AM Update – Happy Birthday, Mike Sellers

  • #45 turns 33 today, and he’s got a bunch of well-wishers with signs, including his family.  It’s very cute.
  • Heat doesn’t feel as rough today, although I’m sure it will.   Dragonflies are swarming over the artificial turf field for some reason.
  • Nice to see Erasmus James jogging, however slowly, even if it isn’t as important as it seemed like it might be prior to the Taylor acquisition.
  • The RBs initially seemed to be having some trouble pulling in passes in drills, but a sharp grab-and-cut from the birthday boy seemed to spark something and the drills picked up intensity from there.

15 Responses

  1. Matt,

    Be careful bro, not many folks with take lightly the “cute” remark. LOL

  2. How about including the time you post on your entry. Already better than yesterday. Keep it up.

  3. Happy Birthday to Mike Sellers!!!

    Nice job Matt… for those of us unable to get out of work we are excited to read about the goings on at camp!! Look forward to reading more!

  4. Happy Birthday to Mike Sellers!!!

    I really like the idea of this blog too. I didn’t get a chance to check it out yesterday due to me being able to get to training camp. I will definitely check for this blog while at work to keep up to date with everything going on.

  5. When will Taylor actually start practicing?

  6. Great Blog. I enjoy keeping up with what is going on at camp. I agree with JT, if you could put a time on your entry it would be appreciated.

    Welcome to the family Jason Taylor!

  7. Hey Matt,

    Tell Dat Boy happy birthday for us. I’m really happy to have this blog for the fans Matt. Reading your mini-bio, I’m glad to see it go to a real fan and writer. Good luck.

    As for suggestions for story themes moving forward:

    1) Obviously the overall team lockerroom emotion after the loss of a veteran leader who looked so primed. This team has been through so much as a family. With a new coaching staff and this knock to their leadership on the defensive side of the ball, they will nead others to step up. London Fletcher’s steadiness and the ability of Jason Taylor to step into a close-knit group and be a veteran voice seem like important factors to watch.

    2) I’d really like to hear what Sellers has to say about the loss of Daniels and the team dynamic with Taylor coming in. Sellers is a field general out there in a lot of ways, and I wonder what he may have to say.

    3) You’re starting at the same time, and he seams approachable to me. Why not get as close as you can to see the growth of the Zorn era?

    4) I want to know what it’s like in your experience. It would be pretty surreal for me.

    Thanks and sorry for such a long comment,


  8. sweet blog wuts the status on the line backers
    (especially Mcintosh )and how do the safeties look opposite Laron

  9. Did Zorn bring out more Z-Shades? How about making some for the fans?

    Please let us know how Campbell is doing in regards to chemistry with the receivers and new passing routes. Looking sharp day by day?


  10. I agree that a time of when you posted would be nice. Great job so far!

  11. Oh and can you get a pic of those Z shades?

  12. the time of the posts would be nice. are you going to give updates during each practice (like last year) or at the end of each practice? updates during practice last year were great, it gave those of us at work a feel for how each session was going without being at the park. plus it gave me something to look fwd to (other than more work) each half hour or so.

  13. I know everyone loved Phillip Daniels in the locker room but just because he was a great guy in the locker room doesn’t mean he was great on the field, which he really wasn’t. Jason Taylor is a HUGE upgrade if you ask me and he is something the Skins have needed since Mann and Manley broke up so I’m very interested to see the impact he has on the defense and Andre Carter. I don’t care about the two picks the Skins gave up, to me, this guy is worth it. I’m very excited that the Skins were able to get him.

    Matt: How is Jon Jansen looking? The poor guy can’t seem to stay healthy.

  14. I just want to say the Mike Sellers is my favorite player on the team
    his work ethic and continued improvement, along with clutch playing, is really great

  15. Happy Birthday Mike.
    My girlfriend and I drove down sun noon for 7/21 a.m. session . On sat. I made the sign for his b-day, showed my lil lady and she was stoked to c it. I was thankful and apreciative of Mike to have made a direct line over to us as the horn sounded to end the a.m. session. We shook hands, and he signed our sign….Now that was very cool. The L.I.L was in her element.
    p.s……anybody going to the pre-season jets – skins game……find ur way over to 16B in the parking lot on the gate c side of the stadium. Althou I am a jets fan now…lil by lil my girl is converting me. So, come hang out. U should find us as close to the 16b pole as 5:30 arival will allow us.

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