A Few Observations from Morning Practice

So here’s a few very quick things that struck me at this morning’s sessions:

  • For all you Colt Brennan supporters out there (the ones who want him to make the team, not the ones who expect him to be the starter), he made some sharp throws to the RBs in the earlier drills — mostly short stuff, but one nicely placed longer throw to Rock Cartwright.  I didn’t spot him during the 11-on-11s, though.
  • The fans are mercilessly killing Fred Davis with the “sleepytime” and “wake up, Fred!” calls.  He false-started during a drill today and got brutally heckled for it.
  • Jason Taylor practiced, and it was … practice.  Nothing exceptional happened.  The disproportionate level of media that stared at him while he did it was a little unsettling, but it was amusing to hear a father crabbily tell his daughter, “He’s standing right there!  Right there!  He’s the tallest guy there and he’s got a bald head — how can you not see him?”
  • Word from Zorn is that individual drills are going to be reduced this afternoon and team practices (7-on-7, 11-on-11, etc.) are going to be increased to make up for what was missed this morning.

(Posted at 12:05.)


31 Responses

  1. But how did Fred Davis play???
    How did everyone do?
    no offense- but we aren’t getting much useful info here

  2. Whenever you start your sentence with “no offense, but…” you should probably just not submit that comment.

    Some of the response on here in unbelievable. I know it’s been beat to death already, but most of you guys would probably kill for a job like this (I know I would). Rather than be jealous, why don’t you just be patient and give the guy a chance? Just because he defended Snyder and Co. in one post doesn’t mean he’s a corporate pawn. Just hear him out and take this thing with a grain of salt… the Washington Redskins and this blog don’t owe you a damn thing.

  3. We’re going to get five worthless exhibition games to see how guys are playing. Re-effing-lax.

  4. @MWP
    I am sorry if I offended you. Just trying to give suggestions here, which Matt actually asked for!

  5. This blog reeks of sock-puppetry. It looks like Matt is feeling the heat from fans who aren’t impressed with his early efforts, so he’s creating fake comments. And he’s deleting negative ones.

    Not a good start. But, in his defense, no one’s reading this stuff.

    So it probably doesn’t matter that the content is just lousy. How in the world can the official blogger of the Skins not have the ability to, you know, ask someone a question?

    The guy writes like a corporate pawn. Why should we conclude otherwise?

  6. Hi haters!

    Bye haters!

    Seriously. Are you reading your comments before you press submit?

    “no one’s reading this stuff”

    You are. His third day on the job, and I think he has handled it well.

    Just remember “Coooooooooley” on your third day at Wendys, you didnt know how to make the Baconater.

  7. The self-appointed “mayor” of FedEx Field likes this blog. Yawn. Hey mayor — there’s some gum stuck to the bottom of my seat. Go scrape it off.

    And don’t chew it. Buy your own.

    Tell us — how has little Matt “handled it well”? This is warmed over crap, served on a paper plate.

  8. Great comeback! I would love to scrape the “gum” off the back of your chair, but reality is, you live with your mother, and her and I are no longer on speaking terms.

    But im glad you spread your “haterade” to me now.

    Funny how when people “hate” something, they always seem to take the time to vist and post.

    We will see you in a couple of hours when Wal Mart lets you take your mandated 15 minute break.

  9. You guys are acting like a bunch of 2 year olds
    Stop hatin on eachother and cut Matt some slack
    He is doing a great job, and you guys hate him for it.
    If noone reads the blog, then stop posting dumb comments

  10. The Mayor thinks the guy works at both Wendys and Walmart? The Mayor is confused. And you can’t scrape gum because… uhh… why? Because you live with your mother?

    I wouldn’t be bragging about that if I was you, Mayor.

    Sounds like the Mayor of some trailerpark.

  11. Matt is doing a great job. You guys are being rude and dumb. Matt is great. His job is great. You wish you had his job. He’s a great-job-doing guy. I love Matt.

    Matt is the king of all bloggers. He’s doing a great job. It’s just great here. Great.

  12. You know, Skins fans are too dumb to know how great John is. I mean Matt. Oops.

  13. what the hell is going on here on this blog? what kind of person finds it necessary to bash Matt?

    go to the other guys breakdown if you dont like this one, there’s no need to hate on him so much.

  14. I hate Skins fans. They can’t appreciate the genius of Matt. Like when I took a picture of some guy’s car today. Genius! But did the Skins fans appreciate it? Noooooo… they’re just haters.

    I wish all the Skins fans would just go away and let me post my blog in peace. I mean Matt’s blog.

  15. Bashing Matt is bad and mean. Don’t hate. Skins fans are such losers.

  16. I love how this got completely out of hand in record time. That’s the mark of a great blog.

  17. hi

  18. “So here’s a few very quick things that struck me at this morning’s sessions”

    You know what I think should have struck you at this morning’s sessions? A bus.

    Then we could replace you with a typing monkey so the blog would improve.

  19. What is the purpose of this blog?

  20. bottom line is all you people wish you had this guys job and if you dont like it, dont read it. it’s pretty simple.


  21. Leave the blogging to Cooley. With Snyders high dollar payroll, I thought he could afford a bit more than this guy, but I guess we know where his priorities are. BTW, I think everyone is being quite fair in saying that Matt sucks, no one should give him a break, he surely isn’t giving some of the players a chance. Jump off Colt’s back, would ya?!

  22. “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.” Greatest Twilight Zone ever. If they do a remake, the ETs will use the internet

  23. This blog sucks, and that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!

  24. This is the only website I have access to. I didn’t know the US had a torture policy.

  25. I wanted to let all of you know how many Miami fans are now Redskins fans. With Jason and Zack both gone not only do we have a no name defense we have a no name offense. I made my husband get me the Redskins Schedule so I can watch Jason and it should be quite interesting when the cowboys play the skins brother in laws great move for both men, they deserved much more than the Dolpfins organization. I have been told that season tickets have dropped off drastically after the trade. I can not confirm it but oh well

  26. Blog is fair. Hope it improves to Gary F level. I like to hear about the practice not “other” issues. There should be a redskins chat once a week at least.

  27. Need longer comments about practice. One paragaph won’t satisfy redskins craving

  28. Um, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. There’s a whole big internet out there to read.

    What kind of person thinks to themselves “I really hate this blog, so quick let me go look at it ALL the time and continuously post about how much I don’t like it” Who the hell spends their time reading something they hate. Just move along already.

  29. Thanks for the updates on Colt Brennan. He is a very good young man and a strong competitor who plays to win. The football fans here in Hawaii are all interested in how he is doing as a rookie QB at Washington. -Aloha

  30. Seriously, Matt, you can’t lock comments or delete comments and be taken seriously as a blogger. You can’t be afraid to interact with your readers. If you want to post stuff but not have to hear a reaction, don’t have comments at all.

    Yes, you’re taking a beating in here because, frankly, your first three days have been really piss-poor. But if you improve, the comments will turn around. You see how a few people defend you now? If you start writing stuff people want to read, you’ll see lots of people defend you.

    But if you delete the comments of people who disagree with you (or even flame you), then you undermine yourself. You need to grow a pair. If someone slams you in a comment, well, fire back. Or ignore it. But deleting it says you’re a little crybaby who can’t take the heat.

    And if you add that to the perception that you’re just a shill for the front office, no one’s gonna like you. So don’t write about how the media picks on the Skins. That’s tired, and most of us think the only way to cure it is to win games — so blogging about it is pointless. And don’t do cute little features on your favorite new friends in the organization. We really don’t care much. You can sprinkle that stuff in after you’re established.

    You need to start with your bread-and-butter reporting. The photo of Taylor’s #55 was great! But then you disappear for hours and hours on end. If this is your full time job, you’re one lazy MoFo! But if it’s not your full-time job — if you have other responsibilities — just tell us. We’ll understand. If you say, “Hey, I expect about 4-5 posts a day”, then that’s what we’ll expect.

    But this is a bitter disappointment so far. We all kinda imagined a fan let loose in training camp. We see what you see. But you’re not doing that.

    This is not a good start, Matt. Not good. You need to step it up.

  31. Blogger , you’re doing good stay the course. I think what you are doing is cool. Congratulations on your new post. As the season build’s so will this blog.

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