A Few Equipment Room Questions From Y’all

Had a chance to put a few of your equipment room questions to Brad Berlin.

I once saw on Inside the NFL (I think) a segment about guys going to the bathroom in their pants during games before half time when its cold out… can you ask them about that?

Brad says, “Doesn’t happen, at least not that I’ve seen.  There’s a hidden portajohn at the home bench at FedEx, although you usually have to walk to the visitor’s locker room at away games.”

I repeated the often-told Mark Schlereth story, but Brad just shook his head.  “Doesn’t happen.”

It is my understanding that there is a list of Jersey numbers that the equipment manager will not hand out. Besides the retired #33 of Sammy Baugh, there are unofficially retired numbers, including #7,#9, and #44. I had thought that #55 was on this list, as it was Chris Hanburger’s number, a member of the ring of fame, and my favorite redskin from the early 70’s.

Can you confirm the existence of such a list, and what numbers are on it.

I can confirm the existence of such a list myself, as I’m holding a copy of it.  These numbers are not retired, per se, but are “restricted,” and can’t be used or issued by the club: 7, 9, 21, 27, 28, 33, 42, 43, 44, 49, 65, 70, and 81.  The list was created in 2003, with 21 being added in December of last year.  Ken Houston gave Fred Smoot permission to wear 27 when Smoot came back to the team.

When did you find out about Jason Taylor’s number?

Brad says, “I was walking out Sunday night, and Coach Zorn was walking out at the same time, and called me to his car and said, ‘You’re gonna have a new player tomorrow,’ and told me about the trade for Jason.

“So I called the Dolphins. They sent his shoulder pads, shoes, and eight custom made practice shirts.

“I had to everything ready for Jason by the time he got down here Tuesday morning, before he even knew where the locker room was, but the most important thing was the number. Found out at 11:30 Monday night, after he had gone to his position meeting. He had talked to Andre about 99, and the team called me and told me he’d agreed to wear 55.”

Do you help develop Coach Zorn’s crazy drills, like the dodgeball?  Do you have a slip-n-slide yet?

Brad says, “Coach Zorn tells us what he wants to do, and we’ve just gotta run it down. To find the dodgeballs, we had to call the Seahawks and ask where they got them.

“And no, no slip-n-slides yet. Coach Zorn has a specially modified passing target, and of course the Z-shades.”


30 Responses

  1. It’s not Hamburger

  2. This is a good post.

  3. yeah, this is good. keep it comin

  4. thanks for answering my question… but I still think there are guys that pee their pants!! ;)

  5. Interesting post. Liked finally finding out the list of ‘restricted’ numbers, been wondering about that. Gonna remember it for Madden, lol.

  6. This should’ve been the first thing you posted today, since it makes us interested in the equipment managers job. It would’ve given the helmet/laundry stuff some more context.

  7. why u writing posts bout guys pissing themselves. u really got some problems

  8. Please explain the infamous Mark Schlereth story.. some of us don’t know it.

  9. i got a question for u

    how many times do i need to kick ur ass to get u to stop posting dumb crap


    Please get funny. I think everyone would forgive your constant cynicism if you were actually making us laugh, but nothing you type is funny, at all. You have been swinging and missing for like two straight days. Please shut the fuck up already (or, alternatively, say something humorous).

    I’d say your shtick got old, but it never got new in the first. If you aren’t a witty person, quit trying to act like one on the internet. You have bad jokes.

  11. they aint jokes. im seriously tired of this guy posting crap bout equipment room. on redskins.com it says hes posting stuff bout training camp but all i see here is a dumb blogger and some stupid guys that care bout piss more than training camp

  12. Matt, do you know why the Skins don’t retire numbers anymore? Or anyone?

  13. Clinton Portis, on July 23rd, 2008 at 5:15 pm Said:
    they aint jokes. im seriously tired of this guy posting crap bout equipment room. on redskins.com it says hes posting stuff bout training camp but all i see here is a dumb blogger and some stupid guys that care bout piss more than training camp


  14. @HogLove
    I don’t, but I’ll ask around and try to find out.

  15. no i changed my mind, i like this blog

    Matt, please explain more about piss. im so excited!

  16. First good post. Look, Matt, if any of us had that kind of access, we’d be talking to people.

    You’re starting at the bottom of the barrel with the equipjment guy, but it’s a start. It’s interesting. So now try a player. Then a coach. Then a scout. Work your way up.

    You’re blog still sucks, but I give you a C+ for effort on this one, even if you are still laundry boy.

  17. Clinton Portis, on July 23rd, 2008 at 5:15 pm Said:
    they aint jokes.

    THEY SURE AINT. That’s my point.

    You can either a) continue to cry about some other guy’s content decisions… at his website? Or b) Leave.

    If it’s going to be a), though, will you at least stop being an unwitty fuckhead? We didn’t write the posts, so why should we, the readers, be bored to death by your bad jokes?

    You’ve been striking out for HOURS. Either stop whining or whine intelligently, please. On behalf of everyone who reads this blog, get funny or get lost.

  18. matt, its ok, dont listen to Hey Baby. your blog rules. u dont need to talk to a coach or player, all u need to talk about is piss

  19. I hate football I love soccer

    i dont know y i took this job im going back to soccer

    i was just tryin to mess this up anyway

  20. Well, I’m still on board with Matt. Those are questions I’ve had for a long time. We’ve got weeks and weeks for the other stuff. I think if you’re waiting for hard news on this blog, you’re in the wrong place. I doubt Zorn or one of the players is going to tell Matt something that they wouldn’t tell any other reporter, even if he is the official blogger of the Redskins.

  21. Did you read that he just confessed now fire him!!

  22. Matt Terl said “Had a chance to put a few of your equipment room questions to Brad Berlin.”

    A few of our questions? We didn’t have any damn questions about peeing your pants. We had football questions. You know, the kind of stuff you could ask if you got off your lazy ass and went outside. Where they’re practicing. FOOTBALL.

    This guy blows.

  23. Brewdog had questions about peeing his pants for a long time!


  24. So,#21 is a restricted number? Do the skins still restrict his locker down in Ashburn? Is it still covered in plexiglas, complete with all his equipment in it?

    Good post , keep it coming.

  25. Glenn–go further down the main page–you’ll have your answer

  26. I actually did ask the question about the peeing…I submitted via email. I am sorry I upset so many of you. It was a legitimate question regarding a segment on Inside the NFL a few years back where players talked about peeing in cups, towels and even in their pants while on the sidelines during games.

  27. The Skins have a hidden porto potty on the sideline? That’s fantastic. I want in-game blogging from *inside* that baby — right after Bugel dropped a wicked deuce in there.

    Keep up the whimsy, man.

  28. lol yeah matt and when you get inside the porta potty take pictures! =P (come on humor a relative!) hahaha

    ………. just kidding.

  29. […] got the best suit, though? “All them suits look like [equipment manager] Brad [Berlin] made ‘em back there in the back.” He laughs again, then takes me through the […]

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