Quick non-update update on Phillip Daniels

I don’t have any specific information, but I know Coach Zorn will be addressing the media after the afternoon practice session.  More once I hear something.


5 Responses

  1. Just read and espn article that said the redskins are now trying to trade from dolphins de jason taylor due to daniels injury. any info on this?

  2. You can quit playing dumb on Daniels…every news source out there has reported that he’s done for the year, ESPN has reported it for hours now….I know the skins want to maintain as much leverage as possible before throwing a pick away for Jason Taylor, but the cat is out of the bag already.

  3. since daniels is done for the season u might as well not play weird and find someone to trade like jason taylor or someone else thats good…but if we know that phillip is returning then there is no use of trading someone…

  4. The MRI has not even been done, and you’re already jumping the gun?
    Let’s see what the MRI says…
    Since he couldn’t put any weight on it, maybe you’re right… but let’s wait until we know for sure.

  5. u have a point but wat r the chances? 80% he is done 4 the season and 20% its just hyperextension…we dont know yet…i want it to only be a hyperextension so he can play this season…its all up to the MRI

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