Redskins in the Media: Compare and Contrast

Posted at 1:54 or so.  (FYI to everyone who has suggested that we include a timestamp: we’re trying to get it set up to include automatically, but for now I’ll just try to remember to include something like this.)

So I’m reading through the media reaction to the Taylor trade, and I notice a few trends.

1) Obviously, the Dancing With The Stars references.  (And, yes, I’m as guilty of this as anyone else.)  It’s as if everyone looked at Jason Taylor, thought, “Hey, what does he do besides football,” and that’s what we all came up with.

2) Trade described as a win/win, which is nice to see.  (No, really.  I mean it.  I think it’s all too rare that people can see both sides of an issue.)

3) Nearly everyone frames this as a continuation of Daniel Snyder’s legendary fondness for stars.  This is the one that I’m finding problematic.

Now, there’s obviously two ways to spin this.  The first is nicely illustrated by Mike Wise over at the Washington Post, who opens his column thusly:

Here they go again. From the people who brought you Neon Deion, Snyder Productions’ newest, big-name venture:

Dalliance With The $tar$.

Pretty clear where he’s going with that, you’d think.  We’ll come back to that in a second.

Here, for contrast, is how Peter King approaches the same sort of thing in today’s Monday Morning Quarterback:

There aren’t many teams that would have a major injury two hours after sunrise and have a better player in-house two hours before sunset.  The Redskins historically have done the wrong kneejerk thing. This was the right kneejerk thing.

Pretty much explains itself, and is a fair assessment of how things seemed to go down.  Acknowledges some mistakes of the past, while allowing for the possibility that this time around is at least somewhat different.

“But wait,” you might say, “of course Wise is putting a negative spin on it, if he disagrees with the trade.”   But that’s the thing.  As Wise continues his column, he acknowledges that this was pretty much a must-do for the Redskins.

And before anyone compares acquiring Taylor to throwing money away on Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith or Brandon Lloyd, let’s be clear: After watching Daniels go down and out for the season — and maybe his career — and after watching a backup like Buzbee crumple to the ground in agony, this was a move the Redskins needed to make.

I don’t want to just pick on Wise, here.  Just about everyone — ESPN’s John Clayton,’s Alex Marvez, and plenty of others — all went or hinted at a similar route.

My question is, why?  The team’s worst days of crazed spending, the ones that most everyone is alluding to, are almost a decade old.  There have been bad decisions, yes — Brandon Lloyd and T.J. Duckett leap to mind — but there have also been shrewd moves and offseasons of reasonable, measured growth.

Essentially, I’m just not sure why so many people are in such a rush to call trading for a six-time pro bowler who’s almost two years younger than the guy he’s replacing a Hollywood star-chasing move.

Could it go wrong?  Absolutely.  But if everyone agrees it was a move that had to be made, why mock them for making it?


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  1. Uh, did Dan Snyder write this?

  2. I absolutely agree that it was a necessary trade move, and it certainly should not be compared to the ridiculously expensive and nonproductive FA signings of the past.

    Snyder has completely turned around his penchant for trading away draft picks to sign stars who are on their way out. This move HAD to be done to keep some semblance of stability on the D-line. Anyone ridiculing the trade needs a head check.

  3. You know, I was wondering the same thing this morning, especially reading the Alex Marvez story. I’ve simply come to the conlcusion that Daniel Snyder will never do anything right in some people eyes so why try. I have no doubt he has always done what he thought was best for the team, even if it didn’t pan out. The guy wants to win as much as anyone. I love the Jason Taylor move because it addresses a need, even if depth is still a question.

  4. OK, so the alternatives were a) replace our lost DEs with some out-of-work guys while we wait to see if some other team cuts a DE, or b) act decisively and round up a perennial Pro Bowler.

    Hmmm, what should we do?

  5. Matt,

    Welcome aboard and wish you well.

    I cannot find real fault with your comments about the Taylor trade pros & cons; BUT PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – Do not turn into Larry Michaels.

    He insults any decent Redskin fan, especially the older ones who have seen the storied history of the Redskins with his one-sided approach to everything he covers. He a weak act and a ‘puppet.’


  6. great job with the blog today, Matt. Enjoyed it yesterday, and while there was room for improvement, it was your first day, so screw the haters. Today it is nearing perfection, with ample mentions of the drills and players mood. Would like to see, if possible, a daily interview with a player or two. Do not know if this is possible or not. Anyways, great job.

  7. I think you are doing a wonderful job. Being out in AZ I need a good way to keep up with my team.and your blog offers just that. I am as disheartened as all of Redskins Nation about Daniels and Buzbee, but think we made a very smart move in acquiring Jason Taylor. I wanted to comment that I agree with Jim about Larry Michaels. Something has always rubbed me wrong about him, maybe his inaccuracy on the radio, firing Frank to take his position, or just the fact that I think he is an idiot. Keep up the good work!
    -A diehard fan faraway from home,

  8. “Uh, did Dan Snyder write this?”

    Comments like that would be #18 on the list of reasons I didn’t want this gig.

    Having said that, fair or not, you probably should’ve waiting at least a few days before openly defending Snyder. Also, there are clear negatives to this deal, and about a 50/50 chance it will turn out to be a horrible trade. I’d say it was a win for the ‘Fins and a “who the hell knows how this will work out” for the Skins. Although if the team is gonna continue to use second-round picks to draft tight ends instead of need-positions (see: d-end), then I guess we might as well trade ’em away for one season with an over-the-hill lineman.

  9. I know this is the official blog of the Redskins but I think Redskins fans have earned the right to be skeptical of how this team has been run over the last decade. The Daniels injury left the front office no choice — they clearly had to make a move. But the reason they had to make a move is because the failed to address this issue in the past few offseasons. Daniels has been an injury risk for years and yet no reliable veteran was brought in to compete with him. Lets not give the front office a pass for making a decent deal today…the necessity of this deal could have been prevented with some foresight. The exact same thing happened last season with Kendall. Dockery left and that exposed the fact that they had failed to develop O-line depth (moving Wade to guard? c’mon) and that forced them to spend a high draft choice on an aging lineman — a draft choice that should have been spent on getting younger via the draft.

  10. I like where you are going with this. Practically no one challenges the media for these references. I would think they could come up with some intelligent analysis without running through a non measured approach of our ‘misses’. If you are going to write about the misses fine, then write about the hits (free agency and trades) that are our starters such as:

    C. Grif
    M. Washington

    Kendell (sp?)

    You are right, some of the reputation we hold is based on 10 year old data.

  11. ‘Cos it’s fun to mock the Redskins. If you are gonna be a redskins blogger you better start ignoring stuff like that. Otherwise, you’ll end up blogging about Redskins mockery instead of about the Redskins themselves.

  12. Keep up the great work! Thanks for all you do to keep us well informed! Hail Skins! Taylor will be very effective this year. We had the cap room so we made the deal. It was the right call. I predict us to almost double our sack production from last year. I would expect teams to throw a lot more agains’t us this year because of our secondary right now. We shall see…

  13. Well written article.

    Hopefully, this will now put the Favre trade rumors to rest! That deal would have been 10x worse!

  14. There have been some terrible moves in the not too distant past. Taken on its own, this was a great move that should have been done regardless of the two injuries. But you can’t expect anything else until this franchise starts shutting up the critics.

    How about “Hail to the Blog”? or Perhaps “Hail to: The Blog”?

  15. If ESPN’s Len Pasquerelli was working right now instead of recovering from being fat, I’m sure he would be poking lots of fun at this. He loves making fun of Snyder and our FA moves.

    I agree we were between a rock and a hard place and had to do it. Now I’m just stoked to see Taylor suit up?

  16. can we all take a second and rid our memories of Jeff George, Deion Sanders and the like and look at this as it is: the Skins had 2 big injuries to the same position in the same day–the first day of TC—how did the Skins respond–gave up a 2nd and 6th for a 10 sack a season pro bowler who is community minded, no trouble off the field and a good mentor for young players——-how can you hate that; of course the point about drafting for need can be made but I’d rather have JTaylor then a rookie draft pick in their anyhow right now——get off the Snyder hate wagon and move on to 2008–its not 1999 anymore and he has learned quite a bit since then

  17. Here’s the part that hurts: yes, the trade is just fine for the short term (hey — just like TJ Duckett!), but it’s lousy for the long-term. Taylor may be here a year, maybe two. He’s another Bruce Smith. He’s 33, clearly on the downside of his career with his head elsewhere. Given the injuries (and maybe without them), it’s smart for the Skins to make this trade right now. But only for RIGHT NOW.

    The situation right now is one that the front office created. The DL is weak and thin. It has been for years. They steadfastly refuse to do anything about it.

    And guess what? You think the Skins — without a second rounder next year — will take a DE in the first round? Doubtful with all the money sunk into their two undersized DEs.

    Positives: Definitely needed a DE and there weren’t any others out there of Taylor’s ability. Huge upgrade.

    Negatives: Lose a 2nd round pick on a short-term rental, decrease the likelyhood of the Skins taking a DE next year in the first round.

    And the final negative: I don’t think it helps much. The Skins now have two undersized DEs. How long do you think it will take the power-rushing NFC East to figure that out?

  18. This is just Bruce Smith all over again. You guys shouldn’t get your panties all wet over Jason Taylor. The guy will be planning his post-football career on the sidelines. He’ll suit up, and, like Bruce Smith, go pad his stats. But he’s not going to help this team build for the future.

    And if you think this team was one player away from winning the Superbowl, you need medication more than Taylor needs dancing lessons.

  19. I wouldn’t call the acquisition of Portis a success necessarily.

    While he has performed pretty well for us since we picked him up, you have to remember that we gave up Champ Bailey, and that runningbacks are a dime a dozen.

    That said, I love Portis and I think his colorful personality and good on-the-field moves are an asset to the team.

  20. KB says ” If you are going to write about the misses fine, then write about the hits (free agency and trades) that are our starters such as…”

    Yeah, but there’s only one way to tally up the hits and misses, and that’s the win/loss record. So the Skins front office has failed, right?

    Yeah, Joe Gibbs snuck them into the playoffs a couple times, but we don’t have Joe Gibbs anymore. The front office has failed to build a winning team. Period. Full stop.

    No other way to grade them, right? Cerrato’s been here for years.

  21. Hi Matt–

    I wanted to write you with what pretty much every Redskins fan is thinking as he or she reads your blog.

    You were hired by the Redskins. You are blogging for fans because of the media and PR disaster that was the Redskins coaching search earlier this year and Dan Snyder as long as he owns the Redskins. No one will ever take you seriously because your paycheck is being signed by Danny himself. You will always be linked to the org to put a positive spin on anything and everything they do. They hired you because they want fans to not scrutinize them and regain some trust with the front office because of the horrid history they have with pissing us off.

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t get their information from you and this is not an attack on you personally but you need to understand what you are doing and your purpose are complete opposites. Also, I know you just started this blog but it kind of sucks already considering you’ve been a Redskins blogger before. Write a professional, with a sense of humor, and unless you show signs of being critical of the team when necessary, you might just seem like a sell-out.

    Again, nothing against you. But the Skins needed someone that can relate to the fans, who can compete with JLa, Steinberg, and Mottram but also make them look good. After enough people turned them down, they hired you.

  22. Ha on the wet panties, bootycall!!! You should see how all the fanboys on ExtremeSkins have wet their panties over this. you’d think Snyder had just signed Peyton Manning. Those guys are such tools.

  23. ‘this is another bruce smith’…

    are you guys freakin kidding me? bruce smith was 37 when we got him! 37!!!

    JT is 33 and still putting up double-digit sack numbers year in and year out.

    you guys are ridiculous

  24. “Yeah, Joe Gibbs snuck them into the playoffs a couple times”

    LOL, what a fanastic analysis………I think we have our first troll dressed up in burgandy and gold to christen the new board.

  25. Shawn’s right. This is just party-line bullshirt.

    Let’s all hold our breath waiting for this blog to criticize Danny and Vinny. You get banned from ExtremeSkins for that.

    This blog sucks. All you do is take the issue of the day, complain about the media coverage, and then repeat the Danny talking points. This isn’t a blog. It’s propaganda.

    Go to hell, Matt. You’re not a Skins fan. You’re just a corporate tool.

  26. why are you guys raggin on this man so hard? he’s doing what he’s being paid to do, it’s his second day.

    telling the man to go to hell and he’s a ‘tool’ is a little harsh

  27. yeah, but he’s being paid to be a corporate shill. This is not a blog. This is marketing spin. It’s like a blog from the marketing department at Chevron — you think they’re going to tell you why gas prices are so high?

    This blog does suck.

  28. More Updates PLEASE!

  29. Yeah Matt…..just criticize the team, don’t tell us what you really think.

  30. They’re ragging because unfortunately too many people in this world get off on being negative, not positive. It’s a sad day when I get on here and read such harshness. Redskins fans are supposed to band together, not get kicks out of harassing this guy on his second day on the job. He even asked everyone to give suggestions on what they want to hear. But instead of being proactive and saying, “Hey man, could you write about this?” they just wanna get their kicks by being assholes. Screw ’em. True Skins fans aren’t dicks like those guys!

  31. amen, let it play out is what i say!

  32. Matt,

    Your a sponsored blogger. Get interviews, tell us what happened, utilize your access, but day 2 and your falling into this trap? I even agree with you about this trade. But this post is just so transparent. Establish your own voice, be independent, stay away from the reverse skins witch hunt meme.

    Wow this is really not how I hoped this would go.

  33. Seriously? Lloyd and Duckett? There are a lot more.
    (I do like the JT trade though)



    PORTIS (love Portis, hated the cost it took)






    (loss of) ANTONIO PIERCE

    OVERPAYING FOR TRADES (loss of draft picks)

    ….I digress, I do like this Jason Taylor trade…but, don’t think the 6th rounder was needed.

    If this Skins have a great season, then the 2nd round pick will be a low 2nd round pick…almost a 3rd rounder. We could recoup that.

  34. mark brunell got us to the playoffs on two bum knees

    portis holds the all-time rushing record for the skins in a season

    coles was definitely not a bust bringin him in, and we got santana out of him

    and i would take london over a. pierce anyday

    i think you are overblowing a few of those

  35. Kate is right on…stop hatin on this man. he’s been here two days.

    calm the F down people.

  36. Our Skins earned this reputation, there is nothing they can do about it (except win).

    The Trade in itself was fine, but we may have been able to avoid being in this position if we had made better choices up unto this point. i.e. 2 WR’s and a TE in this past draft…(maybe Vinny left the yahoo on “Auto-Draft”).

  37. @ Ben

    Do you remember that Mark Brunell threw for 75, YES, 75 yards against Tampa Bay in the playoffs?

    Barely call that getting us in….more like Sean Taylor got us in by that awesome turn-over. Brunell managed the game…and was the reason why we lost in Seattle in the playoffs.

    As for the others…sure, they were decent additions to the team BUT the cost to get them (or in Pierce’s case, keep him) was totally fudged by the FO.

    As long as they field a decent team with depth, fine, thats all I care about…just do it smart and don’t overpay….that’s how you end up with lack of depth and have almost zero chance of finding a diamond in the rough.

  38. transcended nads?

  39. why dont we wait and see how things play out before we determine the trade sucked, which i dont think it did, and if our draft wasn’t good.

    you can’t base it off of a few days people. our offense now has the explosion it’s been lacking the last few seasons, and if it comes together like it can we are gonna be tough to beat

  40. Amazing that Dan Snyder has the time to author a blog, with all of his other responsibilities (e.g., ruining the Six Flags corporation)

  41. I really don’t understand all of the rude comments on here…all the kid did was post two different sides to the trade and show how there will ALWAYS be two sides to a story…who cares…and for everyone who says this blog sucks, why are you sitting here reading it then?–and on top of that POSTING about it…

    …its ridiculous…you people really think the ownership sits around and says please blog about this for me…he’s criticized Colt a few times already….do you think Colt cares? I doubt it…

    I think the ownership has better things to do, and at this point could careless about what someone on a blog says…they probably hired this guy because of the success of blogs right now (IE Cooley)….walking the company line would be saying how amazing we are and how we are going to win the SuperBowl and buy tickets and merchandise…and he is not.

  42. Hahaha

    Caveman gets all incensed and says ALL Matt does is take the issue of the day and complain about media coverage? Did I take a 3 week nap or something. This is DAY TWO of this friggin’ blog, there hasn’t been enough time for us to say what he ALWAYS does. This is the first time he has talked about the media coverage and suddenly it’s all he does.

    Matt, I don’t know if you read these comments, but can you clear this up (I know all the ‘haters’ won’t believe you) but when the skins talked to you about this, did they give you discretion to write about what you want or do they get editorial veto over your posts?

  43. What would we get if we traded 1 of 3 Z-Shades to the Arizona Cardinals?

    Just curious….

  44. Wow if I wanted to read about people who sucked up to Dannyboi I’d have gone to, turned on Redskins980, 730 or any other Snyder controlled media. This stinks.

  45. You know…’s one thing to be skeptical, it’s quite another thing altogether to be an ass.

    Some fans quite rightly reminded that they hope the blog to be more than just support for all of the teams moves. However, I’m baffled at those of you attacking this guy, and calling for him to do nothing but complain about the front office.

    One of the true joys of being a fan is getting to second guess the moves that the teams make, but it’s not all there is. If all you want to do is complain and whine about the team the whole time…..then why are you still a fan?

    There have been some real poor decisions made in the past, but we really don’t know how this one will turn out. I’m just excited to see how the year unfolds and hopeful that the moves will end up being the right ones.

    To all those who feel the need to attack the guy just for being positive about the trade……chill out. It’s fine to disagree but if your just going to be a jerk about the whole thing then move to Philly.

  46. squire – yes, brunell was brutal in the playoffs, but he also was one of the main reasons we got there. he made plays for us at key times. i dont think he was all that great, all i was trying to get at was that you all bash this team so much that i’m beginning to think you are not real fans and just rant and rave for the hell of it.

  47. WHAT!!!!! I am tired of people saying this is Bruce Smith again!!! What!!!! Did you even watch Bruce Smith on the Redskins? He was putting up over 10 sacks a year and most important He was putting pressure on the QB!! Don’t come in here writing if you don’t know what you are talking about. The last year he did not put up 10 sacks but he put pressure on the QB. Something we have lacked in Washington for a long time. Consistent Pressure from our D line. Please if you don’t know what your talking about don’t write in here. P.S. Yes and he was a old man!!

  48. karl – im not gonna lie…bruce smith was not good with us. i dont know where you’re coming up with that.

    with that said, as i stated above, this is nowhere near a bruce smith deal all over again. there is 3+ years in age difference and JT is two years removed from being the defensive POY.

  49. on a side note – what you all think about shockey getting traded to the saints? one less playmaker in the division….

  50. why is there 2 hours between posts? there should be 5-10 min. between posts!!!!!!!!!!

  51. keep doing what youve been doing just post more often

  52. I’ve been a fan since 1982, due to my parents…good job. I am now a grown man and shell out over $2k a year to attend Skins games after waiting 10 years on the season ticket waiting list.

    Like being American, you can hate the way people run the country…but you’re still American.

    The Redskins history of overpaying (money and/or draft picks) for players is well documented.

    I think the 2nd rounder for Jason Taylor is just fine, seriously, I do. But not so sure we needed to throw in that 6th. But it is a done deal. I think Taylor will add a new demension to the defense, and we will get at least 2 years out of him. 2 years is a lot more than some 2nd Round Picks these days. Look at Eric Shelton for example….he is on the bubble on the Skins roster as a back up Fullback. He was picked in the 2nd round by the Carolina Panthers in 2005….a team that has not had a stable RB corps in years…and he was cut…and is trying to make the Redskins as a backup….so, yeah, 2nd rounders don’t always pan out…Same thing goes for Tatum Bell and many many other 2nd round picks (Taylor Jacobs, cough, cough).

    So, if Taylor helps us win and we draft at the bottom of rounds then it is fine…but I think Parcells would’ve have done it straight up for a 2nd rounder if it was anyone else…due to the Daniels injury. This is stuff that good FO peeps avoid but doing deals at the right time and for the right price….

  53. Back to the original point of the blog…I think the coverage of the trade has been fair for the most part. Yes, everyone needs to point out that the Redskins had a rough few years there trying to buy a Super Bowl, but most of the comments I read suggested the trade was good for both sides.

    On a side note, I’ll never forget the odd comment Peter King made when the Skins drafted Fred Smoot…’They’ll regret drafting Smoot, I promise.’ That was it! No explanation. Today was in fact the first time I can recall him saying something positive about Redskins management.

  54. @ Will

    Yeah, King like this deal

    [Peter King quote]
    I have to hand it to Snyder and Cerrato. This was a very good trade for them. I’ve been hard on them, and rightfully so, for some of the dumb trades and free-agent signings (do we have to relive them?) of the past six or seven years. But this offseason was a smart time for Washington, because it was a time to get its financial house in order, not a time to go crazy over some barely above-average wide receiver.

    The Redskins were the only team that began the offseason over the cap — laughably over, in fact, at a $19 million cap deficit — and they did the smart thing, the thing the Patriots did in 2000 when Bill Belichick began to right the Pats’ ship. Instead of spending money by borrowing against the future, the Patriots shaved more than $13 million off their cap back then; the Redskins did the same, reversing their cap state by $29 million. At the close of business Friday, they were $9.8 million under the league’s cap.

  55. OK, I’ll play nice. What do you guys think about having two undersized DEs? Matt, why don’t you do a little research for your blog — what are the height/weights of the starting DEs for the other NFC East teams? Won’t that make it kinda easy to run on the Skins? It’s not like our linebackers are jumbo sized, either.

    Taylor is a nice addition, but he’s really a better version of Carter, not an LDE. He’s going to have tire tracks on his chest.

  56. I swear to God, a guy who starts his blogging career by whining about the media coverage of the Redskins deserves all the abuse he gets. That’s coming straight from little Danny Snyder. Danny’s the one constantly bitching and moaning about how the press dares to criticizes his underperforming teams. It’s obvious he’s got Matt on a leash under his desk. How’s the typing down there?

    Here’s a story for you to write: how ’bout Vinny Cerrato lying to the Washington Post about the Taylor trade? First of all, it didn’t happen in 60 minutes. And now we’re hearing his contract will be reworked. If you want to cover the issue of media fairness, how ’bout covering the Redskins cult-like fear of the media?

  57. I was born in DC in 1945 and have been a skins fan all my life. I lived in Phoenix for from 1980 to 2004 and those fans would give their first born to trade Bidwell for Snyder. Some of you don’t know how good you have it.

  58. LOL — so you’re saying Danny Snyder is one step up from Bidwell? Yeah, that’s great. Snyder is in the bottom five owners of the league. Just look at his results. The guy doesn’t care about football as long as he’s selling beer and tshirts.

  59. I can’t help but notice so many of the negative bloggers I have read from around the Redskins world are already here doing the same thing. Critisizing the Skins FO is one thing, but being an asshole about it another. “Go to hell”? Are you kidding me?! On the guy’s second day on the job you people are gonna treat him like this cuz he pointed out something that just so happens to be very true? I personally have stopped listening to 2 radio programs over an attitude just like this, No matter what the FO does, you will find a negative. If you can’t find one with this particular issue, you will reach back as far is it takes to find another one and bring it forward.

    Keep typing Matt, I’ll keep reading as long as I can tolerate the “extreme idiots” who have already invaded.

  60. Have to go with Mitch there…would you rather have an owner that doesn’t spend or one that does.

  61. yes, keep typing…more, more, more…..more.

    in the end, all of this is just comments in a browser…keep up the Skins talk.


  62. how was your interview with larry michaels?

  63. Jiminy frickin’ crickets.

    The kid’s trying to just write about the team, fer cryin’ out loud. He has to establish his creds by criticizing Snyder and Ceratto and hating our ‘Skins??

    I don’t care if he is a tool of the establishment. I just want to know about training camp.

    Matt, you sure as heck can not please everyone, so I hope you have thick skin. Keep driving on.


  64. ahh, there’s a blog name…SkinsTalk

    (pun – need thick skin too dude)

  65. Did anyone say this blog sucks yet?

  66. Hey bro, You need to name the blog,

  67. Here’s an idea. Focus on a position (QB, RB, WR, DE) for the day and report what’s going on. Maybe conduct an interview? Let us know what the position will be ahead of time and maybe we can submit questions?

  68. Please give me hourly updates on what Christy is wearing, doing, thinking, anything

    …and don’t tell Chris I asked….


  69. Matt, PLEASE do not write your opinions anymore on the Redskins like this. You see what a storm you will create.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, just report to us what is going on for the people who are cannot be there. Just be a reporter and give us the facts. Don’t try to be Chris Mathews out there and don’t try to win any popularity contests with Snyder OR the Fans. Think Jack Webb on the show “This is the FBI” and just give us the cold hard facts as you see them. I am telling you that is what we really need, that is when you are at your best. Don’t comment, just report.


  70. PLEASE give the blogging job back to Gary Fitzgerald. Its been 3 hours since your last post and its getting REALLY annoying. Gary gave updates every 5-10 min about whats happenig, who made a good play, etc. All you do is talk about what happend yesterday. I tried to give this blog a chance but i cant take it anymore.

  71. Is practice going on right now?


  72. Came here for the this blog sucks comments.

    /wasn’t disappointed.

  73. @JT, aside from your first idiotic “Hey Beavis, this blog sucks, huh huh” comment, your idea is actually a good one. Rather than trying to cover EVERYTHING every day, have some focus on different positions and try to get interviews.

    @Peter, a blog is about opinions… it’s not about “just the facts ma’am” In nothing that I have read has anyone in the organization or Matt said that he was going to be a reporter, but a blogger, there is a TON of difference.

  74. what is the point of a blog that doesn’t have updates?!? What is going on? who looks good?

  75. Hello?

  76. Maybe he passed out from the heat

  77. Severn,

    Opinions are like assholes in that everyone has one.

    Facts are like diamonds, they never change and everyone wishes they had one.

    There are so many places to issue an opinion, but no where can you find the facts.

  78. Hello???

    Mike, ummmm, Nad Redyns here (Dan’s evil twin)….ummm, yeah, didn’t you read my press release that Redskins afternoon practices are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.

    And this includes BLOGGERS.

    Bloggers are not part of the empire. They are only pieces to the puzzle…BUT, for an hourly rate of $19.95 you too can have unfiltered access to some partially edited afternoon practice premium practice blog coverage.

    YES, that is right! You too can become a member of the Partially Edited Afternoon Practice Blog Premium Package! If you use your Washington Redskins Visa/Mastercard then you get 1% back too!

    So sign up now for the Partially Edited Afternoon Practice Blog Premium Package! Limited supply!

  79. If this thing isn’t going to be a running record of camp, what is the point? Boo to team owned media, its just not a good idea.

  80. The lack of up to date postings reminds me of the Pink Floyd song “Comfortably Numb”….”Hello Hello Hello is there anybody in there?”

  81. What a cry-baby article.

    Grow a pair dude.

  82. At first flash of Eden
    We race down to the sea
    Standing there on freedom’s shore

    Waiting for the sun
    Waiting for the sun
    Waiting for the sun

    Can you feel it
    Now that Spring has come
    That it’s time to live in the scattered sun

    Waiting for the sun
    Waiting for the sun
    Waiting for the sun.
    Waiting for the sun
    Waiting,, waiting,, waiting,, waiting, waiting,, waiting,, waiting,, waiting

    Waiting for you to come along
    Waiting for you to hear my song
    Waiting for you to come along
    Waiting for you to tell me what went wrong

    This is the strangest life I’ve ever known

    Can you feel it
    Now that Spring has come
    That it’s time to live in the scattered sun.

    Waiting for the sun
    Waiting for the sun
    Waiting for the sun
    Waiting for the sun

  83. Hey, was there a run on Haterade at Walmart(I know you shop there) this morning?

    How ’bout a little love once in a while? Give Matt the Blogger a break, haters.

    Like none of you would give you left nut to have Matt’s job. Puh-leez…. you are pathetic. I know none of you would dream of kissing up to the boss if you ran the team’s official blog. No, not you pure-hearted types.

    As for the trade, we just have to accept that for nearly 40 years this team has lived in the ‘Eternal Now.’ Building through the draft is for other teams. So we enjoy what we’ve got and live with it. Heck, it beats being a Bengals fan.

    Now, moderate your hatin’ ways, or I will sentence all you haters to fall and winter in Philadelphia.

  84. I think in some ways your critiscim of the media is valid. For instance, before free agency, London Fletcher was a durable, dependable, solid linebacker in line for a great pay day, which he deserved. The Redskins signed him and he was over the hill and they over paid.

    While ten years ago most of the desicions we made in the draft and FA were very questionable. We have had some solid players, but not nearly enough.

    Lately there have been more successes, but they tend to be coupled with specacular failures. Archuleta being the most recent and heinous on my mind. I think Snyder has learned to moderate, but not eliminate his bad spending choices.

    My attitude tends to be a wait and see approach. But if Taylor racks up even eight sacks each season for two or three more seasons, I think we broke even.

  85. @ MIchael
    All good points. Waiting and seeing is definitely the way to go, and there’s no disputing that Archuleta, Duckett, and Lloyd were recent and unmitigated busts. As you point out, it’s all going to be determined on the field anyhow.

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