First Day WRs (for Jeff L.)

In the comments section of the last post, Jeff L. asked:

How are the rookie WRs looking?  I am really excited to hear about how Thomas and Kelly perform, and how their chemistry is developing with Campbell.

Obviously, this is an ongoing subplot and there’ll be plenty to say about it in the coming days, but I will say that both WRs looked strong in the morning session (and Malcolm Kelly is much taller than I expected).  Devin Thomas in particular made a crowd-pleasing catch, although Coach Zorn noted in his post-practice remarks that Thomas would probably have been flagged for offensive interference on the play.

On to the afternoon session….


2 Responses

  1. since we now that Moss and Randle El are going to be starting the other WR are also good Kelly because of his height and his speed…Thomas is a big WR and he is fast is also tall…the challenge for Coach Zorn has a decision to make so lets find out at the end of preseason…i cant wait.

  2. how does anthony mix look?

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