Taylor, Brennan, etc.

Okay, a few things:

  • Jason Taylor – I heard about the trade when I was on the road, hence the delayed post.  It seems like a good deal for the Skins to me, and if Parcells was as eager to get rid of him as has been reported, it seems like it works out pretty well for the Dolphins as well.  It probably does little to diminish the disappointment the team feels at the injury to Daniels, who was by all accounts a strong voice in the locker room, but it should really help on the football end of things.  I’ll try to get reaction from players and staff when I get back to the Park tomorrow.
  • Colt Brennan – A number of you have asked for first day reviews of Colt Brennan, post-injury.  Two things about Brennan stood out for me.  First, he was a thicker guy than I had expected after watching him in college.  Had some more heft to him than I would’ve thought.  Second, he has a really weird delivery, somewhere between sidearm and pushing the ball, and it really needs to change if he’s going to have success on the NFL level.  He did complete a few nice passes, but watching that delivery through the traffic of the line … it just doesn’t look like it’s going to be fully effective as is.  We’ll see if Coach Zorn can change that.
  • Your Comments – Are all very much appreciated.  Those of you who phrase things more politely are appreciated a bit more, of course, but I welcome all of the feedback and look forward to making this blog something that appeals to all of us.  Please keep the comments and emails coming, and thanks for reading.

32 Responses

  1. If the ‘Skins traded 2 picks for Taylor AND are paying his full cap number then the DOLPHINS ought to be laughing up a storm and Dan and Vinny fell back to the old(bad) ways. We may need a DE but if losing Daniels caused that much of a panic then we should have spent a 2nd round pick on one this year and not on a TE, regardless of what the “board” says!

  2. I think the trade was a good deal. Taylor was a lame duck for the DOLPHINS. He gets a fresh start with REDSKINS and that usually mean he will play with a chip on his shoulder.

  3. Hey, i’d like to see more updates and details about whats going on during practice, such as drills, whose making nice catches, tackles, throws, etc. I’d like to see position reviews on different days, like how the running backs did a certain day , receievers the next, etc.

  4. I think the trade is great. Its a quick fix to a gaping problem. I don’t want to say that someone getting hurt is a good thing, but to get a player one year removed from being the NFL’s defensive player of the year couldn’t be bad. The only thing is, I don’t know if I can get used to seing a Taylor jersey on the field again, especially on the defensive side of the ball, but who knows maybe its Sean’s way of returning to the Redskins, and gettin TAYLOR back on the field. The world works in mysterious ways.
    As for the the training camp coverage, I like the idea of getting fan imput during practice. I think it would add a real personal edge to the blog and really get the fan’s perspective on what is going on during the sessions.

  5. This is a good trade, expensive, but smart move. Losing 2 DEs on the first day of camp dictated something had to be done. And if SOMETHING is a guy like Jason Taylor coming to town, then so be it!

    Wish it wasn’t costing so much, the second round pick is pretty high for a guy VERY close to retirement, and add to that another pick in 2010 just adds to my sentiment. But, something had to be done, let’s hope the result is another pro-bowl year for him. Maybe 5 sacks on Romo, 6 on Manning, and 8 on McNabb? Sounds good to me!

  6. Colt’s quirky throwing style and the way he looks off the defense were assets in his college career. He’s accurate. I wouldn’t tell Tiger Woods to change his swing just to make it prettier (not that that would be possible). It will be very interesting to see how he matures and what that translates into in a gametime situation.

  7. Appreciate the report but on Brennan… should be the last time anyone makes mention of his delivery… it’s something we all know about. As regards the QBs, we would appreciate getting an everyday ranking of the 4 as regards these items: quickness of release, accuracy, read progression, use of eyes to look off the safety, foot work, drop motion fluidity and pressure awareness. Thanks for the good work today.

  8. What’s the deal with you leaving “early”? The other media outlets had this Taylor thing WAY earlier. Didn’t the Redskins tell you something was up?

  9. I liked Daniels, but if someone were to tell me on draft day that we’d of ended up with Taylor, I would have slept easier. Better late, I guess . . . Team looks good, I just hope we can get healthy and stay that way…Keep up the good work, I’d like to see some consistent interviews from some of the unsung coaches like Kirk Olivadotti or Stan Hixon.

  10. Yeah I’m with Kashaf, I don’t think I’m ready for that name to be back on the field after losing Sean. Everytime they say Taylor it will be weird to hear it knowing its a DE and not a Safety they are talking about. I just hope it can play 2 or 3 years and have a impact and help Andre Carter. Soughta like Osi and Strahan even though we Skins hate to admit it.


  11. No more talk about SeanTaylor…..please. Move along.

  12. you don’t need to worry about people talking about Sean Taylor. he’s obviously still on the team and the fans mind. who are you to say ‘move along’?

  13. The NFC Championship game will be played at FedEx Field this season.

  14. Taylor on one end and Carter on the other, the passrush should be as good as anyone in the NFL. What number will Taylor have?

  15. With Carter having 99 Taylor should get 00. Call them the ” Double D “

  16. “The NFC Championship game will be played at FedEx Field this season.”

    Can someone confirm this? Matt?

  17. I think Jason Taylor has been a very good player, but how does Vinny justify sending the Dolphins a number 2 pick for a guy that is only going to play one year, possibly two? To top that off, Vinny adds a 6th round pick. This is just another bad decision that Vinny has made in a long list of terrible aquisitions.

  18. Prediction: Colt Brennan will be starting before the end of the season and Jason Taylor sets one Redskin record for quarterback sacks!
    I like Jason Campbell as well as the next guy, but he has had to suffer a lot of coaching changes over his career and I wonder if he can adjust to Zorn. Brennan reminds me of other smallish QBs in the NFL that had good college records but had to prove themselves in the Pro League. I just hope he comes with the same “chip on his shoulder” that others have.

  19. I’m someone who doesn’t live in the past and has a firm grip on reality. People die, especially thugs…..learn to deal.

  20. Moi, ouch man… not cool.

    I love the deal with Jason Taylor, quality people in much neded spots. I am also looking forward to seeing Colt in pre-season games. There is alot to this young man and I think he will have a big career in the NFL.

    Zorn is the biggest question mark, it will be interesting to see how well he can lead this team.

  21. Jason Taylor is on the downside of his career. I would not expect much out of him. He will help get the double teams off of Carter, but dont look for more than 8 sacks from him (still a great help). Spending 2 picks for him was a mistake. But time may prove us wrong

    With regards to Brennan, he will be the 3rd stringer. if Jason goes down, Collins will be stepping in

    Moi: Even if Taylor was a “thug,” a death is still a tradgedy, and you have no right to tell people to move on.

  22. Right now there is a huge need for the other bookend on D, and Jason fits that bill nicely. he may be on the waning edge of his career but i think he still has 3 good years (maybe a little orimistic…).

    Also, Collins should be the number 1 guy this year, he earned it after last years performance. As much as Campbell may be the future (immediate future?), Collins has more than p[roven that he deseves FULL consideration and it would be a slap in his face if he is not given the respect he has obviously earned.

  23. I agree that Jason has 2 years left, but I do not think they will be much more than marginally above average

    With regards to Collins, once teams had good film on him, he was done. Also, Campbell has earned the position, and Collins is too old to build around. If we would be a top SB contender if he was QB, I would agree. But that is not the case. Campbell just needs experience, and the only way to get that is by playing!

  24. Well, at least we can agree that we disagree Mo. I really think that Collins has earned the position and i am not too worried about his age. Sitting awhile may teach young campbell to be a little more appreciative of where he is and having the other 2 QB’s nipping at his heels will light the competative spirit in him.

    As for the later comment about game film… give me a break. The only team able to do anything was Seattle who poured across the line like it was full of holes. Even Favre would have had a bad day.

  25. You have a good point in your first paragraph Rick
    I am still concernced about Collins. Similar to baseball where pitchers in their second year statistically slump. In addition, if he hasn’t started all these years, there is a reason for that…

  26. True that Mo… I guess I remember how he, almost single handidly, raised the Redskin spirit really high last year. I cannot forget that, and I would like to see him get another good chance. After all(and I am not comparing him), Tom Brady was also the 3rd string backup and was drafted very low, and look what he has brought to New England. Collins is obvioisly alot older, but he earned the chance in my eyes.

  27. Wow-good point
    Rick, you seem to really know your stuff. What do you think about the whole WR situation? Mix? Thrash? The Rookies?

  28. With Collins, I feel that most fans are just feeling, but not seeing the big picture. They just remember him raising the Team Spirit

  29. Remember Bernie Kosar had a side arm approach and he had a great career. Not everyone has to use the traditional approach. Sometimes people are different and can still be successful. I just hope Jason has a great career and we won’t need to worry much about Colts side arm delivery.

  30. Yup Bernie Kosar had a side arm delivery too. I have seen Brennan play and this guy can pass. Remember Ryan Leaf, Rick Mirer and many other 1st rounders? The fire burns in Brennan and he deserves a shot. Side arm or not the quarterback that plays with the “smarts” will be the man. Go Redskins!

  31. Now why would you try to fix something that ain’t broke? Why would you try to change someones delivery if he is an accurate thrower? You are the typical little league coach that turns a .400 hitter into a .199 hitter with coaching. Shame on your thoughts! Lets go and be smart about it.

  32. why does this even matter?
    the way I look at it, he will never be a starting QB

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