Day 4 – Inside Redskins Park: Equipment Room

After three full days at the Park, I’m finally starting to get settled in.  I’m meeting people and some of that new car smell is coming off of things.  So today, instead of following the players out to the practice fields, I’m going to start going in detail on the various places behind the scenes here.   This is something that a lot of you have requested, and something I’m going to be doing a lot of.

It starts today with the equipment room, where we’ll find out exactly what it is equipment manager Brad Berlin and his asstants do all day during training camp.  If you have any questions for the equipment staff now or at any point during the day, just email me and I’ll find answers for you.

This means I’m not expecting to be out on the field at all, so I’ll post a link to Gary’s reports from today as soon as it’s available for those of you who are eager for that kind of content.

Here’s a very quick tour through the equipment room to get things started.


40 Responses

  1. You think you could get me one of those helmets. A jersey would be nice too

  2. You’re “not expecting to be out on the field at all”? You’re spending the ENTIRE DAY in the equipment room? During training camp? Are you out of your mind? What are you doing, washing the players’ underwear?

    WTF!!!! This blog is bizarre. I like the idea of wandering into places like the equipment room — but NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF COVERING TRAINING CAMP!

    You are a complete clown. A tool. An idiot. This is the dumbest blog ever.

    LISTEN TO ME: Go out and cover training camp. You’ll thank me later.

  3. Dude is right. The equipment room will always be there. I would like to see more of it. But… there’s training camp going on, man. You gotta get your priorities straight.

    Seriously, like an hour or two in the training room would be like plenty. If i wanted to learn how to wash clothes, i’d spend time in my mom’s basement.

    Go out an cover some football. Here’s a story for you: write up every good hit of the day. Every one of them. Who got lit up? Who lit them up? Any trashtalking afterwards? Make it a feature story thing. Do it every day.

    Fucking blog about washing clothes. Dude. That’s nuts.

  4. What’s the deal with the infamous indoor raquet ball court? The won there Vinny play Dan. Is it true that Vinny plays on his knees or just a rumor?

    Would like to see the court…after training camp that is.

    How about some interesting things out on the field? Quotes….Fights….Go up in the cherry picker….

    I am sure there will be time for the tours later in the summer/season.


  5. Harsh. But true

  6. Sigh.

    Matt do yourself a favor and do a mission statement post to let people know what this blog is for and how it is SUPPOSED to be different from Gary’s.

    I am enjoying the blog, but all the constant negativity is starting to make me think of going elsewhere.

  7. Yeah, the squire is right. all this stuff can be after training camp when nothing is going on. Go find interesting stuff on the field.

    Fights would be good.

  8. Look, this blog is about Redskins football. Cute little features on teh guys washing uniforms can be saved for a week when nothing is going on.

    Right now the thing going on is TRAINING CAMP. there’s more than enough to cvoer for you and Gary. There’s stuff on more than one field at a time. Get out there. You’ll see or hear something we want to know. it doesn’t have to be like Gary.

    But hiding out in the equipment room during training camp? You gotta be on crack

  9. I’ll be out at the field while Brad and the guys are there, and back in the equipment room with them when they go there.

  10. These features need to wait. If there is practice going on, there can not be too many bloggers covering the practice. You will see different things then Gary. Who cares if there is a little overlap. I will read blogs or watch videos all day if it is about what is happending on the field.

  11. “I’ll be out at the field while Brad and the guys are there, and back in the equipment room with them when they go there.”

    You’re smart to listen to The Trumpet. You would seriously be in for a beat-down if you hid out in the equipment room all day. But it’s kinda bad if the only time you go to the field is when the underwear-washers go. Seriously, man. Change plans. CHANGE PLANS. Do not spend the day with the equipment room guys.

    You’re showing some signs of flexiibblyt by agreeing to go on the field. That’s good. But i think its clear you need to CHANGE PLANS entirely.

    I know you’ll do the right thing here.


  13. man im sorry about all the bashing going on here, but i’m with Covert. I’m hungry for some football. I don’t care about laundry.

    Please please go cover some football. even if you say stuff that overlaps with Gary. its ok.

    i promise ill read about laundry when camp is over.

  14. Everyone get off the guys back. Matt, you did a good job yesterday with videos and stuff. We want more of that! Everyone is interested in what’s happening on the field. Look at it this way: if the equipment room completely fucks up, we can still win the superbowl. But if training camp completely fucks up, we can’t win the superbowl. See? it’s about what’s important.

    we’re football fans, not laundry fans. I got your back but you gotta work with me here.

  15. Matt,

    These people are being a little harsh on you and I have been checking your blog at least 10 times a day for updates because I like to keep up on some things. I would like to give you a few ideas of what people are looking that will allow for you to keep your job and do what you were hired to do, give the fans something to read and enjoy. You are obviously doing things that fans do not want and Danny Boy would not want to come here and read all this hate mail… So I am listing some things I bet EVERYONE would like to see happen and if you do these, you can thank me later because people will start coming and leaving good, rather then bad comments…

    1) After every practice session post a review (take notes during the entire session) Talk about some of the unique drills, who sat out, who made a sweet catch, who got hit hard, injuries, overheard quotes from coaches or fans that got a reaction, and then even post stuff on the competitions at punter and how the recieves look (havent heard one thinga bout ‘tana yet) if the DL is getting penetration… come on man just do WHAT the fans want and that will shut them up…

    2) During breaks from practice this is when you can make ANOTHER post about stuff you care about, such as video tours of the weight facility, equipment room, locker rooms, etc.

    3) Interview players during breaks–catch up with cooley and portis and all the the other popular redskins and ask them questions–make them fun questions to answer not the same old dry shit everyone asks (be creative, you are a creative writing major)

    4) DO NOT EVER post stupid shit about no namers cars–who cares??

    5) PONCHOS– who cares where the hell they are made…

    6) Try to get an inside look into the infamous “RV”

    7) Maybe even post pictures of the 10 coolest cars in the parking lot and have a game where ppl try to guess whos car is who–but dont do it during practice for gods sake–there is plenty of time during group meetings to stalk these outside places…

    8) hopefully this will get you started and if you run of shit to do then INTERVIEW more people or join them in the dining halls or something.

  16. Yo man i think “the customer is always right” and you customers are saying lets see some football.

    they are harshing you but dude. you gotta give them what they want. they want football.

    if this is a blog for girls, just say so and i’ll tell my girlefriend Hey you can learn how to wash clothes on the redskin blog.

  17. This guy is too artsy fartsy for this blog. Know your audience. It’s also disappointing that no thought/planning appears to have been put into this project.

  18. i like voice of reason. listen to the man. drop all this equipment room stuff and pictures of guys cars. unless you want to go take pictures of all the players cars. that would be cool. but not some lame toyota.

    get out there and talk to some players. Hell if you can get two words from Dan Snyder you would be the man. But you can post a novel from some guy in the equipment room and you’re still a tool.

    maybe voice of reason should take over the blog. he has good ideas.

  19. yeah if you want your fans to love you do this:

    1. write something today about cooley, moss, and some other stars that we haven’t heard about yet. Even if you just say Cooley looks good out there or Cooley can’t catch a cold. We want to know.

    2. talk about exciting stuff, like big hits and trashtalking and coaches yelling. not laundry.

    3. do a feature on a no-name player who’s probably gonna get cut. how much money does he have? is he scared?

    4. talk to some of these new position coaches. you said you were gonna get a interview with the special teams coach. what happened to that?

    Dude, press the reset button on this blog. Right now. it’s early. you can do it. there’s eonough going on out there that you dont have to worry about looking like gary.

    Guys like ron mexico are going to eat you alive if you keep up the artsy fartsy shit. its not football.

  20. lol willie pete thats funny stuff. Matt Terl better not unpack unles theres a lot of girls out there who need to learn how to do laundry. i know my girl does so maybe this blog will work.

  21. let’s see so far Matt has been luggage boy and now he’s laundry boy.

    i’m done here. this blog is crap.

  22. I have some questions while you’re in the equipment room: liquid or powdered detergent? and how do they get grass stains out? the uniforms are always so bright white on sundays, but i have two little boys and i can never get the grass stains out that well.

    i think this is a great idea talking to the equipment room and could be very helpful for moms like me. those guys are laundry experts! What about settings? Do they use hot, cold, or warm water? what about fabric softener?

    And what about dryer settings? how do they keep things from shrinking?

    Great blog! it’s perfect for moms who like football!


  24. Matt, here’s a great blog to give you some more laundry blogging ideas:

    You’re doing a great job. I checked with my wife and she would love it if you could wash my socks and underwear while you’re down in the equipment room.

  25. I” read about the equipment (happily read about it) around 2 PM, IN BETWEEN PRACTICES. There is a good 3 hours or so in between the 2-a-days.

    If your post was meant to be sarcastic, not a good idea….a lot of folks wouldn’t get it. And, as you know from writing skool, sarcasm is extremely hard to portray in writing…best to avoid.

    All I know is there is a burgundy wooden fence that FANS cannot get past….you however, do have access past that fence. So stay away from the fence and try to provide stuff that the FANS cannot see. For example, the DEFENSE and O-LINE always practice on the far fields….can we get some interested bits from over there? Not play by play….just, you know…interesting stuff that is noticed by the left side of a persons brain.

  26. You guys are being waaaay too hard on Matt. I realize it’s more satisfying to write something mean than to write something complementary, and I realize the blog may not be perfect, but give the guy a chance to get settled in. And regarding coverage, what, do you guys not get training camp access elsewhere? Do you need ANOTHER piece about Jason Taylor changing his jersey number? Come on, people. Lighten up. I applaud Matt for actually trying something different.

  27. Hey everyone,

    Let’s keep it clean. No need to cuss. I don’t want to read that. This is a public blog which parents would think they could let their kids read without fear of crude language.


  28. Can you get on Joe Bugel’s blocking sled and video tape the linemen pushing it while you are on it? That would be dope!

  29. the_squire says “All I know is there is a burgundy wooden fence that FANS cannot get past….you however, do have access past that fence. So stay away from the fence and try to provide stuff that the FANS cannot see. For example, the DEFENSE and O-LINE always practice on the far fields….can we get some interested bits from over there?”

    LISTEN TO THE MAN! You’ve got the access. Use it!

  30. Scott says “And regarding coverage, what, do you guys not get training camp access elsewhere? Do you need ANOTHER piece about Jason Taylor changing his jersey number? ”

    Yeah, we do. training camp is the most important thing in the Skins universe right now. Nothing else matters. i would read 20 blogs about that . But i don’t give a damn about some pencil-neck geek loser named AJ in business development, or laundry, or some crap like that.

    Are you a skins fan? you want to read about laundry? a month ago i might have, but now it’s time for football

  31. Hey Christine i wouldn’t worry about the cussing. Kids get bored too quickly to read this idiotic blog. Find me one kid in the universe who wants to read about laundry.

    Matt Terl deletes comments that he doesn’t like, but he leaves the cussing up, so I’m guessing that cussing is encouraged around here. he spends more time deleting comments or writing fake ones than he does blogging.

    You better find another blog. All you girls here for the laundry tips better cover your ears because if this tool keeps writing about laundry i’m going to use every cuss word i know. and i know them all.

  32. Everyone needs to chill. If the blog is as “gay” and “dumb” as you claim, then stop reading it. It’s your time being wasted… the rest of us come to this blog for a reason.

    As for laundry tips, I don’t see how a 2 sec shot of a washer constitutes makes him a launderer. Let the man discuss show what he wants.

    But seriously, Matt, like some people have said… training camp is the center of our Skins universe right now. Checking out lockers and storage is great for down time, but right now, we’re football hungry. Tell us something we wouldn’t other know. Also, don’t wait purely for the nice guys to calmly suggest things for you to cover. If you’re going to blog, have a plan for each day, and just alter it accordingly… just don’t expect your readers to stick by you if your plan for each involves irrelevant details.

  33. What would you like him to write about at 730am post?

    The team is prob. still at the NCC in meetings, they arent even at Redskin Park yet!! So what did you want him to film? Write about? What Colt ate for breakfast? or what seat Durant Brooks sat in on the bus…

    If you want him out at training camp fine…but he will be taking video of the practice fields WITH NO ONE on them…but im sure you would complain about him taking video of the field and stuff like that too…

    You guys need to be patient…practice ends at 1030am…with interviews that last till around probally 11-1130…you guys expect him to basically provide you a LIVE FEED of practice…

    If you hate this blog soo much? Why do you spend so much time commenting on it and waiting for updates?

  34. See, relax said it best. Everyone is hammering you and being rude, but we are football hungry. We want football. Save the other stuff for later. I’m sorry if ive been rude but seriously dude. Football. Football. Football.

    I think you’re listening (like the pic of Sean Taylors locker). So listen and get out there and cover training camp.

    It’s your job and your life, but if you want people to stick around you need to do the right thing. If you keep writing about laundry, I’m going postal on you. just warning you. The trashing youre taking now is nothing.

    If something big happens on the field like an injury or a monster hit or something and you say OH i was busy washing clothes then I’m going to be seriously pissed.

  35. Drew said “What would you like him to write about at 730am post?”

    Yeah, but in that 730 am post he announced he was spending the day in the equipment room and wouldn’t go out on the field at all. You can see how that would piss some people off. He’s listening and it looks like he’s given up that plan, so that’s good. We won’t have to read about laundry today. He went and took a picture of Sean Taylor’s locker like he was asked, which is a good thing to do when no one’s there.

    But now the players are on the field. It’s obvious where he needs to be. I expect some serious football updates when the morning session ends.


  37. Hey Matt
    Do you think you could go behind the fields into the woods and count the squirrels. Are there any Redskin squirrels I bet they are so excited to be at camp. How many nuts do you think Rocky the squirrel is going to collect today.

  38. First – you’ve got the best job on the face of the Earth.

    Second – ignore the haters. It’s so easy to be negative. I guess if your life is dull enough you read blogs about football (speaking from experience) it’s easy to be a sour puss.

    Last – LOVE the equipment room video. Never ever seen that aspect of the park. Somehow I would have expected it to look less sterile. Looks like a labratory in there.

    Next to last – do all Redksins employees have to wear Redskins clothing? If you show up in a killer retro concert t-shirt are you violating dress code?

    Ignore the haters. They’re used to the sour vibe of other blogs.

  39. Yeah, like CM REDSKINS said, how about linebackers like Randy Thomas? And kickers like Clinton Portis and safeties like Jon Jansen?

    These so-called fans really know their team well, don’t they?

  40. Linebackers like Randy Thomas?

    Uhhh, Matt, you’re going to need to educate your mom before you have her create fake comments for you.

    This blog COMPLETELY BLOWS. Watching it fail so miserably is kinda fun.

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