorrow. It won’t be the day after. The joke will always be and remain YOU.

    In the meantime please do the rest of us a favor and send your complaints to Matt privately through email. Or get some better material than “fetching the soap” jokes, jesus.

  21. actually Karl, most of us are getting all the training camp news we need from other places… I can probably tell you what has happened every day just from reading JimmiJo’s thread on ES and Fiztgerald’s column on JimmiJo even posts 20-30 pictures a day… I have developed a whole new crush on Taylor as a result of his great pics alone. So maybe if you spent less time bashing this blog and more time reading the stuff on camp that is available in multiple places, two of which I have named you would settle down a bit. My thinking is that you wanted this job and they didn’t even blink at you…

  22. @Karl
    just give up hes not going to stop posting this crap and these gay guys aint going to stop supporting him

  23. @pwf
    please shut up. im tired of u supporting matt cuz u feel sorry for him. do u actually want to see refs standing in the lobby. try to get a picture of them on the field next time gay matt

  24. and i should add, i don’t know what it is, but i can’t stop reading and posting to this gay blog either. so i feel your pain.

  25. so i’ll just keep posting.

  26. Karl, on July 24th, 2008 at 9:45 am Said:
    Thats true but Gary can only cover but so much.


    I have no issue with people who disagree with Matt’s content selection. I hate blatantly disingenuous people who try and mask their pathetic attempts at usine internet anonymity to desparately accomplish attention-getting e-chuckles, ESPECIALLY when they aren’t even funny! You blew it as there’s no doubt anymore whether this was about Matt — rather than about you, sitting wherever it is you are, thinking how absolutely funny your swallows jokes are — because you just couldn’t shut up about it. You’ve been making the same boring comments now for three days in the same place. The line between measured, calculated criticism and obsession ain’t so fine, and you crossed it about 48 hours ago. For you to come here now and plead that it was really just about you trying to get better content is simply insulting; you’re that stupid, THE REST OF US AREN’T.

  27. Great blog! Go Skins!

  28. Matt,

    can you please give us the brand of grass seed that is used to make the field so lush? Also, what’s the buzz on Kelly?

  29. Ok Ok I give up let him talk about the lawn service and water boys today. I give up it’s like beating a dead horse.

  30. good thinking karl.

  31. Before I go I just want to give a shout out to Gary Fitzgerald. Love what He’s talking about on the field. I wish he had a blog so we could holler at him

  32. Those who can…….do
    Those that can’t…..teach
    Those who can do neither……criticize

  33. will the jackasses who want up to the minute updates on the training camp go to the right site. I am able to find it, thatnks to Matt putting the link on the blog. This blog is not set up for that, its a behind the scene look. if you dont like it, then carry your retarded ass somewhere else.

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