Omens of Bad Weather at Morning Practice

Here’s how the weather situation becomes progressively more alarming as the day progresses.

Sign #1: Someone runs around handing disposable ponchos to staffers.

My Take Cover Poncho

My Take Cover Poncho

Sign #2: Ominous clouds build over the assembled crowd.

Finally: A guy frantically tells everyone to leave ASAP.  (Video has sound.)

Understandably, a lot of fans offered to just stay and get pelted by hail, but they were emphatically hurried out and told to come back tomorrow.  Once the players head in and cool down, bringing them back out, especially onto a wet field, leads to injuries.

More on the morning session a little later.

(Posted at 10:36.)


12 Responses

  1. Get used to the thunderstorms, they are regular vistors to Redskin Park this time of the year.

    The fields drain well, but remember the permiter of the fields is an old drainage pool, and the mosquitos breed there.

    West Nile anyone?

  2. What are the players doing now that practice is cancelled?

  3. Players finished up a bit of practice after the fans evacuated and before the rain hit, then locked themselves away in position meetings, and are now gone from the park for their daily break between sessions.

  4. Since we don’t have football to talk about — I notice you turned the comments off on one of your posts. And you seem to delete a lot of comments you don’t like. Isn’t that kinda strange behavior for a blogger?

    Wouldn’t your time be better spent working on new stories rather than policing up comments? We all know the flamers are going to flame. We see right through it. We just want more info!

  5. Matt, you suck. All you have ever done with this blog is write about the Redskins and Jason Taylor. What the hell??!!!
    (tongue planted firmly in cheek–oops, the monkeys won’t understand that)

  6. Well, except he hasn’t written about the Skins or Jason Taylor. He’s written about Taylor’s luggage, and he’s written about some guy’s car. He’s written about the weather. But not much about the Skins. There are better blogs elsewhere.

    Sometimes blogging means just babbling about nonsense. But that can’t be all you do. The guy has the ultimate back-stage pass. He needs to use it to find something we can’t find elsewhere, or else he’s useless.

  7. How about an update on how the rookies are looking? Rumor has it that Tryon is looking like a real keeper – any truth?

  8. Do you know if Vip passes will behonored at practice tomm? Keep up the good work and look forward to reading what you have to say.

  9. Help! Apparently I’ve fallen into a BBQ! Mmm, I taste good!

  10. @ Slingblade:
    To the best of my recollection, the only thread in which I deleted posts is the thread that was eventually locked. In that thread, the conversation moved from criticism of me and my writing to personal attacks that I thought crossed the line.

    Also, as I mentioned in a now-deleted post, I try to respond to EVERYTHING I receive via email at I don’t always wade into the commenting fray for the reasons you mention, but if someone genuinely wants a dialogue, you can always reach me there.

  11. I tried to post a comment about an hour ago (it was a genuine Redskins question) to no avail.

    What gives?

  12. @ CBT:
    Sorry about that. Your comments wound up in the Spam filter for some reason; hopefully they’ll get through from now on.

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