What To Expect From This Blog

Rather than posting to everyone individually in the comments, I’ll do this as a quick update.  Thanks to a number of good suggestions, I’ve written up an About This Blog page, which is up on the top right.  Here’s what it says, to save you clicking.

I’m a fan who has been given access to Redskins Park.  This blog will take you behind the scenes with me.  We’ll be looking at all aspects of my favorite football team, the things that I’ve always wondered about but have never known, from the day-to-day lives of the players and coaches to the equipment room to the offices of management to the team plane to the fans and beyond.

Some days, you may not agree with what I choose to write about.  That’s okay.  Let me know in the comments, or email and give me suggestions.  And maybe you’ll like the next thing better.  (If there’s anything you specifically would like to know about, pass it along and I’ll do my best to run it down for you.)

This is not a news blog.  This blog will not be exclusively devoted to on-the-field activity, nor exclusively to practice, injuries or anything like that.  Our staff at Redskins.com do an excellent job covering the news, and there are plenty of other outlets for that as well.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions, and thanks for reading.

The equipment room stuff is still coming today, but part of that will also involve being out on the field for this afternoon’s practice (which is Special Teams only), so you’ve got that to look forward to.  Hopefully, you’ll find it all more interesting that you expect.

I will be doing on-the-field stuff — in fact, I’ll be doing some tomorrow — but it’s not necessarily going to be every day.  Redskins.com and the Post and the Examiner and the Times and ESPN and ExtremeSkins and dozens of other outlets do a great job of that; I’m trying to look at things slightly differently.

I really share your enthusiasm for the Redskins and am grateful for your suggestions on this blog, and look forward to hearing from you throughout the season.

(Bad news on the blocking sleds, though: those things won’t be back out until well after training camp, so that video is going to have to wait.)

Thanks, all.


93 Responses

  1. Can you give us a tour of redskins park? Take videos of roooms that you are allowed access like what you did with the equimpent room?

  2. Should have said this the first day!

  3. Hey Matt
    Could you tell us What kind of water do they use at Redskins Park? How about a taste test for us while your at it.

  4. Isnt this the Redskins Training Camp Blog so arent you supposed to be writing about training camp? Yeah thats what I thought

  5. What do you mean your not going to go outside everyday isnt that what this is for? Who cares if its hot go cover training camp! Were tired of looking at pictures of cars and washing machines! Go cover Jason Taylor and see what hes doing and see how Campbell is progressing!!!!! Someones about to lose there job

  6. RE: Larry Michael, on July 23rd, 2008 at 11:52 am Said:
    Isnt this the Redskins Training Camp Blog so arent you supposed to be writing about training camp? Yeah thats what I thought

    are you really that thick in the head…

  7. Your suppose to be covering training camp. Make a post about training camp

  8. thanks for the heads up about the blog. I and others will look elsewhere for training camp updates, and check back here for “other” inside stuff. Seriously, thanks.

    The famed raquet ball court and the water boarding room are tops on my list for what I’d like to see inside the complex.

    Also, the newish players lounge..whats going on there?

    And Mrs. BJ the team receptionist…so many players and coaches always talk about her in high regards. Whats up with her and being one of the most liked people at the park?

    Where does Dan Snyder stick the press during the day? Do they get crammed in a broom closet?


  9. Fucking washing machine blog. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Your little explanation explains nothing. You basically say, “I’ll blog about whatever I damn well please, and today it pleases me to blog about laundry even though I can see training camp right outside my window.”

    You can say you’re not a training camp blog, but you’re the Redskins official blog. The Redskins, officially, are in training camp. You’re not. You’re in the laundry room.

    I think you should call yourself the Redskins Official Laundry Blog.

    And this blog Officially Sucks.

  10. Funny how even after you say what you are covering and what you have been tasked with covering people still say “why aren’t you covering what’s going on on the field”

    Seriously people, READ the post. Obviously the redskins want him going behind the scenes and covering the overall experience, not just the field.

    Matt I agree with bobbybob, I would love a behind the scenes tour of the park. I have always been curious about the big screen control room.

  11. @the_squire
    I’ll check out the players lounge, I’ve already talked to Mrs. BJ about an interview or similar, and I’ll get to the press room presently. (Actually not that small of a room — and the team even supplied them with pizza yesterday.)

  12. If the blog is just about cute little features like the laundry room, it sucks. There is no reason to have an official blogger with an all-access pass if all he’s going to do is take pictures of washing machines.

    With that kind of access, we want insider information. You haven’t given us any. I guess they were right about you just being a stupid corporate shill.

    That’s a shame.

  13. He tried to tell everybody what this blog is about. Let this man do his job. Everybody can’t be pleased.

    Matt, keep on doing your thing and let these knuckleheads be. They would probably suck at this job.

  14. I can’t wait! Matt Terl’s grand tour of places the players aren’t.

    If Clinton Portis isn’t sitting in the player’s lounge smoking a cigar and talking about women, don’t bother going. Christ, man, you can go anywhere! Go ask someone a question!

    I can’t imagine anyone having the kind of access you have and wasting it on this kind of nonsense. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

  15. Raise your hand if you want to read about laundry.

    (crickets chirping)

    OK, that settles it.

  16. Last time I checked, this wasn’t the “Redskins Training Camp Blog”, it was the “Official Washington Redskins Blog”.

    Not really hard to spot, since it’s at the top of every page!!!

    Personally, I like the quirky stuff as much as the news stuff – as various people have already pointed out, including Matt, there are plenty of other sources to find out how camp is going.

    Ultimately, if you don’t like the look of an article, or even the blog as a whole, no-one is forcing you to read it!

  17. When are you going to do that interview with the Special Teams coach that you promised?

    You say you’re going to do behind-the-scenes stuff on the players and coaches lives. When does that start? So far this seems like mostly crap, to be honest.

  18. If you’re not out covering training camp, why so long between posts? Seems like you’ve gotten nothing else to do — everyone else is outside, right?

    So take your little pictures, talk to the secretaries, get some video of you taking a leak in Danny’s private toilet. Post that crap. If you aren’t covering training camp, we should be getting hourly posts, right?

    I’m beginning to agree that this blog is way off track.

  19. Matt- bottom line is – this is YOUR blog. It reflects your personality and point of view. In today’s world, anyone can have a blog. It’s a big responsibility or it’s no responsibility.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You and the blog will grow and evolve. We readers are free to seek whatever we like and do so with or without comment.


  20. @Ferrari
    Coach Smith will be this afternoon.

    Behind-the-scene with players and coaches will become easier when training camp is over.

  21. Good news, guys! I’ve finally gotten my head out of my own ass. I’m going to take a walk outside and look around. I should be back with a weather report and a picture of a bug I see in a few hours.

    After that, I really have to get back to my in-depth report on laundry. I know everyone is really excited to read it, especially with nothing else important going on right now.

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  23. Hi Matt!, I am enjoying your approach to the Redskins as the 12th man inside! Please help me out… I was wondering why there has been no mention of #15, Todd Collins in training camp. I’ve been hearing about Jason Campbell and Colt Brennan, but no mention of the quarterback that took over when Campbell got hurt last season, won the last 4 games (including DEVASTATING the Cowboys by 21 points in front of a record crowd at Fed-Ex Field), and got us into the playoffs! It was my understanding that the REDSKINS re-signed him in the off-season… is this incorrect?

  24. If it was just Matt Terl’s blog, it wouldn’t say “Official Redskins Blog”. The problem is that Matt’s vision of just blogging about random bullshit is totally out of sync with what the fans want. Sure, it’s kinda interesting to read about the equipment room, but it’s like going to interview the groundskeeper during a game. NO ONE CARES! Training camp is happening right now. Everyone is very interested in training camp. No, you’re not a training camp blog, but at least blog about the things happening around training camp. Talk to a player or coach.

    And LOL at the fake Matt Terl. You’re better than the original.

  25. Just wanted to say, I am loving the blog. You are right when you say there are many other blogs that have the on-field action. I am loving the fact that you want to experience the place. I want to see every nook and cranny of that place. I want to see the behind the wall that we never get to see. I want to see the whole operation of how this great time runs and works! So thank you for doing a great job! Thank you for writing a blog that is outside the box!

  26. @Jay Bailey
    Todd Collins is absolutely in camp. From Gary Fitzgerald’s camp summary today: “Todd Collins dropped back, pump faked, then improvised. He threw a short pass to Anthony Mix across the middle. The ball bounced off Mix’s hands, into the air. Three defenders had a shot at grabbing the ball mid-air, but it dropped to the ground for an incompletion. “

  27. Jay says “Hi Matt!, I am enjoying your approach to the Redskins as the 12th man inside! Please help me out… I was wondering why there has been no mention of #15, Todd Collins in training camp. … It was my understanding that the REDSKINS re-signed him in the off-season… is this incorrect?”

    I think this is who the blog is aimed at: totally clueless, ignorant people. Not real fans who already know this stuff.

  28. Your = Your place. Your car. Your television.

    You’re = You are.

    This isn’t that hard, folks. Keep up the good work, Matt.

  29. I’ve decided to start talking about myself in the third person. Matt’s best stuff is when he cuts-and-pastes from Gary’s blog. Matt is a great blogger, but many stupid people can’t appreciate Matt’s genius. I’m doing a story on the janitors who clean the toilets later. Everyone will love it — unless they’re stupid haters who hate and don’t understand my genius.

    Matt is great. Matt can go anywhere, so Matt chooses to go to the equipment room. If you were great like Matt, you’d go there too. Who wants to watch sweaty men outside in the heat? Not Matt. Matt wants to watch sweaty men do laundry.

  30. Yeah we would suck at this job! We would tell people about whats going on the field. You know Football on a Football blog. Hey Matt What kind of detergent do the redskins use (to get those whites so white!)? I bet that water is really hot. What is temperature in the laundry room? We like Matt!! Cause we just laugh at her. She’s got to be a girl. Matty could you tell us about the people who cut the lawn. How many inches does the grass have to be on the football field (I bet everyone is dieing to know). Matty is so funny She is so funny!!!

  31. BTW… the links you have all around your blog are very handy and useful to us neophytes.

  32. I’m gonna have to agree with the so called “knuckle-heads.” I want what’s going on on the field first…aka how is Clinton Portis doing..the other backs..Jason Campbell’s arm..oh and that new guy we just picked up, what’s his name…6-time pro bowler, oh yeah JASON TAYLOR!!!!! Give us info on how he is grasping to his new surroundings. Don’t be an idiot and give us a video of the washing and dryer room, hook us up with that stuff after you see Jason Taylor knock someone on their ass.
    Get with the program. And for all of you people telling him he’s doing his job, he’s not. Sorry Matt, you’re not. You’re giving us boring bullshit. I wanna hear about some TD’s some hits and how Coach Zorn is handling the team. Get with it.

  33. why is a chick doing a man’s job?

  34. @Jay Bailey
    I heard someone that Todd Collins is doing good and Zorns offense is perfect for him

  35. i mean somewhere

  36. Matt u suck im coming over to you right after i finish with redskins nation and im goin to take you outside and kick ur ass all up and down the field then u can write a post about that

  37. By the way, I was just reading some of the other “fans” comments. I’ll say this Matt… The Redskins have seen fit to put you on the payroll and in a unique (and enviable) position to give us a look at the team from an entirely different point of view with an “all-access”, “no-holds-barred” attitude. This means we should expect to see things differently from you and your blog. To the readers who don’t appreciate, understand, or like your approach… DON”T READ IT! There are plenty of other avenues here in which you can find information you’re looking for! As I see it, this blog is a new form of entertaining reading from a completely different perspective, and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS for giving us the opportunity to have a set of eyes and ears behind the scenes where we’ve NEVER had access before! Keep up the good work Matt and I, for one, am definately looking forward to reading your blog every time I log on to REDSKINS.COM!

  38. Matty is the queen of Blog! A queen to be~! I bet she has on a little Redskins halter top. She is the best! Keep up the good work Matty LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  40. @Jay: I totally agree
    @everyone else: if you don’t like what Matt is writing, stop complaining. Start writing your own blog, which I’m sure will be “so much better”

  41. Lets guess how long it will take til Matt gets fired. whoever is the closest wins

    Face it Matt, if u post more crap like this your gone

  42. @jay and moe
    We know u feel sorry for the guy but come on he sucks

  43. Thanks CP!

  44. Thanks Matt!

  45. @Jay Baily
    Oh honey look what everyone is saying about me!!!! Im glad I got you on my side. When you get home tonight I’ll have dinner ready and on the counter. I love you

    Love Matty

  46. hahahahahahahaha oh shit

  47. @CP
    He is doing the job which he said he would. The on-field blog would be Gary Fitzgerald’s on Redskins.com. Matt is doing behind-the-scenes work. If you don’t like it, don’t read it

  48. it’s definitely official, karl is not straight
    and jay bailey, go jump off a cliff

  49. I knew it lol LMAO cupcake!!!

  50. @Sam H
    Oh hell no! You dont talk about my Jay like that. Not my Jay!!!!!!!

  51. Sam H is the real Matt
    She is trying to be Sam H!!!! Matty

  52. You’re doing great.!Keep up the good work. It’s nice to see a Redskins blog that’s written by a true Redskins fan, not a Ravens fan.

  53. @Skins Fans

    Dont read anymore of that shit from Matt. im CP so u guys can ask me bout training camp or any shit u want to know

  54. Clinton what is really going on?

  55. Theres news at Redskins Park!!!!!!!!

    Matt has been fired hes on his way out!!!!!!1

    Im taking over u can as ask me questions now

    Also Clinton Portis will be on to 2 answer questions

  56. LARRY- So what happened at training camp today that was exciting?

    MATT- Jerseys were being washed

    LARRY- Is that all bitch?

    MATT- No I took I couple pictures of the bathrooms to post later

  57. well i sprained my ankle last practice so smoot gave me some of his cream hes been using. everythings been real good in practice. i like the z shades. i was saying that a genius had to come up with that idea now all we need is a genius to get some mist fans next to them. ill keep updating u guys on whats going on. we just ran 11 on 11 and marcus washington got a couple good hits on me but then i trucked his ass to the ground. haha

  58. CP, Why the hell aren’t you at work?!?! Is this another one of your “characters”, LOL! Get out there on the field and do what you do Man! We don’t need your ass here talkin’ shit!!! We need you ready and in shape for the regular season! H.T.T.R.!

  59. CP is answering some fan questions between practices unless u want to ask matt what detergent there using

  60. anybody want to know anything else bout camp? just ask a question and ill answer it

  61. @Jay

    im already in shape man. coach let me come on here try to let u guys know whats happening. he says theres some asshole thats only showin laundry or something

  62. i got to go but ill be back on

  63. Wow you guys suck. Plain and simple.

    Dude has a job to do. If the FO wanted him covering the field they would say “Matt cover the field” if they wanted him covering off the field they would say “Matt cover off the field” The guy is doing his job, just like you do your jobs every day. The only difference you don’t have a bunch of asses sitting around telling you how much you suck at yours.

    The long and the short of it is no matter how much you complain, you’re not going to get him to change what he writes, what he is SUPPOSED to write, so just STFU. If you want different coverage, go to a different source.

    You are the biggest bunch of whiney bitches on the planet. I really thought the Redskins had classier fans.

  64. I had questions about how a QB/Coach from Seattle was gonna do in Washington with some of the finest players ever to play the game. Now I see my concerns were miguided… our Coach seems to have all of his priorities right in line, re-assigning one of our best men to write blogs, LMFAO!!! Super Bowl 43, Here We Come! Tighten up CP! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!

  65. No….the regular bloggers over at Washington Post’s Redskin Insider are the “biggest bunch of whiney bitches on the planet”. They just decided to bring their crap over here.

  66. Matt, I will lead the Skins to victory this year as the QB

  67. @ Barno

    Now THAT makes sense to me! Jealousy is the “Ugly Green Monster”, LOL!

  68. The trade is in the works. But, let it be a secret. So, stay on those washers and dryers.

  69. I think Matt is doing a decent enough job so far… I think a lot of people are too quick to judge…

  70. This org has a lot of cleaning up to do. Best to start in the locker room.

    Matt, it seems that you might better serve the Skins by helping those poor washer/dryer interns.

  71. And anyone talks about me doin any tampering stuff with the Vikes.. I’ll kick your pussy ass all the wayto Chicago!!

  72. shut up brett. this is CP and u aint goin to talk to skins fans like that. and you aint comin to the redskins cuz we got JC

    ill be back at 5 and tell u bout camp

  73. Luv ya CP but it is what it is. Besides JC needs a few more years to get up to speed with the west coast offense.

  74. OH MAN! Look at this crap: “Jay Bailey” is underlined just like Matt Terl. Click on his name and it takes you to Redskins.com. Ain’t that some shit? Matt Terl has fake comments posted by fake people like “Jay Bailey”.

    This blog is a DISGRACE. Dan Snyder continues to send the Redskins swirling down the toilet, and this blog is just icing on the TURD.

  75. I retract that last comment. Great job Matt!

  76. Fake comments? Man this blog blows. How much am I spending on this piece o’ crap?

  77. I am ashamed that most of you call yourselves Redskins fans. Pull your own heads out of your asses and go find a website that posts what you’re looking for. Obviously your dead-beat jobs give you the time to rag on some guy who’s been on the job for 3 freakin days.

  78. This kind of nonsensical bitching is why I don’t go to extremeskins anymore.

  79. Someone still goes to ExtremeSkins? What the hell for? They banned all the good posters a long time ago, and the mods somehow got the idea that they’re important.

  80. What if my kids want to read this site, and they look at the comments? Why so crass and what’s with all of the cussing? Not cool, guys, let’s keep it clean.

  81. Hey Christine — instead of letting your kids read this, why not get them hooked on drugs instead?

  82. my point exactly. Thanks!

  83. This Blog is Craptastic! said:

    “Someone still goes to ExtremeSkins? What the hell for? They banned all the good posters a long time ago, and the mods somehow got the idea that they’re important.”

    Ha ha ha…SOOOOO true!!!!

  84. LOL LOL LOL TRUE! i got banned. or i got like suspended but i didnt care so i didnt go back

    Remember that blogger mrmadd on extremeskins? that guy was a real asshole, but he knew his shit and always made the mods look like butt-darts. Best poster ever. i think he made art cry like 10 times. my friend who still posts there said dan snyder banned him personally. ithat’s why extremeskins isnt any fun anymore. they banned the assholes who care about the skins. that was like 3 years ago now everyone is like dan snyder: corporate assholes who dont care about the skins. football isnt supposed to be for guys in suits. its supposed to be for guys who like having fun.

    but looks like theres lots of assholes here. starting with Matt Turd. i bet this guy could barely finish a beer.

  85. Nothing like a new sounding board for trolls who are attracted to open forums like moths to a light. They also share the same level of intellect.

    1) If you’re looking for criticsm, don’t go the redskins.com check out David Elfin from the Wa. Times or one of those other wannabees like John Keim.

    2) If you’re new to these types of boards, take this advice: “Do not feed the trolls” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)

    3) Hang in there Matt……….the silent majority appreciates what you are doing and the loud A-holes would give their left nuts to be in your place.

  86. I remember MrMadd on ES. The only person who liked MrMadd was MrMadd. So you must be MrMadd. And that means you’re right — you’re an asshole.

    MrMadd deserved to get banned. He didn’t follow rules. He insulted Mods. He insulted Mr Snyder. Nothing else matters.

    Matt, if I was you I would (1) delete all comments that are negative, and (2) require registration to eliminate trolls. This nasty negativity — especially the foul language and insults — have no place in football. These people are like the jerks who stand up at a football game so you can’t see what’s happening on the field.

  87. Man, you know who at ES wanted this job so bad he wet his pants? Art. They used to let him write some “voice of the fan” stuff, but it was unreadable crap. No wonder they took the job away from him. If this guy Matt Terl is a step up, you can imagine how bad it was.

    Email him at art@extremeskins.com and tell him he’s worse than this douchebag. He’s curled up in a ball crying right now. Because he’s a douche too.

  88. You’re all gay because if you guys had this job you’d all be pissing you’re pants in excitement… and if you were there you’d want to see all the stuff Matt is showing us because it’s the stuff none of you losers would never get to see otherwise.

    Matt rocks! =)

  89. Nicki turns tricks for $10. Only $5 for a blowjob if she’s hard up for some meth.

  90. Was that really necessary? Desperate?

  91. I like the stuff Art writes at ExtremeSkins! Art used to be a journalist! He may not be a good writer, but he’s got a lot of passion. Sometimes it’s hard to read what he writes because he goes on and on about stuff, but like sometimes there’s good stuff in there. And he’s angry a lot, probably because he doesn’t have a good life. I feel sorry for him, so I like him. He didn’t get this blogger job because not very many people like him and he’s kinda jerky sometimes, but that’s OK.

    And Matt rocks!!! =)

  92. That was really funny and lame. Considering I didn’t write it. Here’s the thing. If you don’t want to read this blog…. don’t read it….. just shut up and let other people enjoy it.

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