AM Update 2 – Re: the heat

Yeah, so remember how I said it wasn’t as hot as yesterday?  Disregard that….

There were ups and downs in practice, of course, but the highlights were almost all during the TE/RB vs. LB/S drills.  Sellers continued his strong practice, with a jugggling catch off a tipped ball and some nifty moves.  RB Marcus Mason put an insane juke on LB Rian Wallace to get free and make a catch.  And the drill ended with Portis scoring a TD over London Fletcher and spiking the ball emphatically.  It was the liveliest practice got, and everyone seemed happy about it.

To answer some common questions: Smoot is fine, and is practicing today.  Jason Campbell has streaks of terrific throwing, and some slower streaks.  Yes, Shawn Springs looks like he’s in terrific shape and say he feels great.

More later.


19 Responses

  1. Mason looked good last year hopefully he can step it up another notch. What does the rookie punter look like?

  2. I heard Tryon made some good plays yesterday. How does he look?

  3. please please please tell me that Campbell is looking good enough so that all this talk about Brett Favre being traded here will remain a rumor. Mike Greenberg on Mike & Mike today said that Washington would be a perfect fit for #4. Please say it ain’t so.

  4. The Mason Kid is coming back stronger and faster. He should make this team because he can run the ball better than Rock but Rock plays special teams which gives him an edge right now. Mason will need to play special teams this year

  5. How does Mix look, anything like their 3rd starting receiver?

  6. I didn’t know Greenberg hates the Redskins.

    He was joking when he said that, right?

  7. You should make the header a link to the homepage. That way, when i look at a specific entry via an RSS feed, I’ll be able to get to the homepage to see if i’ve missed anything in one click.

  8. Mike Greenberg is and always will be a fool.

    “everybody seemed happy” about “Portis scoring a TD over London Fletcher and spiking the ball emphatically”? Something tells me Bam wasn’t real pleased.

  9. Hey Matt,

    I too would like to know about Durant Brooks. To be honest, I’ve been infuriated with Frost’s performance in recent years, so I’d love to see a young kid with a strong leg (76 yard punt in one game during college!) take over as soon as possible.

    How is the offensive line looking?

    And no more Colt Brennan talk guys, the kid just isn’t going to make it in the NFL. Yeah, he had insane numbers at Hawaii, but if you take a closer look, most of his numbers came from yards after the catch, ie, his receivers’ ability to make plays. Campbell is a far superior quarterback, and will continue his maturation this year into a respectable QB.

  10. Can we get an update on player responses to the Taylor trade? I know we will get the usual shtick about getting a player, but can we get a little nitty gritty on what the players are saying?

  11. Per the feed on the right, regarding the Punter competition…Brooks vs. Frost

  12. Will Taylor practice on Wednesday? I want to know because I want to attend that practice if he does.

  13. 1st – is it my computer or is everyone else’s times listed wrong in the replies? it is kind of confusing
    2nd – Has Taylor shown up yet???
    3rd – please continue the updates about the actual action on the field.
    And thanks for letting us know what’s going on out there.

  14. Can you give us an update on Rocky MacIntosh? Thanks

  15. hey, nice work here. I just want to know if the rookie receivers are going to crack the starting lineup and how is the OL holding up so far?

  16. How about The “First Down Washington!” Blog?

    I’d even be willing to make the logo…

    But it is my favorite phrase every Sunday

  17. One play doesn’t make a great running back, but I think Mason has some potential. It is both too bad and really good that he is buried on the depth chart behind two potential starters. Brennan has some problems with his mechanics? Show me one QB drafted in the sixth round coming out of college that doesn’t . He is a developmental prospect. What he does have is athletic ability and a competitive nature that will serve him well in working to get to the next level.

  18. Nice work, this is another Skin fan in TX–give us specifics: who is Zorn working with or at all? what recievers are gettng off the line the best? who looks like our best slant reciever which hopefully will be a big part of the offense this year? are we lining up with 2 TEs and if so what is the play we run out of that set? etc etc That kind of stuff is what I’m interested in besides the standard injuries, internal flare ups, who pile drove who……..

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