For those who are curious about me…

Washington Post blogger Dan Steinberg has a Q&A with me over on his always-excellent DC Sports Bog.  Check it out.

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  1. Hey, I like the blog so far – keep up the good work. Any way you can put the time each blog is posted too? It’d be nice to know how recent the blog is, and how new the news it. Thanks.

  2. Hey Redskins fans, is it me or does this new guy not have a freakin’ clue and have a gigantic ego? Who else would post a Q and A with himself?
    Go Giants (where Renaldo now plays)

  3. @WynnFanClub
    Wow, maybe because he’s not trying to be the AP wire. I mean the whole point of a blog is to have a personality and a person behind the news. It’s not just dry repetition of stats. If you don’t like his personality (hard for you to say after what? 2 days), that’s cool and all but understand what the point of a blog IS. The Q/A is for us to know him better and to know his background and why he’s doing this and all that.

    Matt, keep it going. It’ll be nice to have some personality behind the news.

  4. Cool. Nice to know a little about you. Have FUN and Go Redskins!

  5. Hey Buddy, Enjoy the blog and I am happy for you because your one of us. Please let me know how the rookies are doing. As well how Laron Landry looks this year. Keep up the good work. Live the dream

  6. can you please post posts more often please. other than that i like your blog

  7. Dude…the title of the post was “For those who are curious about me…”. If you are not curious, don’t read it.

    Quit being a jerk and just read the stuff that interests you.

    Some of us like to read about the things that happen off-field, as well as on-field. Some of us choose Blogs because they are NOT like a “real” reporter’s story, they add a human interest that ESPN just doesn’t get.

    If you’re not into this Blog, move on. Your comments show how egotistical YOU are, not the OP.

  8. Now I know why this blog is slow. Matt is too busy staring into the parking lot with his hands in his pants.

  9. Found ya through the Bog, good luck with the new gig.

  10. Congrats on the new gig. Make all of us proud!

  11. Are Rookie Bloggers included in the Jim Zorn ban on Hazing?

    If not, then Steinz & Co. should tape Matt to the goal posts…yeah!

  12. As soon as all the haters change jobs on a dime, move, sell their homes in the current market, all this with a new born baby, and explain to their wife that it’s all for football, maybe then they’d have enough cred to criticize. Matt sounds like a big, long time fan who can apparently write much better than most. Let him work out the kinks, and soon enough, I bet we’ll have one great football blog right here.

  13. Welcome to Washington Matt!

  14. Hello, I’m Danny boy’s new minister of propaganda, Matt Turd. I’m going to recycle old news, complain about the media, and insist that the Skins can do no wrong.

    Any questions?

  15. Hey Matt,

    Love your writing, and I may actually know what is going on with the team this year because of it!! And good on ya for defending Tiki Barber even though you’re a Terp :) Wahoowa. Keep up the smart posts!

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