Inside Redskins Park: Equipment Room – Meet Brad Berlin

This is Brad Berlin.

Equpment Manager Brad Berlin

Equpment Manager Brad Berlin

He’s the equipment manager for your Washington Redskins, and has been since he came onboard with Marty Schottenheimer in 2001. “I’m with my fourth coach in eight years,” he says, “I like it here. I like helping the Redskins and keeping the team on the field.”

Some of you have speculated that this means that he does a bunch of laundry — which he does, or at least has his interns do, hundreds of pounds of it at extremely high speed.  (All the team’s laundry can be done in two hours.)  It’s really not like the way your mom does laundry.

The laundry machine you've been mocking.

The laundry machine you've been mocking.

But that’s far from the end of his responsibilities.  “We’re responsible for all the protective equipment,” he says, “including shoes, shoulder pads, and helmets” — which they maintain, keep tuned up and in proper working order to prevent your favorite players from winding up injured — “as well as apparel for the coaches, players, and staff.”

Maintenance for gear.

Maintenance for gear.

So he’s responsible for all the gear for more than a hundred people, carting all their stuff around, sending it to the stadium in Landover and away on road trips. And EVERYTHING has to go, more than 20,000 pounds (or ten tons) of gear. “Something’s going to break,” he says. “And if it’s the shoulder pads that only guy on the team wears, we have to have a replacement for that. If the coach tears his pants on a nail in the away locker room, he needs new pants.” Most of the stuff travels by truck everywhere except the West Coast, but as far as Dallas and KC.

His thoughts on this year? “We’ve got great guys this year, possibly the best locker room since I’ve been here. Character, personality, graciousness … the coaches are the same way.”

Oh, and there’s one other major responsibility his staff has: they run practice. They’re given a script before every practice, and are responsible for spotting the ball, timing practice, working the chains, snapping the ball, and generally making sure that everything goes smoothly. Which is where I’ll be this afternoon, on the field for practice to see what they do. But that’s for later today.

More from the equipment room shortly.


21 Responses

  1. Matty is a she!!!!! Did you get the stains out Matty? If Bill Parcells was here I think he would bitch slap you.

  2. u finally interviewed a person and not a laundry machine. next time try to talk to a coach. ur not a real skins fan. if u were u would care bout training camp and not a laundry machine and some tools

  3. @skins fans

    ill be back at 5 and tell u whats happening in camp

  4. Hey Matt,

    Just want to make sure you realize that there are some true Skins fans out there that do enjoy learning EVERYTHING about our beloved team. Which includes the less glamorous equipment room and laundry machines. Keep up the good work and don’t let the negative, and unhelpful, comments get you down!


  5. I will be the Skins starting QB on opening day!!!

  6. Matt, Put that in your pipe and smoke it. But do keep it a secret for now.

  7. OH MAN! Look at this crap: in some threads, a guy named “Jay Bailey” posts all kinds of man-love for Matt Terl. But “Jay Bailey” is underlined just like Matt Terl. Click on his name and it takes you to Ain’t that some shit? Matt Terl has fake comments posted by fake people like “Jay Bailey”.

    This blog is a DISGRACE. Dan Snyder continues to send the Redskins swirling down the toilet, and this blog is just icing on the TURD.

  8. Hey, that is weird. The only two names that are underlined in comments are Matt Terl and Jay Bailey. I think someone slipped up when they started creating fake comments, didn’t they?

    Wow I’ve never seen a blog start this badly.

    Man, Matt, you got some explaining to do.

  9. Fucking laundry blog. No wonder you need fake comments.

  10. the point of a blog is to drive traffic… with 73 comments in a the comment section, I would say that the blog hasn’t started so badly. You complain that its bad but you keep coming back for more… as an advertising executive, I would say that is a success.

  11. How many others are fake? I’m betting a lot. I can’t believe there are that many people who like this crap. But maybe Matt Terl has a lot of relatives.

  12. Matt,

    Can you link the pics to higher res versions? I’d really like to see a close up of that one with the drill in it. Do they have any more power tools and stuff? That’s something that never occured to me . . . Keep up the good work. (OK trolls, make fun of me now please–I’m sure I just tossed you a softball.)

  13. pwf says, “the point of a blog is to drive traffic… with 73 comments in a the comment section, I would say that the blog hasn’t started so badly.”

    Yeah, but one guy already pointed out that they’re creating fake comments, so I don’t think that’s a good sign. You must not be a good advertising executive if you’ve never heard of astro-turfing or sock-puppetry. Sock-puppetry when you created fake names to positively comment on your blog. Astro-turfing is when you create fake grass-roots support (like these supposed Skins fans who supposedly love laundryblogging).

    So it’s pretty clear it has started out badly. And like 90% of those 73 comments are to say THIS BLOG BLOWS CHUNKS.

    pwf, I’m guessing you won’t be in the advertising business for long.

  14. I will be a Super bowl QB for the Skins!!!

  15. The “fake comments” is BS and everyone knows it.
    If you aren’t liking the blog, then leave, but don’t expect everyone to follow and agree with you. The negative comments obviously aren’t deterring him from doing his work so the only time being wasted is of the haters.

  16. You gotta be kidding me. There are plenty of fake comments here.

    It’s fakers vs haters.

    But give the guy some time. I think he’s getting blasted because basically he’s a fake blogger — he’s Redskins PR, not a blogger. He’s not a “fan’s view” — he’s a corporate shill.

    But even corporate shills, like the mods at ExtremeSkins, can be good from time to time. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes, right?

    I don’t mind the fake comments because I think a lot of the real comments are too harsh on the guy. Yeah, a lot of people hate Danny and Vinnie for what they’ve done to the Skins, but don’t take it out on the newbie.

    But he could ease up on the laundry blogging for while. He was warned — every comment said get your ass outside and cover some football, but he insisted on watching the rinse cycle. He deserves what he gets for that one.

  17. You really think there are no fake comments? Then why does Matt delete comments? Why does he lock comments on posts?

    This whole blog is fake. He’s not a fan. This blog is a scam.

  18. Then don’t read it…I think it’s interesting seeing some things that fans haven’t already gotten from Casey Husband or the other throngs of media at Redskins park. What would be the point of him giving commentary that’s already on the site? Keep it up Matt, I’ll keep reading

  19. Welcome to the real world. 90% of the time there’s nothing to report. I’ve never seen the inside of the equipment room. It’s not mind blowing, but I’d rather read about this than sensationalized BS.

    Keep up the good work, man!

  20. […] on August 6, 2008 by Matt Terl So far, as I meet people at Redskins park, I’ve focused on the guys who equip the players and the guys who film the players. Today, I was able to spend some time with one of the guys who […]

  21. Brad:

    Hey dude——I’ve been wondering about you for many years, and I finally did a search on your name. That is way cool that you are the EM for the Redskins. I can remember the fun times when you were at USU, and I got to go with the team onto the field at BYU when you were with CSU. Time flies by too fast. Keep smiling.

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