Afternoon Practice Updates, and Durant Brooks Not At War

Some notable moments from the afternoon session of training camp.

  • The defensive line looks energized — Jason Taylor was running around impressively during 9-on-9 drills, and Andre Carter got a great bat-down on a Jason Campbell checkdown pass.
  • Laron Landry made a nice downfield play to break up a good-looking pass, and Leigh Torrence has looked sharp all day, stepping in front of Anthony Mix to pick off a Campbell throw.
  • Rookie TE Fred Davis made a nice grab in traffic, easily the best thing he’s done while I was watching.
  • We got to see Coach Zorn’s semi-famous “dodge ball” drill, where the quarterbacks pelt each other with large silver exercise balls.  It was on the far field from where I was standing, but everyone involved seemed to be pretty enthusiastic.
  • The best play of the practice had to be Marcus Washington putting a hit on Clinton Portis during 11-on-11 drills, which brought a loud cheer from the players huddled under the Z-shade.  Washington afterward could be overheard saying, “I can’t help it, man, he’s running right at me….”

After practice, I caught up with Durant Brooks and tried to ask him about the ongoing heated battle between him and Derrick Frost.

Engaged in heated battle?

Engaged in heated battle?

“Yeah, that’s what everyone says – ‘heated,'” he said. It was clear he was having none of it. “I don’t feel like it’s heated competition. I mean, we aren’t badmouthing each other or anything like that.”

Nevertheless, I pressed on, asking if they’re REALLY getting along.

“Yeah, we get along. We talk to each other, share stories, eat with each other. It’s not a big deal. We don’t stay away from each other or try to do bad things.”

This disappointed me, and I told him so — that it would be a much more interesting competition if they were trying to light each other on fire or something. It was here that a crack of doubt finally appeared. Sort of. If you ignored the fact that he was laughing.

“I know, I know. I have that in the back of my mind that – you know some of the advice he might give me, I try to think about it two or three times before I do it, so there’s that.”

Next I’ll try to get Derrick Frost’s side of the story and see if it matches up.

Finally for the day, just to prove that the punters aren’t the only ones whose drills are TERRIFYINGLY THRILLING, here are the running backs doing blocking drills with an oversized punching bag.

(Posted at 5:40.)

15 Responses

  1. Yawn.

  2. Hey man — you’ve gone hours between posts and that’s all you’ve got? Seriously? What’s the deal? You got something better to do?

    If you’re gonna leave us hanging like this, how ’bout posting some porn or something?

  3. looking forward to the Frost follow-up…

    I am thinking that the lag time is because he was at practice?? wouldn’t that leave explain the hours between posts?

  4. This is a boring blog. We have better blogs for Tech football. Ths is kinda like stupid.

  5. This is one of the better posts. Keep this type of info coming.

  6. its getting better but very slowly, the clip of the blocking drill was cool

  7. Rookie TE Fred Davis made a nice grab in traffic, easily the best thing he’s done while I was watching.


    Please describe the play(s) in detail. Who was covering him, was it in the flat? Up the middle? Was it on 1 on 1, 7 on 7, 11 on 11? Please fill us in on the practices we don’t attend…if you’re gonna bring it up.


  8. I liked that post and for all you haters, I hate the cowboys!

  9. I have never even come close to being able to following training camp before. I don’t know what this crack is that you’re putting into your words, but i’m liking it quite a bit. That choad of a punching bag . . . who knew? ha ha!

  10. I have never gotten laid in my life, but if I did I bet it would feel like reading your blog.

  11. Why are you all so down on him? This is his first time covering the Redskins so he’s not a pro at it just yet. Can some of you do better? Oh, i’m sure you can because you know everything about the Skins and are such GREAT bloggers…NOT! Please you all really need to stop bashing him and give him some words of encouragement on what he can do to improve his blog.

  12. Personally, I think Matt Terl should skip the blogging altogether and just post videos. Everything he writes is semi-retarded. Better yet, instead of a blog why don’t we just have a streaming video of training camp?

  13. Just because *you* don’t understand the big words, the sarcasm, the wit, etc. , doesn’t mean the writing is retarded. Your request that the blog be dumbed down to streaming video suggests that you are somewhat challenged.

    Did you ever think that management checked out his writing style before they hired him? I’m pretty sure they knew what they were doing.

    Why don’t you save yourself the mental exhaustion and check out some of the other sites on the blogroll instead of trolling this one. But be careful…some might contain words and snippy quips without pics or videos.

  14. “Big words”? “Sarcasm”? “Wit”?

    When? Where? You’ve seen sarcasm and wit on this blog? Or big words? What the hell are you talking about?

    And telling us to trust the management of this team to make the right decision is a losing battle. They specialize in bad decisions.

    You’re either Matt’s mom or his boyfriend.

  15. […] big move, really, is the punter switch. I find it somewhat ironic that after breathlessly following the punter battle through training camp, neither of the two candidates is the starting punter as of Week 7 of the […]

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