Today’s Training Camp Updates

Gary Fitzgerald’s training camp updates can be found here, for those of you who want the quick updating of what’s going on at the practice fields.


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  1. Gary does more play by play stuff…and limited. There are 4 practice fields so he can only cover 1 at a time.

    Would be great to see a different angle on the field activities besides Gary’s limited coverage.

    I go to the practices here and there, and I have always wonderred who the hell all those random dudes are that just stand around the practice field. They don’t do anything…just walk around and try to look important.
    Are they security? Redskins Weathermen? Do they play any real role or do they just sit there?

    Where’s Sonny Jurgenson? He usually sits in the lounge chairs at practice. Is he AWOL?

    Can you get on Joe Bugel’s blocking sled and video tape the linemen pushing it while you are on it? That would be dope!


  2. @ the_squire
    All excellent questions, especially the blocking sled one. I’ll see what I can do.

  3. You’re sense of humor really comes through, I remember it from high-school and it still cracks me up. At the same time I respectfully agree with some of the comments. Give us some football analysis. You’re a fan who gets to watch training camp, that’s awesome! How is Zorn acting? Which coaches are laid back or who gets animated and screams at players? Which players look the most intense and who seems to be taking it easy? How many bad balls is Jason Campbell throwing (yesterday he said he threw some lousy ones)? Any rookies who look overmatched? What side of the line is Jason Taylor playing on (rumor has it he may switch sides)? Any players that get more feedback from Zorn than others (i.e., is Zorn taking an interest in any particular players)? Interview Frost about his 100-yard field-goal viral video. Interview other players whenever you get the chance asking whatever questions you feel like — it’s ok if you can’t video each one if things happen to fast, just give us one or two-sentence transcripts of brief interactions.

    Ok, i’ll stop. Good luck!

  4. Oops, it was Suisham, not Frost, who did the 100-yard field goal viral video.

  5. Oops, it was Suishiam, not Frost, who did the hundred-yard kick prank.

  6. Are you alowed to tape 11 v 11 drills? If so, you should record them.

  7. @bobbybob
    This one NO ONE is allowed to do, for obvious strategic reasons. I agree with you, though, that would be a terrific get.

  8. Matt, seriously, listen to your customers! We want football, not laundry or luggage or pictures of some tool’s car.

    The best posts you’ve had have been links to better bloggers. Get out there and talk to some players. Or just watch some stuff Gary isn’t watching. Training camp is important to us fans. The stuff you’re covering isn’t. I know that’s harsh but it’s true.

    Your videos are good — more of them. Use your creative writing skills to give us some stories we don’t read anywhere else. Not fluff like talking to the equipment room — tell us about the battles in the trenches. Tell us about competitition for roster spots. Tell us about the stars.

    I’m not impressed so far. I know you’re trying to be different, but there are a lot of quiet weeks in the year with no news. Then you can write about the fluff. This week has plenty of news — TRAINING CAMP.

    Come on man, i want to like this blog. But i need FOOTBALL!! I bet even your mom doesn’t want to read this stuff.

  9. :(

  10. :'(

  11. Haha, I’m not Matt’s mom but I could be… :-)
    Football is coming. Background imaging is good for future reference.

  12. I am Matt’s mom. I think he’s doing a fine job. When he was growing up, he was a big Cowboys fan, so we were all so surprised when he took this job. But he explained to us that his bosses, Mister Snyder and Mister Cerrato, don’t really care about the Redskins either. It’s all about selling beer and tshirts and tickets.

    So Matt’s job is basically to sucker the fans. He’s a creative writing major, and most Redskins fans are morons, so how hard can that be?

    You go, Matt!

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