First Day On The Job

You know how it goes, your first day at a new job.

You wake up ahead of your alarm.  You leave the house fifteen minutes earlier than you planned to, even though that time was already fifteen minutes earlier than you’d have to.  You make sure you look as good as you can, shaving without slashing your face open and putting gunk in your hair or whatever.  You put on the outfit you laid the night before, if you’re as neurotic as I sometimes am.

All that was the same as it always is.

Just what you expect to see when you start a new gig.

Just what you expect to see when you start a new job.

Showing up at the office to find the driveway blocked by a line of hundreds of people who have arrived hours early to watch a bunch of guys who are, however distantly, your coworkers … that one was new to me.

Welcome to the official start of the Official Redskins Blog, coinciding with the official start of Redskins Training Camp.  That’s not the permanent name of the blog, I hope, but I’m going to need your help thinking up a better one.  I’m hoping to have your help with a lot of things, whoever it is that “you” turn out to be.  But we’ll talk more about all that — about you, and about me, and about what we’re trying to do here — all that’s for later today and throughout the week.

For now, it’s enough to say: my name is Matt.  I’m a brand new employee of the Washington Redskins, something I never thought I’d be able to say (especially when I topped out in height at 5’8″ and haven’t found the upper limit of my non-muscled weight yet), and what I’m hoping to do with this blog is to provide you with access to the Redskins that you haven’t had before.  A fan’s-eye-view of everything, from the practice fields to the office to the inside of Redskins Park and way beyond.

But like I said — more on that later.  It’s 7:22, which means the gates are about to open and things are going to start happening.  Welcome to my first day at my new job.


21 Responses

  1. Awesome….freakin awesome.

    good luck

  2. Great job, Matt!

  3. Matt,

    Look forward to seeing things from your perspective!

  4. Cool Matt, good start. I am interested just how much you give us and how much Redskins’ regulation you will be under. When it’s time, I expect you will give us some insight on that.

    Go SKINS!!!!!

  5. I guess you guys don’t have WordPress set up for user accounts?

  6. wonderful job for those of us who cant be right there.thanx matt

  7. Keep an eye on the Safety battle with Schweigert and Doughty, and of course the rookie WRs. And Fred Davis

  8. Hello Matt

  9. Thanks for your work man but I need more I’m a Redskins fan in Dallas and for the past 6 months all I’ve heard is T-Hoe this and Tony Homo that like’s get it started.

  10. Great job Matt! On your Redskins favorites link list you are leaving off a certain link to Mr. Chris Cooley’s blog. I don’t know if you knew that it was a favorite or not? Thanks and good luck.

  11. With a new head coach and a new offensive philosophy I’ll probably be watching this blog pretty closely this year. Keep us in the loop Matt!

  12. Matt! Awesome, buddy! We were at Training Camp this morning and it was a lot of fun. It was interesting to watch Coach Zorn giving tips to J.C. on his footwork and hip movements.

    Hey, there was a Defensive Lineman who went down and was carted off the field. Do you know who that is and how serious the injury?

    Thanks for providing this insight. I’ve got a son in enemy country in Dallas, and you’re his lifeline to what is happening with our ‘Skins! Good luck!

    Old Hog

  13. Let’s go maroon and black!

  14. Welcome, I look forward to your insights.

  15. I think you should call the blog Redskins Insider :)

    Looking forward to reading more. Thanks!

  16. I was never a redskins fan until today. Look forward to reading more.

  17. Greetings from Moscow, Russia! I’m a big fan of the Redskins, back from the time I lived in Washington, DC as a kid (which was about 15 years ago). Looking forward to the new season with coach Zorn and the new West Coast offense. The best of luck to you with your new job, keep us updated!

  18. Matt, you are El Hombre. My fingers had trouble typing in the Redskins web address and my eyes burned a little when it actually did pop up on my screen but since you are my favorite cousin-in-law, I sucked it up. (Yes, for those reading this, I am an Eagles fan). This may be too obvious but my vote for the name would be The Hog Blog. Good luck with everything.

    P.S. F-Dallas.

  19. I was thinking of The Hog Blog as well! Great minds think alike.

    Congrats and good luck! Looking forward to reading your posts.


  20. Very, very cool, Matt! I, too, am a die-hard Skins Fan. You get to do what we fans wanted to do for a job…other than actually play on the team. It will be a great adventure seeing what you can come up with for us. And like good old cousin Dave (who keeps liking that bird team for some reason), I say “F-Dallas” as well. Good luck, buddy!

  21. Matt! You stole my job! That’s ok you do a better job at it than I would. Can’t wait to read you all season!

    I third the “F-Dallas”!

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