Training Camp – Day 2

Here we go on day 2.  Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful responses — feel free to keep ’em coming as you think of things.

Jason Taylor is scheduled to arrive sometime this afternoon, between 2:00 and 3:00, and I’m sure we’ll have tons of material on that as it happens.  I’ll have some player reactions as well.

First practice starts in 40 minutes and the fans are already in the gates.

The mood in the park has changed so much since noon yesterday, it’s unbelievable.  As news and rumors about Phillip Daniels started trickling in, everyone here — interns, staff, everyone — just seemed to have the wind sucked out of them.  Reports were that Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder were both hit hard by the injury.  The afternoon Buzbee injury only compounded things, as he was something of local favorite for a bunch of the staff.

Today, although everyone remains disappointed for Daniels himself, that start-of-training-camp optimism is back in full force.  It’ll be really interesting to see if this is reflected on the practice field.  I’ll keep you posted.

15 Responses

  1. Any word yet if Taylor will be participating in the afternoon practice?

  2. Be sure to get Andre Carter’s reaction to the Taylor trade. Lined up together, they could become an opposing quarterback’s nightmare.

  3. just keep keeping us in mind as you go through the day

  4. Wrt to Colt Brennan, what’s so bad about a side arm delivery? Jurgenson and Theismann also threw that way and seemed to be fairly successful, hmm.

  5. You could help so many people by not abusing the term literally. it should only be used when the phrasing would otherwise be taken figuratively and you need to point out that it actually happened. As in “the lecture literally put me to sleep” because you fell asleep not because it was boring. Not “The Redskins literally suck this year.”

  6. What’s the story on Devin Thomas?

  7. Hello i went to watch the skins practice sunday and really enjoyed it im in a wheelchair and found it was very difficult to make it down to the field so was rather bummed out about that because i was really looking forward on getting some of my icons to sign a card ,or my skins hat i brought had MY pens blazing but i was unable to abtain any autographs being the heat was unbearable to me . but keep up the great blog and if any one has any easier ideas to maybe get a autograph or 2 please let me know i am a sports freak and would love the chance to maybe meet one of the great guys that works there butts off in the 100+ days to make us fans happy thanks Dlittle!!!!

  8. Matt,
    Thanks for the updates and I wish you the best of luck w/ the blog. As you will find out, or may have found out already, the internet gives a voice to those who feel the need to be nasty so you may want to talk to the Redskins about some type of login requirement before people are allowed to post on this site. (Note to Karl- come on dude, lighten up will ya?).

    I’m a long time Redskins fan (30 years) and I look forward to any information you can provide.
    I’m specifically interested in Shawn Springs right now as he seems to have had a contentious relationship with the Redskins and it always seems like he is on his way out of town, but he is far too valuable to the team to be traded or released. Do you have any insight into what his relationship with the team is right now?

    As for blog content, tell us up front if you really have the freedom to be critical of the team when the time comes, I think that will do a lot for people who have certain expectations, but as an employee of the team, I have to think your objectivity and the information you are allowed to post would have to be sanitized. No worries though, we’ll make it work.

  9. please please please include a time stamp with each blog entry. a time shows in the comments but doesnt show the time of your blog entries. and keep up all the hard work, its appreciated

  10. I think it is OUTSTANDING that we got Jason Taylor but don’t come here with a bunch of pretty buy crap we need someone tough and gritty THIS IS THE NFC EAST!

  11. Thanks for the blog- you are doing a good job with it.
    Can you give a mini report on the receivers? I know there will be tough competition for roster spots this year. How does James Thrash look against some of the rookies?

  12. Great Job, this is great, I sitting here at work and still I feel like I am out at ashburn, Thank You. Have you seen any kickers and how do they look?

  13. Im concerned about the health of Jon Jensen and Randy thomas. How are they looking ? I havent heard much about them. I also want to know how our young corners are looking. Well Im not quite as concerned about the corners now since we upgraded our pass rush in tremendous fashion.

  14. Need more Kelly/Thomas news!!! Whats up with the rookie WRs?

  15. the skins had a great defense last, which will only get better.defense wins games

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