Inside Redskins Park: Equipment Room – Helmets

This is the helmet room.

Next, Brad Berlin explains exactly how much work it takes to maintain the helmets.

Apparently the throwback yellow helmets are from last year, and are NOT being used again this year.  Which is disappointing, since I loved those unis, even if the team got destroyed while wearing them.


56 Responses

  1. Matty swallows

  2. OH MAN! Look at this crap: in some threads, a poster named “Jay Bailey” posts all kinds of man-love for Matt Terl. But “Jay Bailey” is underlined just like Matt Terl’s is. Click on his name and it takes you to Ain’t that some shit? Matt Terl has fake comments posted by fake people like “Jay Bailey”.

    This blog is a DISGRACE. Dan Snyder continues to send the Redskins swirling down the toilet, and this blog is just icing on the TURD.

  3. Fucking helmet-blogging. Matt Terl does blow.

    I thought we told him to skip this equipment room crap and get his lazy ass out on the field for some FOOTBALL????

    This blog blows.

  4. havent you guys thought that maybe since this is the official blog of the skins, that even though the writer has access to everything, there may be certain things he needs to look at because he is employed by the redskins??? maybe ownership has asked him to do some of these things over the course of several weeks and he is working his way around.

  5. I can give you some blog. Jay Bailey is a wide receiver. His QB- not me its Matt!

    I will be behind Casey Rabach. For real!!!

  6. So don’t read the blog.

    Why anger yourself? Or better yet. Start your own blog. Morons.

    I dig the inside inside look. What’s up with the 1969 Retro helmets still on hand? Skins planning to wear them again in 08? I thought they were cool until the Giants pulled their comeback at Fed Ex last year. I blamed the unis!

  7. I have to read the blog. Its in my contract.

  8. And as for you Gnome, get out your skirt and do some gay dance for all the real fans to laugh at.

  9. Picturing me in a skirt? Not a pretty sight unless you live in San Fran. Sorta calls you out as a little odd. But whatever floats your boat, brother.

  10. Gnome didn’t even read or listen to the blog. That’s a no on the Yellow helmets in 08. If you read, watched or listen to it you would have saw that. Wow even Matty’s fans don’t read or listen to it. Matty still Blows

  11. Gnone the only helmet you know about is a purple helmet . And it aint the Vikes. Swallow or spit?

  12. Fake comments, stupid laundry blogging. This sucks.

    The only people here are trolls and fake commenters.


    You cant even figure out why peoples names come up underlined… I mean does it take a fucken college education to realize there is a fucken WEBSITE field and the person OBVIOUSLY filled out the website field…

    Get off his ass about making shit up because its not him…

    Dont worry Matt, not every Redskins fan is a moron… Now do what I told you to in the last comment I left and everyone will like you..

  14. looks like you didnt watch the video either. they didnt say anything about the helmets . he only wrote that they werent being used.

  15. that was to karl

  16. Love the ‘gay’ insults. Almost makes me feel wanted.
    But sorry guys – I’m don’t play for your team. Have a lovely wife who makes your’s look like the man in drag you dream about when you’re making love.

    As for this blog. It’s hysterical the venom coming from the haters. What’s the point. It’s pretty cool Snyder – #3 on the Yahoo sports list of NFL owners – is willing to invest in giving fans one more look into the world of the Skins.

    I thought the helmet deal was interesting. Who knew a face mask cost 15 bucks?

  17. Lets all go to Baileys website. Oh my, thats the Redskins website.

  18. They figured out about the fake comments already? Damnit! We can’t even cheat right!

    Matt! Get in here! I’m going to need another tug job.

  19. Gnome, I would guess that your wife is a lot like you.
    Clueless brown noser with a triple chin.

  20. Snyder is an idiot. He and Vinny need to hire me to clean house.

  21. I can’t believe I have to explain this to the great unwashed, but your name gets underlined like mine when you fill in a website. Click on mine. See? You learn new and interesting things about me.

    (Whew… good thing these morons are easy to fool.)

  22. He still Blows even Gary Fitzgerald had to try to help him in his 1:30 post (Could be a good time to focus in on the Derrick Frost-Durant Brooks punting competition. Our new team blogger Matt Terl has already focused in on that with his witty eye.) And Bobbybob is that not what I said Not being used in 08 lol

  23. try my fav website

  24. Since when is being positive about something ‘brown nosing’?

    You’ve taken your ‘it’s cool sit at the back of the class and hate on everything’ act from high school into your obviously unrewarding life. I pity you, brother.

    And as for the triple chin. That’s why Gnomes grow beards.

  25. Whoops, wrong one. sorry Dan. This one is better.

  26. To those that are criticizing for sport, please remember this when you’re on the other end someday.

  27. *sniff sniff* this blog stinks.

  28. uh, they lost by seven while wearing those uniforms… with a chance to tie the game late… hardly destroyed I’d say, right?

  29. Hey Matt — you were already told nobody wants to see the damn equipment room. You know there’s football outside? You know we’re football fans, not laundry fans?

    This is pathetic. And stupid

  30. This clown doesn’t know Redskins football. He’s a lousy writer. And he’s a lazy blogger.

    Someone tell me something good about this disaster of a blog?

  31. Someone tell me something good about this disaster of a blog?

    You answered your own question. It’s the train wreck itself. That’s why i log on at least…

  32. Something good about the blog? How about it’s about the Redskins?

  33. Say, when are we going to bust out those throwback unis again? We need to redeem that loss against the Giants.

  34. Try my website. You will like it. Except for Gnome.

  35. I Lupi is right — the fun of this blog is watching it crash. How long until Matt quits or gets fired? I think a LONG time. Danny the Dwarf hates admitting a mistake. So we’ll watch this thing fall apart, piece by piece, until little Matty is crying like a little bitch while we pummel him.

  36. The next Redskins Poll should let us vote on how Redskins Fans feel about Matty

  37. Matt,
    Sorry, I don’t mean to be a hater. But I am done. I wanted to know about the players on the field. All the stuff you are doing, would be great for June/early July when nothing else is going on, but …
    I am stuck in an office 5-6 days a week 10-12 hours a day, probably won’t get to any TC days and I crave knowing how ‘Skins are doing, and how things are playing out on the field.
    There are too many haters here that spout off thinking they are god’s gift or something, I have sat back, read your blog faithfully, and gave what i hope was helpful comments.
    Good luck, and I’ll check back with you after the season, when the players are gone and I am dying for anything Redskins.

  38. I’m with Craig. Enough of this. I keep checking back hoping you’ll have something — anything! — about the team, but you don’t.

    These comments go too far, but I agree with the spirit. It’s such a disappointment to see that someone given that kind of access just wastes it.

  39. I wouldn’t listen to half these nitwits, whose opinion is worth about as much as a boil on a fleas ass. That said, this has to be one of the most booooring blogs I’ve seen. Even JLC over at the Post is a little better. I think enough helpful suggestions have been given–now if you’d just follow-up on them……

  40. The sorta troll mentality and your mom, and gay jokes aside. This blog really is on life support. Just doesn’t seem to have a voice, a point a view, a reason to exist, much access, a sense of fun, much stuff about football, god links to other cool FB/skins stuff, any irreverence…..

    How many people turned this job down again?

  41. I will be the king of Washington!!!!

  42. The blog is fine. There will be plenty of news when I arrive to DC. Keep up the great work Matt!

  43. “How many people turned this job down?”

    Yeah, really. I bet even the sycophants at ExtremeSkins all wanted this job. Why’d they get turned down? Did Danny finally realize they’re a bunch of tools?

    But who would take this job? Here’s the job description: Pretend to be a “voice of the fan” blogger, but really just repeat whatever the marketing department says. You’re the team’s official blogger, but don’t talk about football. Talk about the cute guy down in business development. Stalk him and take a picture of his car. Then head down to the equipment room and take pictures of the players underwear. Jerk off while looking at the pictures. See if Danny needs a shoe-shine or tug job.

    Anyone with any integrity or self-respect would run from this job.

  44. King, I guess thats my point…I know Dan Stein”bog” turned it down and I think a few other established sports bloggers in the area….

  45. No real sports blogger could take it. Imagine if you have to tell people you have full backstage access, but really you’re not allowed to do anything without approval first.

    The guy admitted he knew about Taylor’s number the night before, but he didn’t post about it. That tells you he’s on a short leash.

    If you were really a fan given this job, would your first stop be the equipment room? Or the parking lot? Hell no. You’d go talk to players. And coaches. You’d be everywhere. But the guy barely posts once every 5 hours, and it’s all fluff.

    This blog is a scam.

  46. ever think about requiring registration to comment. What a bunch of stupid fucktards are posting here. Jesus. Blog is decent, comments suck my ass.

  47. Severn, You are a fool.

    If you stepped into my huddle I’d squash you like a bug. You need to register pal… as a convicted sex offender!

  48. Severn is mad we keep telling the truth about his boy friend. Matty Swallows

  49. Severn has been posting man-love comments for Matt ever since he started. No matter how stupid the post, Severn loves it.

    I smell a fake.

  50. Any chance out there you guys can keep it clean? Not all of us want to read about your potty mouths on the Skins’ official website. Take it somewhere else. Please.

  51. @ everyone who posted a comment

    Hi guys. I really hoped that I could successfully write a blog for the Washington Redskins. After reading the hundreds of comments about me in my blog, I’ve decided…..

    ….to quit. I’m going to cry in the redskins bathroom with my video camera and after that I’ll change my name so no one recognizes me.

    I hope I have made some fans and even some friends. Thanks for the chance.

    ~Matt Terl

  52. Christine thanks I will try to keep that in mind. Have you told Chris Cooley about his mouth. I bet not Oh by the way it is a Redskins Favorite. Matt Blows

  53. Matty I have a request. Bring your computer with you (your going to need it). Walk out the practice field, then climb onto the cherry picker (the one they use for filming). Raise it to it’s higest point. Then open the gate, grab your computer and blog about human flight.

  54. If you don’t like the blog, quit reading and quit commenting. It’s not my favorite, but the crude, foul comments you people make show your intelligence level.

  55. This went downhill quickly. Matt, I have a question. Since you are technically the “administrator” of the blog, shouldn’t you be able to remove all these lame ass comments? It’s been done before on other civilized blogs run by actual companies.

  56. Mattybrowneye said, “Matty I have a request. Bring your computer with you (your going to need it). Walk out the practice field, then climb onto the cherry picker (the one they use for filming). Raise it to it’s higest point. Then open the gate, grab your computer and blog about human flight.”

    Best. Post. Ever.

    You’re the new king of the blog, Mattybrowneye.

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