My Riveting Jason Taylor Experience

So Zack, exec. director of communications, and Michael, assistant director of communications, were getting ready to go pick up Jason Taylor from the airport.  And by getting ready, I mean getting ready — suits, ties, that stuff.  Then they look at me and say, “Hey, you want to come blog about it?”

I am not wearing a suit and tie.  I am about as un-suit-and-tie right now as you can imagine.  I am sweaty, from being outside for morning practice, and I’m still wearing the same sweaty clothes … but what the hell, right?  This is what I’m here for.

Plus it provides a good opportunity to test out the idiot-proof little digital video camera I’ve added to the blog’s repertoire.  So why not?

We head outside to one of the team SUVs, and Zack and Michael look at each other and realize that with the people Taylor’s bringing with him, I can’t fit in their ride.  But wait, they suggest — why not follow them in my car?

Now, my car is the car version of my sweaty clothes, bought more for its good gas mileage than for, say, picking up superstar athletes at the private hangars.  But, again, it’s what I’m here for, no time to be embarrassed about such trivial things, and we all hop into our respective vehicles and get on the road.

It’s at this point that it dawns on me that I’m now not going to be in the SUV with Taylor, which is going to greatly limit the bloggable material here, but I’m committed at this point.

The woman who escorts us through the hangar brightens noticeably when she hears that we’re here to pick up Jason Taylor.  “Oh, I love him on Dances With the Stars,” she says.  (Add one more to the tally for everyone who thinks that Taylor’s mainstream appeal is part of why he was acquired.)

We head to the waiting area to wait, and Zack mentions to Michael that they need to take JT straight to his physical.

“Oh, he’s fit,” Hangar Woman assures us.

Zack: “Are you willing to bet seventeen million dollars on that?”

Hangar Woman: “Oh, I don’t have seventeen million dollars!”

Michael: “But if you did…?”

Hangar Woman “… He’s definitely fit.”

Anyhow, eventually the plane shows up.  Unsurprisingly, Jason Taylor does not fly Southwest, as this very brief, very dull BLOG EXCLUSIVE video shows. (Video contains sound.)

Jason Taylor on plane.

Taylor talked about how happy he was to be there, all the guys who knew each other talked about knowing each other, I introduced myself, and we left.

Everyone except for me piled into the SUV — I tried to pretend like my car wasn’t my car — and then, as many of you have guessed, they realized there was no place for JT’s luggage.  My trunk is, of course, full of junk, so we shoved it all in the backseat and I followed the guys back to Redskins park.

When we arrived at the Park, their were swarmed by a throng of media people and disappeared, leaving me with a tremendous amount of very nice luggage full of, presumably, very nice clothes that absolutely will not fit me. Plus, since I was driving Jason’s luggage around, I was unable to get video of the media throng, which was really disappointing.

I can tell you, however, that Jason Taylor is “very happy to be here,” that he looks healthy and ready to go (and is “very fit” according to Hangar Lady), and that he has some nice luggage with which I shared a pleasant car ride.


28 Responses

  1. Now that would be a good blog post. I really want to see the inside of Redskins1, be it a video blog, static or with pictures, I’d love to check that out!

    Keep up the posts, I appreciate them.

  2. Good stuff. Love the blog.

  3. I didnt see you with Jason Taylor when he arrived at Redskins Park

    I saw the SUV pull up and 3 guys in suits and Jason Taylor got out

  4. That’s fantastic.

  5. Great blog, keep up the humor level and keep getting this type of inside access only an official blog could!

  6. I’m missing a few pair of underwear. I really hope your not sniffing them and playing pocketpool.

  7. Hilarious. I just bookmarked this site.

    Were you the slightest bit tempted to look through his luggage? Were you the slightest bit tempted to quit after two days on the job and sell his luggage? Its contents have to be worth more than what most of us make in a year, right?

    Keep up the great work!

  8. LOL! Great stuff Matt… keep it up!! We look forward to reading more….

  9. You sound so much like every other person I know including myself, that’s cool Matt.

    Not much substance, but a cool story.

  10. Don’t call it a come back!

    Matt is back in da game!

    You may be a medium pimp, but hey, pimpin aint easy.
    They gonna make you ride in the plane cargo bin for the HOF game? lol

    good stuff man…keep it up

  11. It sux to be out here in denver when camp opens. Although its not in Carlisle anymore its still great. I will have to make do with checking this blog daily!!

  12. This is what the blog should be!

  13. Good job, Matt! Way to be there at the right moments! This kind of stuff makes good blogging – as opposed to “press release”.


  14. Best blog post ever.

  15. The Redskins Blog > Everything else

    Fantastic post. Pretty soon you are going to need a nice new ride, hollar at me. Seriously.

  16. Cool!

  17. Great job on the blog Matt. Keep it coming as we get to know you but keep it real and fun. We’ve been sold a lot of bull from Vinnie and Danny, but just be yourself and the fans will read and comment.

    If you start reporting like Larry Michaels you will lose a great majority of the fans. Stay true to yourself and good luck and keep it coming.

  18. Matt the Luggage Boy blogs the arrival of Jason Taylor by not talking to Jason Taylor. Gee, this is a great blog.

  19. This blog is like a wet fart. Children laugh at it, but the rest of us think it stinks.

  20. Great stuff! Please keep up the good work on the first hand inside info for us fans. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot more great experiences just like this one.

  21. We all know damn well you didnt go pick up no Jason Taylor

  22. @ Clinton Portis
    Exactly. He didn’t pick up no Jason Taylor. This is because he picked up Jason Taylor.

  23. @ Clinton Portis
    Exactly. We know this because he picked up Jason Taylor.

  24. oh hell no

  25. @ESC
    hell to the no

  26. he didnt pick him up hes lying to get u guys to read something exciting

  27. Funny post! Keep up the good work

  28. Great Stuff, keep up the good work. I loved the Jason Taylor stuff, even if you did just end up with his luggage!!!

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