End of Day 1: Your Role In All Of This

Well, my first day on the job is wrapping up.  I think the “Hey, I’m at Redskins Park” jitters are all out of my system, and it’s time to start making the most of this access I’ve been given.

So here’s what I want from you all: tell me what you’d like to see.  Think of me as your eyes, ears, and little recorder thingy inside Redskins Park.

Don’t worry about the minute-by-minute updates right now; think bigger than that.

What angles of training camp would you like to see covered that you’ve never seen before?  What should I be focusing on?  Should I watch for something specific?  Do you want me to try to go up in the cherry picker?  Stand in one spot for hours?   Talk to the fans?  Interview the folks working the concession stands?  Let me know.  I can’t promise that I’ll be allowed to do EVERYTHING, but I’m being allowed to do a lot, and I’d like to make sure I’m doing things that you want to read.  So email me your suggestions.

Got specific questions you want asked of specific players?  Send them to me and I’ll do my best.  (It’s a family blog, though, so keep that in mind when you suggest things.)

You get the idea.  Pretend that I’m just another fan, one who happens to be embedded at Redskins Park for you.

(And please don’t think we’re abandoning those of you who miss the minute-by-minute updates.  We’re emphatically not, but we’re trying to work out the kinks to bring you those updates in addition to chattier, “bloggier” pieces.)

I’m here for you guys, so start telling me what to do.

Also, suggest names for the blog.  I was considering “Embedded Fan: The Official Blog of the Washington Redskins,” but people are telling me that lacks zip.  So suggest some zippier things.

Thanks for all the kind words on my first day, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with for tomorrow and the weeks ahead.

34 Responses

  1. Sounds like the Skins hired a non-Skins fan to blog…maybe even a non-football fan.

    Why would someone need to rely on others to give them ideas what to write about? Seriously? Thats a question that should have been pondered last week.

    Hello? It is game time. Camp is on now.

    You’re live! And there are tons of things to talk about from today! Breaking news type of stuff that other blogs are all over. Jeez. Give us some insight on the mood of players, front office from the recent injuries, anything….

  2. Sorry — I should certainly clarify that. It’s not that I lack ideas for what to write about, nor that there’s a shortage of obvious topics. I just want to make sure that I’m covering specifically what you’re looking for, in addition to what I’ll be doing on my own.

  3. Please let us know how my man Clinton P looks. I heard he has bulked up a bit. Also, give us some info on J. Campbell was. Gracias,

  4. WOW You wrote (Don’t worry about the minute-by-minute updates right now; think bigger than that.) You wrote (What should I be focusing on?) HMMMM!!!! You also wrote (Interview the folks working the concession stands?) WHAT!!!!!!!! Focus on the Washington Redskins Football team on the field!!! Minute by Minute!!!!! And lets us know whats going on the field!!!

  5. Anything and everything will suffice.

    If there is a good play, mention it.

    If a coach gets ran over by Sellers, mention it.

    If a goose flying over the field poops on a player…mention it.

    Have a hotty of the day….describe the hottest chick in the crowd of fans at every morning practice…

    If you see Cerrato and Snyder pacing the hallways on the phone….mention it

    If you see anything that we obviously cannot see then please make it a point in this blog. You have access and we do not….so therefore, anything will be good….trust me, we want it ALL.

  6. “Think of me as your eyes, ears, and little recorder thingy inside Redskins Park.”


    I’ll stick with the beat writers and Comcast

  7. “What angles of training camp would you like to see covered that you’ve never seen before?” How about a report of on the field activities in a timely manner? I haven’t seen that yet on this blog. “What should I be focusing on?” How about on the field activites? “Should I watch for something specific?” Yes. On the field activities. “Do you want me to try to go up in the cherry picker?” Yes, if it increases your reporting of on the field activities. I think you are trying too hard. Just report what happens on the field as quick as possible with less commnetary about yourself and more about the players.

  8. Matt,

    Don’t worry about the haters, if you provide day-to-day minute-to-minute info on the ‘Skins, the readers will come and everyone else will come around. I’m very much looking forward to this project and I know a lot of other fans are as well. Best of luck and so far so good.

  9. forget about the ‘family’ thing.

    You should name this blog ‘Me so Zorny!!’

  10. Well, with about 1000 other sources out there for the injury news and significant developments, what most skins fans used the team site for was the snap shots of how the players are executing on the field. With this blog switching to the department of redundancy department and sticking mostly to injury news and after the fact rumor control, it pretty much loses all value.

    Being that you’re an employee of the team, your motivations are different than the other sources out there. Your sources are also run through an unofficial filter (the motive to keep your job) so naturally you’re going to wait until things are (wink wink) official before you mention them. That’s all understandable and as it should be for the position that you are in.

    What you can do better than those other sources though is just watch the players. Tell us how Jason is throwing the deep ball. Tell us how well Kelly is using his body to shield the ball from defenders and become an impossible cover. Tell us how Landry is really tracking down the ball well and closing on routes. That’s the kind of thing that made this a valuable resource in the past, and seems to have totally disappeared.

  11. hey all–the Post is reporting Vinnie the bonehead and danny boy gave up a 2nd rounder next year and a later round pick in 2010 for Jason Taylor—–once again the quick fix for disaster–more disaster

  12. Thanks for the great work, keep it up!

    The biggest thing for me is to see up-to-the-minute updates on what is happening. The Redskins site is updated pretty frequently, but you have the ability to bring us breaking news as it happens without all the red tape.

    Personally, I enjoy all the conjecture and gossip – the Redskins site will never post anything that isn’t the “official” word, so keep your ear to the ground!

  13. Matt,

    Don’t take all the negativity too hard on your first day. The whole “I can’t believe I’m doing this” thing is cute for the first day or so, but I’d really like to be able to check frequently throughout the day to see what the players are doing on the field.

    Actually, after being there myself this morning in the sun and heat, I don’t know where you hide to provide updates on your laptop…. but you’ll figure it out. Maybe you’ll let the the other guys/reporters handle the big news and rumors and just tell us what you are observing first hand.

    Maybe you can give us a Lindsay Czarniak sighting!

    Keep it up and welcome to “Redskins Nation” – or whatever they’re calling us this year….

    Old Hog

  14. Hey Matt,

    I agree with most of what the negative people are saying, however, their delivery is ignorant and rude. I apologize on their behalf for all the down-to-earth, non-judgmental, respectful, and cool Redskins Fans.

    Just like everyone previously to me said in a nutshell: We don’t want fluff and gibber-gabbering. We want to know how the players and coaches are progressing, right down to the seemingly minute. We want names of people who make good plays and bad–catches, throws, blocks, hits, interceptions, fumbles, speed, tempo, comraderie. We want football. We want the truth. We want to know everything football. Good, bad, excellent, terrible, mediocre. We want insider fan access, just as you yourself claim to be for us.

    We can keep up with injuries and roster moves anywhere. Mention these 2, but only very briefly, unless there is a ton of detail required to understand. or specifics that we as fans should know about.

    We want to the type of team we are going to field under Jim Zorn for 2008 and the years to come. All those details I touched on above will help us fans get a feel for what reality and possibilities holds for us and the team we bleed for every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, and century if we’re bad mama-jama’s!!!!


  15. You guys will love this…. just watching Sarah Walsh the on-site beat reporter at Redskins Park for Channel 9 Sports. She said, “In addition to Jason Taylor, there is another positive story with the Redskin’s Defense today. Sean Taylor is back and feeling better than ever….”. I sat up and said WTF??

    She never corrected herself, but she meant Sean Springs….

    Our buddy Matt CAN’T do worse….. :)


  16. Matt, what we want is REDSKINS! That means player performances, coaching tidbits(like Zorn going off on a player after a mistake or making an issue of a certain play, a method)something specific you notice Coach Blache does differently than Williams did. Is Zorn spending his time moving around the practice fields or is he staying close to the offense? This franchise’s future hinges on things like is Jason Campbell progressing appropriately, not just as QB on the field, but as a team leader.

    There is lots to write about Matt, and if you need more help, let me know, you can put in a request for a partner and I’ll be right there for you man!

  17. I think that the blog is coming along, and would love to see minute-by-minute updates as well and I also believe that the blog spot should be named “The Warpath: Home of the Official Blog of the Washington Redskins”

  18. We are not trying to get this guy fired. But we don’t want to know how much mustard and ketchup goes on a hotdog at redskins park. Leave the concession stands and the workers alone. If you want to write about that do it before or after practice. This is about football!!!!!!! We don’t need the case of the half eaten hotdog solved!! As a REDSKIN Fan I need my fix. The redskins are my drug and I need my daily dose of what is taking place on the field. If you need help get a fan to tell you what is going on. Thank You

  19. This is a blog. Leave the indepth reporting to Redskins.comTV. Just report was happens on the field as soon as possible for those of us who can’t attend training camp. Don’t be afraid to break a story. First day was bad, but keep your head up. I’m sure this will be the best blog on the Internet by the end of traing camp. Thanks for offering this service.

  20. Thanks for your work man but I need more I’m a Redskins fan in Dallas and for the past 6 months all I’ve heard is T-Hoe this and Tony Homo that like’s get it started


  22. Hey Allen,

    Jason Taylor is a beast and a complete player. Not sure what gave you the idea that he’s soft and can only rush the passer, you obviously haven’t watched him play often.

    No offense to my wn squad and Mr. Daniels, but Jason Taylor(healthy), is an upgrade over a healthy P.D.. I think any objective fan with knowledge of the game would say the same.

    Taylor on one side and Carter on the other. I’m quite excited about that, along with Washington and Wilson adding to the pass rush.

    Hail to the Redskins!!! “Time to dim the star”

  23. seriously??? did I see two different people say they thought the jason taylor trade was a bad idea….it’s obvious that thinkin ain’t your best game. I could understand if it were early in free agency and you didn’t want to blow the cap space or a roster spot that could be filled with a younger player for the future, but you do realize that now, the starting d.e. is out for the season right? As devistating as the loss of p.d. is to the defense, the fact that Jason taylor was available is nothing short of a miracle. and well worth a second and a sixth from two different drafts. we’ll trade our late first rounder for two seconds anyway.

  24. oh yeah, about the blog, just quick blurbs about the action on the field. we need our skins fix

    thanks for being our eyes…I too am in dallas and just need something other than the media’s opinion about my skins

  25. First off here’s a suggestive name for the blog: All Things Redskins, or Redskins All Access.

    Secondly a few things that I like to find interesting is talking about the players. Mention to us what specific players are standing out in TC, what players have a lot of work to do, things of that nature, such as specific instances of one of our favorite players’ highlighting his athletic ability by intercepting a pass, or busting loose downfield in the secondary. Also, talk to the players, ask them about things they do in their spare time, such as endorsements or what they like to do for fun.

    Take a cue from Chris Cooley’s blog. Nothing out there would be really shocking to us, I love how open Chris is because it really provides us with a view of how some players live. Some may look at his blog post about whiskey and poker night at his house as being irresponsible and such, but I like to know that he’s just a down to earth guy who enjoys things regular people do.

  26. Oh yeah, also just wanted to say good luck and I look forward to this being one of the more informative Redskin blogs on the internet.

  27. Matt,

    Your doing a find job out there young man. Despite some of the rudeness of many of the folks up here…min to min plays is just ridculous. I agree with many of the suggestions on here, however, min to min is just stupid. Your intelligent, give the people the most memorable moments that your fingers can type. This is what we want!!!!

  28. Matt,

    Someone asked earlier what your connection to the redskins organization is. It sounds like you are sponsored by them, being the official “blog”. Can we trust that you are not just another part of the Redskins propoganda machine? My first reaction to the term “Redskins Official Blog” was this is going to be candy coated like all the other Redskins marketing stuff.

    Blog’s are all about independence and turning a critical eye, even if it is inward on something you love like the Redskins. That is what I want – a critical eye that is going to be critical when it is warranted.

    Just another diehard skins fan yearning for a super bowl

  29. i just want to say thanks for having a good attitude and response to all the negative feedback you’re getting.

  30. The only angle I want to know if the Redskins are serious contenders this year. Tired of the same old stuff ( Mediorce play) lets PLAY BALL AND WIN

  31. Another Skin fan in TX–give us specifics: who is Zorn working with or at all? what recievers are gettng off the line the best? who looks like our best slant reciever which hopefully will be a big part of the offense this year? are we lining up with 2 TEs and if so what is the play we run out of that set? etc etc That kind of stuff is what I’m interested in besides the stnadard injuries, internal flare ups, who pile drove who……..

  32. Regarding naming the blog. Why not just HogBlog? Thats my vote!


  33. Don’t worry about the haters I would like to know all about our recivers call it Wide Reciever Watch these are the guy we need to score some TD’s to win this year

  34. All things considered, I’d personally prefer for you to cover things that are not easily accessible elsewhere–however–stick to things team-related only. #1) Try to evaluate what you see happen on the practice field; Perhaps a “report card” & commentary on all team positions, but also add notes/comments for specific players–who is ‘making plays’ consistently, who isn’t–who looks ‘comfortable,’ who doesn’t, etc.; #2) Try to report about how things seem to be running under the new coaching staff (how is each coach involved at practice… who do they work with, for how long, what is the “rapport” like–what are their personalities like in dealing with the players they coach, how organized…or disorganized are things?, how do the players seem to respond to the coaches?); #3) What is the pace/intensity of the practices… are the players fighting hard/working hard & developing? What is the involvement of the veterans at practice vs. the young players? #4) From a football play/scheme perspective (both sides of the ball), what kinds of things are they working on in practice? What kinds of drills do they do? #5) In between practices, can you get access to sit in on meetings and report about what goes on? #6)
    Who looks IN shape… who looks OUT OF SHAPE? #7) Which players are the true leaders & motivators in practice? #8) Who got into a fight? Is/was it a temporary thing or do these two guys just NOT like each other? #9) Which guys are “workout warriors”… who gets there early & stays late? #10) Who seems to have a comfortable knowledge of the playbook? Who seems “clueless” and is constantly being corrected or berated by coaches or other players? #11) Who “catches everything”… who drops stuff… who has a weird throwing motion… who is the most accurate passer: deep ball, intermediate… who is most comfortable in the pocket… who has the best mobility… whose passes get batted back most often… who has the best “touch” on the short and intermediate passes… who has the “rocket arm”… who has the best speed… who has the best ‘moves’… who is devastatingly strong & powerful… who seems to get “pushed around”… who is nimble/agile… who looks like a big, uncoordinated “oaf”… who is a ‘heat-seeking missile” as a hitter… who is an arm-tackler… who goes out of bounds on purpose vs. looking to run somebody over… who runs people over… who has the strongest kicking leg… who is most accurate… who is a directional punter… who is calling the plays and from where… is the offense true “West Coast” playbook terminology or something different devised by Coach Zorn… Are the defensive calls & terminology new or different from what Gregg Williams had in the past… do the special teams work on ‘trick plays’… do they work on blocking kicks… does the offense work on ‘trick plays’… can you find out anything about how Coach Zorn’s playbook contrasts with Al Saunders’ / Joe Gibbs’… How often are ‘top management’ watching / overseeing the practices… from where do they usually watch… video, in person or both… do the trainers seem to be very proactive in trying to keep players healthy (well-hydrated, proper protective equipment, good conditions, etc.) or is there ever a feel of a ruthless, ‘punishing’ practice environment like Bear Bryant in “The Junction Boys”…

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