An AM Practice Video – Another Zorn Drill

Here’s another Zorn drill from this morning’s practice.  Similar to the dodgeball drill, only this one isn’t about evasion, it’s about absorbing punishment.

The best thing about this, which isn’t clear in the video, is the look of sheer joy on Coach Zorn’s face as he hurls the pads at the QBs.  (That’s him in the gray T-shirt, front right.  It’s a little clearer in the still below.)  Jason Campbell also seemed to be getting into it, whipping his pad at the other QBs enthusiastically.

Be sure to check out Gary’s detailed practice updates, too.


15 Responses

  1. that is great stuff!!! I think I might really like Zorn…

  2. Thanks Matt

    This is definetly great to be able to see some of the drills since I cant make camp. No one else can post videos like you do so its always nice to see them practicing…

  3. best post yet…..

  4. Matt as a Fan that can’t be at practice This is a great start of things we like to see. Thank You Matt

  5. you finally gave in matt. Just kidding

  6. Matt, thanks for the video. Interesting stuff!

  7. […] on the “Barrage” Posted on July 24, 2008 by Matt Terl Asked the QBs about the lively pads drill this morning, and specifically about Coach Zorn’s zeal for […]

  8. […] that don’t actual resemble real players in any why whatsoever. The scene at the Park today, thanks to the Official Redskins Blog (which seems to be starting to find its way after a slow start), included Zorn and other […]

  9. YES!!!! More dodging pads videos!!!! More video period!!

  10. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

  11. Who knew? So I guess Redskins now join the ranks of sorority girls in being able to entertain me with pillow fights.

  12. That looks like fun, but it didn’t look like the QBs were doing much dodging. Looked like they were just letting the pads hit them and bounce off…

  13. […] An AM Practice Video – Another Zorn Drill Here’s another Zorn drill from this morning’s practice.  Similar to the dodgeball drill, only this one […] […]

  14. It did notice how one of the QBs moved his head during the drill. Took their eyes off down-field. I’m sure that’s part of the the training involved in the drill.

  15. […] Zorn started doing his quarterback drills waaaayyyy back in training camp, the dodgeball and the pad-throwing, I viewed it more as just some zany antics that made for good teevee and interesting blogging and […]

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