Day 3 – Start with a picture

Down in the locker room this morning, I noticed something that I thought was kinda cool:

Jason Taylor's locker

Jason Taylor's locker

The jersey’s not there yet — apparently not until 8:00 or so — but if you look at the nameplate, you can see that Taylor picked up number 55 from fourth year LB Rian Wallace.

A nameplate.

A nameplate.

It’s what I heard rumored yesterday, but this was the first confirmation I saw of it.  It’ll be interesting to see if this affects his Pro Bowl balloting, since I’m pretty sure this leaves him classified as an LB or LB/DE, not a pure DE.  (Knock on wood, of course.)


29 Responses

  1. Next can you take a picture of the urinals?

  2. Matt, you’re such a tool. No reporting, no insight, just wandering around with a camera. Just like yesterday when you picked up Jason Taylor at the airport but couldn’t get close enough to ask him anything.

    You’re not a blogger. You’re just part of Danny’s little propaganda campaign.

  3. Whoa, Taylor’s wearing #55? Or he just hasn’t bought #99 yet? A little insight would be good. Couldn’t you ask the equipment manager who put it there?

    No answer from this lame blog.

  4. Joey and “Tookie is Dead”? Are you guys kidding me?

    You guys must just be looking for things to bitch about, I feel sorry for your wives or husbands or anyone else who has to put up with every day. Do either of you think those types of comments help in any way, shape or form? When people insult you, do you feel the desire to try and do more for them? Think about it.

    Matt, if you had heard the rumor that it would number 55, you should have thrown that out to us. That would have been something for you to blog about from your perspective.

    Keep working it Matt, you’ll get it.

  5. very cool…an exciting start to the J Taylor days. Hopefully he can wreck havoc on the NFC East QBs.

    and guys, i think you are all just jealous that Matt has full access to the locker room, its your wet dream, so let him do his job and spend less time tearing him up and actually getting some work done at your job and wait for more info to come…its only 8 am est…the day has just begun.

  6. Matt,
    thank you! i checked other sources first but you gave us something good today. kudos

  7. Give me a break. The guy is trying. You can’t expect him to be able to find his ass with both hands yet — he’s only been here two days.

    Matt, some advice:

    1. Good bloggers sometimes have a little back-and-forth with readers. You just post and ignore. You might want to have more interactivity. You can ignore the haters, but maybe engage a little with others. Or, hell, take on the haters. People will like you for it.

    2. Everyone thinks you’re just corporate owned media and this blog is a joke. So you need to carve out a role for yourself — deliver something fans want that they can’t get elsewhere. Interview some lesser-known players. Interview a trainer. Get some insight you can’t hear elsewhere. We know you aren’t allowed to criticize Danny or Vinny, but you have the access — use it!

    3. You need some running commentary — followup to previous items. Your posts are just random so far. How ’bout a followup on when Jason Taylor got his luggage from you? Did you bring it to his hotel room? Did he ask you why his underwear looked like it had been sniffed?

    4. Point that camera somewhere we can’t see otherwise. Get some video of the players joking after practice. Or eating lunch. Or something.

    5. Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’re not better than the fans.

  8. See, here’s the problem: Matt says he heard a rumor yesterday that Taylor would wear #55. Why not post that YESTERDAY? Seriously — even if it proves wrong, that’s the kind of thing people want from a blogger with insider access. Say, “I heard a rumor that Taylor will wear #55!” People will love that. Then when it proves true, you’re the man.

    But now you look lame. Saying you heard it yesterday is a way of saying, “I have insider info and I don’t share it with you!” That just reinforces that you’re corporate-owned media.

    Any other blogger or reporter who was wandering around Redskins Park yesterday and heard that rumor would post it immediately. But you didn’t. The only reason would be that you aren’t open and honest with the fans about what you see. See what i mean?

  9. Yeah, this blog is kinda lame so far. But I’ll check back in a week or so to see if it’s any better. It’s gotta get better than those self-important blowhard mods at ExtremeSkins, right? That’s like a club for “Men with Small Dicks”.

  10. if matt would have posted that he heard a rumor and that rumor was wrong than you would have cursed him for that.

    you guys are lame.

  11. A guy I know goes to Iraq and Afghanistan to blog and he gets some of the same “this is so lame” and “you should have done it this way” or “anyone could take that picture” blah blah blah. Hilarious when the wannabes sound off.

    Why don’t the wannabes grab their camera and go get their own pictures for their own blog. Post your web address here and we’ll compare.

  12. let’s see, among two choices 1) post a rumor yesterday, 2) take us into the locker room and post a picture of the player’s locker and first confirmation of his new number

    ummmmm…..i’ll take door 2

  13. Maybe we are all confused on the purpose of this blog. It would help if Matt defined the purpose/goal/mission statement. Obviously, it’s not a minute by minute report of what’s going on at training camp. Please let your audience know what your objective is. That way we know what to expect.


  15. Thanks for the photos…. since there is still speculation out there seeing them definitely clarifies some rumors.

    As for the haters, good lord. Jealous much… this is not a sports beat so settle the heck down. If you want a poorly written play by head over the post and continue reading JLC…. although I would imagine you are the same negative posters over there too.

  16. With Taylor most likely classified as a LB or LB/DE and our D-Line depth looking pretty thin, I wonder if there is any plan to go to a 3-4 intermittently.

  17. Nice. I bet he took that number cause Zach Thomas his brother on law, wears the same number in Dallas.

    Matt I would be curious if Zorn is going to make him a Captain, and if the the Redskins this year wil use the captain designation on their jerseys this year.

    PS: The fact that you already have a few people hating on you, means your doing something right. Keep up the good work.

  18. Good scoop. Thanks matt!

  19. Does this mean there is a possibility of incorporating a 3-4 intermittently to cover up our lack of depth?

  20. JT’s going to be Dancing on Them Stars! Bloggers please take my resume…I need a job.

  21. I agree with Whipsaw. Everyone comes to the “official” skins blog expecting some Skins info. And this time of year, that’s training camp. We want hourly — even minute-by-minute! — updates on what’s going on. Obviously, that’s not what you’re here to do. But I understand why the haters are slamming you. You’re not giving them what they want.

    Pictures of guys from business development? That’s just kinda weird. Maybe it was just poorly written, but it seemed… weird.

    Why don’t you tell us what you’re trying to do with this blog? If all you’re going to do is talk about handling Taylor’s luggage and take pictures in the parking lot, you’re a stalker, not a blogger.

  22. There’s something wrong with this blog. Whipsaw posted something and I posted a response. But it shows my response before his post! What’s up with that? This is very suspicious.

    And I notice you deleted a bunch of comments.

    I’m beginning to think they’re right about you being a corporate propaganda guy.

  23. […] And so Taylor has a new number, according to Matt Terl of the brand-new Redskins blog (who either took a slap at us recently or was making a joke that many of our readers regarded as a slap, or both), stuff in and around Taylor’s locker suggests that he’ll be wearing No. 55. […]

  24. Might want to check your facts, there. The number Taylor wears won’t affect his Pro Bowl balloting as long as it’s 50-79 or 90-99. If you doubt this, might want to check on Derrick Burgess, Trent Cole, or Darryl Tapp, to name just a few exceptions.

  25. @Trotsky:
    Great point on Burgess, et al. It’s likely that being classified as a DE/LB (rather than just a DE) means that he can be nominated in either category — which would be a mistake on my part — but no one here seems 100% sure of how it actually shakes down. I’ve got a few calls in, and I’ll let you all know once I get it squared away.

    More information on jersey numbers:

  26. Can we get a picture of Sean Taylor’s locker? There’s been a lot of talk how they left it as is….would be nice to see what the players see in that regard. Thanks. Man…still not even close to over this one.

  27. I think some of you need to shut the hell up and if you don’t like what he’s blogging, go the fuck somewhere else. Some of you have your heads so far up your ass, your fucking head is right back on your shoulders. This training camp and is supposed to be for fun, and he’s doing what he can. IF you aren’t satisfied by what he’s blogging about, then go do it your damn-self:; grab a camera,pen,paper, and whatever else you need and see how much “inside info” your stupid ass can get, and we can all bust your balls. Seriously, if you take offense to what i’m saying, then I’m fucking talking to you.


  28. Trotsky, good point about those other players from around the league. I had always thought that D-lineman had to be either in the 60s, 70s or 90s, but you are right that there are some 50s. it just looks weird tho. like they should be linebackers.

    i think Jason Taylor should have pulled a Shane Matthews and gone with a “9”.

  29. “I think some of you need to shut the hell up and if you don’t like what he’s blogging, go the fuck somewhere else. Some of you have your heads so far up your ass, your fucking head is right back on your shoulders. … see how much “inside info” your stupid ass can get, and we can all bust your balls. Seriously, if you take offense to what i’m saying, then I’m fucking talking to you.”

    Matt Terl deletes the comments (or turns off commenting altogether) when he doesn’t like the comments. Isn’t it interesting that this kind of profanity and insults is fine with Matt?

    What does that say about this blog?

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